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  • 4th August, 2011

    Top BNP member gives a Hitler salute at Breivik tribute

    by Sunny at 5:11 pm    

    The Sun has done some good digging today:

    TWISTED BNP chief Chris Hurst gives a Nazi salute at a fascist gig by the singer who inspired massacre monster Anders Breivik.

    Hurst, the BNP’s London Regional Secretary, cried “Sieg heil” as pop girl Saga sang the Norwegian fiend’s favourite songs at a rally in Hungary.

    The warped 22-year-old reckoned the victims were needed to “breed” to increase the white population.

    And blaming immigration for Breivik’s shocking slaughter, he added: “Isolated incidents like that are going to happen more and more as the problem gets worse.”

    Read the full piece here

    Two points to note: he blames immigration for Breivik’s actions, echoing other people on the right who predict more such far-right terrorism on the basis of immigration.

    Second, note how he also focuses on the demographics of white identity versus minorities.

    26th July, 2011

    Further exposure of mass murderer’s links to British far-right

    by Rumbold at 9:03 am    

    The BNP and EDL were under greater pressure last night after their connections with the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik were laid bare:

    The Norwegian fanatic has been in close contact with hundreds of British right-wing extremists for two years, it emerged last night. He chatted about ‘tactics’ on social networking sites with hundreds of members of the English Defence League (EDL) and the British National Party (BNP) and attended demonstrations and meetings here… Breivik has claimed he was recruited by two English Right-wing extremists at a UK meeting in 2002 attended by seven others.

    It is good to see that far-right groups are being put under increasing scrutiny. For years we have seen neo-Nazis and their allies convicted of various terrorism-related charges, from plotting terror campaigns to detonating nail bombs. Yet much of the mainstream media has rarely focused on this threat, apart from when trials were going on. Even then, the coverage has seemed muted at times. This should be a wake up call for many that there are armed and dangerous far-right extremists out there, who are willing to slaughter their fellow citizens in the name of their twisted ideology.

    Nor should the EDL and BNP be ignored in this debate. Whilst they will publically disown convicted terrorists like Anders Breivik, there is a significant overlap in many areas of their respective ideologies, which is why Anders Breivik was able to get on with so many BNP and EDL activists.

    22nd May, 2011

    Is an EDL-BNP tie up on the cards?

    by Rumbold at 9:11 pm    

    After their electoral disaster in last year’s elections, the BNP have increasingly faded from view. As the author of a new book on the BNP, Matthew Goodwin, points out, the BNP has only really been focused on electoral success for the last decade or so:

    Born into the spring of 1982, during its early years the party steered clear of elections. It was not until the arrival of Nick Griffin as chairman in 1999 that a serious quest for votes commenced. Influenced by his time in the 1970s National Front, and inspired by its more successful French counterpart, Griffin went about revamping the BNP under a strategy of “modernisation”. The goal was to attract a broad and stable electorate by detoxifying the brand, adopting community-based activism and throwing resources at local and European elections.

    At this point, it seems unlikely that the BNP will pose a serious electoral threat in the near future, as the anti-Griffin rebellion grows and senior figures leave or have left already. But, as Matthew Goodwin argues, there is still space for an “anti-immigrant populist party”. This opens the way for the EDL.

    Continue Reading...
    21st April, 2011

    The BNP and AV

    by Rumbold at 9:14 am    

    There has been a lot of debate about whether introducing the Alternative Vote (AV) would make it more likely that a BNP or similar candidate would be elected. Given that AV is not a proportional representation system, I think that this is unlikely, but, more importantly, it shouldn’t matter.

    The problem with the BNP and other extremist groups is not that they might send a representative or two to a legislature (where they usually behave badly and often fail to get re-elected), but that support exists for them at all.

    If the BNP/EDL have, say, 5% support nationally, then that is what needs to be addressed, not worrying which voting system will best keep them out of power. It is in day to day life that this matters the most; the BNP are a racist, anti-immigrant party, so it will be local non-whites and immigrants who bear the brunt of living in an area where people support the BNP.

    Having no BNP representatives at any level doesn’t mean that support for them has disappeared. No one should be happy if a BNP representative is elected, but that is a symptom of the problem, not a cause.

    10th April, 2011

    BNP election candidate arrested for alleged Qur’an burning

    by Rumbold at 5:21 pm    

    Sion Owens, a BNP candidate in Wales, has been arrested and charged under the Public Order Act and remains in custody. Another BNP candidate has been arrested but was bailed:

    On Friday, police were given a video which appeared to show Mr Owens dousing a copy of the Koran with a highly flammable fluid, before setting it alight and watching it burn. Later that day he and another of the party’s candidates for the assembly election, Swansea East candidate Joanne Shannon, were arrested.

    Mr Owens was charged on Saturday night. He is in custody in Swansea, and due to appear in court on Monday. Ms Shannon has been bailed pending further inquiries.

    Sion Owens, who has links to alleged Nazis, was arrested after an Observer investigation tracked down the perpetrators of a Qur’an-burning video and handed the evidence to the police:

    The footage of the burning in Britain clearly identifies Owens, who is wearing a “Whitelaw No Surrender” T-shirt. The film starts with the Qur’an lying in a Quality Street tin before Owens begins dousing the holy book in flammable liquid and then setting fire to it. The camera zooms in as the Qur’an burns.

    It is clear that Sion Owens is a racist yob, who belongs to a party with links to terrorists such as the Klu Klux Klan. Book burning is also abhorrent, and this was clearly an attempt to provoke an extreme reaction. Yet it is worrying that book burning can get someone arrested. In some scenarios it is understandable; for instance, if Mr. Owens did it in a crowded mosque, as this could potentially provoke a riot or stampede (the old ‘don’t shout fire in a crowded building’). But this wasn’t the case. The fact that this could cause violent demonstrations once it was exposed doesn’t justify arresting someone, any more than burning a copy of My Side by David Beckham would if there was an outrage.

    15th January, 2011

    Wasted Warsi

    by Rumbold at 10:19 am    

    Baroness Warsi, the Chairwoman of the Conservative party, is under attack yet again from elements within her own party after criticising the right wing of the Conservative Party. This has led to renewed calls for her to be moved from her role, and extensive briefings characterising her as ‘gaffe prone’ and pointing out that David Cameron has already handed some of her responsibilities to someone else. There have been accusations hat she was only appointed as Chairwoman because Mr. Cameron wanted to show how the Conservative Party had changed by appointing a Muslim woman as head of it. I would like to see Baroness Warsi move on too, but not for the same reasons.

    I do not know about her competency in her present role, but she is wasted there. Prior to the general election she was Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, which has a faintly sinister ring, but she was an effective advocate in that position. She faced down both far-right and Islamist extremists: in Luton she was pelted by eggs thrown by Anjem’s Choudary’s gang. On Question Time she confidently bested Nick Griffin, a night which in hindsight was probably one of the BNP’s biggest setbacks. As a British Muslim woman too, her background meant her words often carried more weight, whether speaking on extremism or forced marriage.

    She has been a consistent opponent of forced marriages and ‘honour’-based violence, speaking out against them on numerous occasions and helping to research and combat forced marriage in Pakistan. For all the faults of the previous Labour government, they did make some progress in tackling ‘honour’-based violence and forced marriage, from increasing funding for specialist police officers to establishing a Forced Marriage Unit. This momentum has stalled under the Conservatives. The most powerful advocate against such practices was Baroness Warsi, and her current role doesn’t really allow her to focus on these things, and who else in the Coalition is talking about this?

    Baroness Warsi should again become the Minister for Social Cohesion, because these issues need a competent champion.

    10th August, 2010

    Goodbye Lee John Barnes LLB (Hons.)

    by Rumbold at 10:01 pm    

    Lee John Barnes, considered by some to be one of the finest legal and political bloggers of our, or any generation, has resigned as chief legal officer of the BNP. LJB wrote a long resignation letter criticising Nick Griffin and other party grandees for their shambolic management of the party, and suggesting that Nick Griffin had monopolised the leadership. LJB was also upset at being sidelined by outside legal advisers brought in by Nick Griffin, and feels that the BNP is no longer fit for power, claiming that “such a political party cannot be trusted with political power in our society.”

    One of the great joys of the BNP having LJB as their chief legal adviser was knowing that every time he spoke, he spoke with the authority of a senior BNP figure. This could take the form of detailed responses, such as answering our eighty five questions, or merely promising us a “quick trial, a short rope and a long drop.” His interests range from cheering on arson attacks to detecting the hidden hand of Zionism behind affairs.

    BNP watchers will have a duller time after this.

    (Via Harry’s Place)

    Filed under: Humour,The BNP
    22nd July, 2010

    Griffin banned from palace garden party

    by Rumbold at 9:32 pm    

    Nick Griffin has been banned from a Buckingham Palace garden party after attempting to hijack the event for party political gain:

    Before the ban was imposed Mr Griffin, an MEP for North West England, described the Buckingham Palace invitation on the BNP website as a “highly symbolic breakthrough” for the party and e-mailed supporters asking for questions they would like him to ask the Queen.

    Mr Griffin also appeared on GMTV to talk about his invitation to the garden party.

    But, in a statement, Buckingham Palace said: “Nick Griffin MEP will be denied entry to today’s garden party at Buckingham Palace due to the fact he has overtly used his personal invitation for party political purpose through the media.

    Clearly the palace wasn’t withdrawing the invite because he is a member of the BNP, as the other MEP from the BNP, Andrew Brons, is still invited. Yet this decision, though correct, is likely to be used as a way for the BNP to continue to claim they are being persecuted. Their portrayal of themselves as outsiders and victims is their strongest weapon, and distracts attention from their actual policies and performance whilst in office.

    Filed under: Media,The BNP
    12th June, 2010

    BNP & EDL Update

    by Jai at 10:35 am    

    A selection of ongoing developments involving Britain’s extreme far-Right, further to the recent PP article focusing on the BNP here.


    1. Nick Griffin is finally admitting that the BNP’s disastrous defeat in the recent General Election was due to them being comprehensively outclassed by the other political parties, particularly (in Griffin’s view) the Labour party. The URL link includes Griffin’s bizarre, rambling email to BNP members in full, detailing his plans to revamp the party prior to his alleged stepping down from the Chairmanship in 2014 so that he can lead a block of “nationalist opponents” in the European Parliament. Apparently a BNP “Campaign Executive” group has been formed, as a way to integrate the various groups involved in the BNP’s overall strategy. Griffin also wishes to create an “Operations Command Centre” (described by him as a “BNP academy of political excellence”), which will include a “National Training Department” for their key officials. The BNP also plan to create a distance learning website, described by Griffin as “a sort of Nationalist Open University” (one would assume that white supremacist websites such as Stormfront already perform that function). Amusingly, Griffin is still insisting that the BNP are the “Real British People”, despite the fact that more than 98% of Britain’s entire electorate did not vote for them in the General Election.

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: EDL,The BNP
    19th May, 2010

    BNP Update

    by Jai at 11:47 am    

    A roundup of some of the major developments involving the BNP since the recent General Election:

    1. An excellent summary from the Guardian here.

    2. Nick Griffin’s delusional post-election “analysis”, addressed to BNP members, including a huge exaggeration of the number of MPs the BNP would theoretically possess under the proposed proportional representation system.

    3. Griffin’s subsequent message in relation to the escalating civil war within the BNP. More ranting.

    4. Griffin’s third public message, including fabricated “percentages” of Barking & Dagenham’s non-white electorate along with the assertion that the BNP is the “British Resistance”. Believe or not, Griffin’s apocalyptic faux-Churchillian call to arms isn’t actually a spoof; he really did write this message.

    5. Griffin’s latest message, which can be summarised as “denial, denial, denial”. According to Griffin, any incriminating information which reflects badly on the BNP (described by Griffin as a “movement of national salvation”) is falsified and part of a huge global conspiracy.

    6. The BNP is facing a renewed legal prosecution over their constitution, since it turns out that they haven’t actually removed the problematic racist clauses as instructed (re: the previous successful prosecution by the EHRC) but just moved them to different parts of the document and slightly reworded them in an attempt to circumvent the injunction. Griffin was directly responsible for this, so he could be charged with contempt of court and potentially be imprisoned.

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: The BNP
    13th May, 2010

    Don’t forget about the BNP

    by Rumbold at 6:56 am    

    With all the discussion over coalitions, and the electoral failings of the BNP, it is easy to forget about them. They will benefit from this though, as they did best as a party which was able to act as insurgents, reducing critics to yelling ‘racist’ at them rather than examining and dissecting their policies and behaviour. This was before the spotlights of mockery and detailed criticism fell upon them, making them look like an extremist laugh stock in the eyes of many. This successful strategy, which involved a lot of work by a lot of people, shouldn’t be ditched just because of the election, as the BNP, or something similar, could well regain their former strength and it would be back to square one. And in case the BNP try to soften their image, here’s Nick Griffin expounding his philosophy in 2007.

    (Hat-tip: Jai for the video)

    Filed under: The BNP
    8th May, 2010

    The BNP meltdown

    by Rumbold at 10:53 am    

    One of the arguments made on Pickled Politics and elsewhere was that while the BNP were great at exploiting people’s fears and casting themselves as insurgents, when it came to the pesky business of actual government they found now rather trickier. Now the electorate in Barking and Dagenham have demonstrated how they feel about the BNP’s record of governance on the local council by voting all twelve of them out. This capped a poor night for the party overall, which left them will only 19 councillors, down from 45.

    5th May, 2010

    The BNP farce continues

    by Rumbold at 8:25 pm    

    In the run up to the elections, the BNP have proved their competence once again after their webmaster quit:

    The BNP’s 2010 campaign has descended into a fratricidal bloodbath after Simon Bennett, the BNP’s web-master, attacked the BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP on the party’s website and nationalist internet forums.

    The extraordinary episode started yesterday, when Bennett removed the BNP’s website replacing it with an angry message aimed at Griffin and Jim Dowson.

    The BNP are a threat; their racism and violence is deeply worrying. But we must never forget that their policies have been exposed, and that they are a shower in many ways:


    The BNP’s position deteriorated even further when another of its councillors, Luke Smith, smashed a bottle into the face of a fellow BNP supporter. In the resulting by-election the BNP vote halved and the party slipped down into third place.


    The BNP did have one councillor in Blackburn, Robin Evans, but last September he walked out of the party. He then wrote a letter to his former BNP colleagues denouncing Blackburn BNP as a party of drug dealers and football hooligans … Last year Searchlight reported that Evans could not follow council business. “This is all mumbo jumbo,” he told fellow councillors. “I don’t understand a word of it.” The mumbo-jumbo he was referring to was the council budget!


    Last summer Sandwell’s two BNP councillors thought they would outfox their political rivals by proposing a motion to the full council calling on the government to stop sending asylum seekers to the borough.. They knew full well that the motion would fall but they would then be able to tell electors that the BNP was the only party that opposed the arrival of more asylum seekers in the area.

    To their surprise the motion was passed with an amendment. The BNP happily supported the new motion quite unaware that the changes reversed everything the BNP originally wanted. So the BNP councillors voted for a motion that sympathised with the plight of asylum seekers, condemned the government for being too harsh on them, attacked the press and politicians who tried to whip up racism and called on the council to accept their responsibility to take more.


    Steve Batkin, the BNP’s Stoke councillor, has also failed to impress. During his election campaign last year he questioned the Holocaust and claimed that Jewish people only made an issue of it to make money. His performance has not improved since then. He missed a few meetings early on but now just sits in silence. After eight months in post he had to ask council officials to explain what abstaining meant.

    Earlier this year it emerged that he had not paid his council tax since becoming a councillor. He claimed this was because of the long queues of asylum seekers at the council tax office but of course this was nonsense because that office has nothing to do with asylum seekers. However, while he dodged his tax, he did find time to claim his full councillor’s allowance of £100 a week.

    (Hat-Tip: Jai for the website story)

    Filed under: Humour,The BNP
    27th April, 2010

    The BNP shop

    by Rumbold at 10:40 am    

    Further to Jai’s post below, I suggest people go and visit the BNP shop, or rather what Nothing British imagines would happen the BNP were able to institute their protectionist agenda.

    Filed under: Humour,The BNP
    26th April, 2010

    The BNP on Newsnite

    by Jai at 9:38 pm    

    [Disclaimer: All characters and events in this article -- even those based on real people -- are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated.....poorly. The following article contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone]

    The Chairman of the BNP is interviewed by Jermyn Pacman on the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme “Newsniteâ”.

    NN: “Good evening. How are you ?”

    BNP: “I’m feeling particularly indigenous today, thank you.”

    NN: “Do you want an apple juice ?”

    BNP: “Oh, I’d love an apple juice.”

    NN: “Here you go.”

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: Humour,The BNP
    23rd April, 2010

    Workshy Griffin left his parents penniless

    by guest at 3:49 pm    

    This was posted by Dominic Carman over at Expose the BNP

    On yesterday’s Today programme, BNP leader Nick Griffin told the Radio Four audience that “Liberal economics … have utterly bankrupted this country.”

    The truth is that Nick Griffin was himself declared bankrupt in 1991. Over several years thereafter he destroyed his parents’ finances as well.

    Griffin’s parents are on record telling the story of how their son ruined their lives.

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: Race politics,The BNP
    22nd April, 2010

    Marmite sues BNP; they keep fighting amongst themselves

    by Sunny at 1:47 pm    

    Two brilliant pieces of news today.

    Marmite sues BNP! Oh the number of puns that could apply here…

    Marmite is beginning legal action against the British National Party after an image of a Marmite jar was used on a political broadcast without its permission, the company said.

    “It has been brought to our attention that the British National Party has included a Marmite jar in a political broadcast shown currently online. ‘We want to make it absolutely clear that Marmite did not give the BNP permission to use a pack shot of our product in their broadcast. Neither Marmite nor any other Unilever brand are aligned to any political party.

    ”We are currently initiating injunction proceedings against the BNP to remove the Marmite jar from the online broadcast and prevent them from using it in future.”

    Then, it turns out Nick Griffin is furious that one of his people is trying to steal the limelight.

    I’ve picked up news that the BNP is planning some sort of St George’s Day parade in Barking on Friday morning. It fact, it may well turn out to be their election launch despite them telling the press that it will be in Stoke-on-Trent. Perhaps they are having two launches.

    In previous years local BNP leader Richard Barnbrook has ridden through the East London borough on a white horse. Griffin it appears is not impressed and is telling those around him that in no circumstances must Barnbrook ride the horse.

    With Griffin being criticised over the poor election campaign it’ll be interesting to know who carries the day.

    A horse ban?? It’s political correctness gawn maaaad!

    21st April, 2010

    The BNP and the Genocide of the Celts

    by Jai at 9:14 pm    

    (Celtic Nations Map)

    The BNP’s ongoing assertions about “English indigenousness” have some interesting ramifications, particularly in the context of claims of primacy, dominance and territorial “ownership” based on the notion of “we were here first”. The first inhabitants of the British Isles were the group now termed “Celts” as per the accepted definition in mainstream British discourse, and as a result, Celts and people exclusively descended from them are actually the only genuinely “indigenous” inhabitants of the British Isles.

    Continue Reading...
    20th April, 2010

    Study shows that more immigration does not lead to more BNP support

    by Sunny at 10:29 am    

    Someone has done a study to back up what I’ve always been saying. And guess what, I bet none of the papers who claim to hate the BNP will report on this ippr study:


    The British National Party (BNP) frequently suggests that it attracts support because it is the only party to take into account communities’ ‘real’ experiences of immigration.

    ippr has explored whether or not this is the case by looking at the roots of BNP support across 149 local authorities. We conducted regression-based analysis to see whether or not high levels of immigration do raise communities’ support for the BNP, or if other variables – such as political disengagement – are important.

    Our findings suggest that areas that have higher levels of recent immigration than others are not more likely to vote for the BNP.

    Continue Reading...
    9th April, 2010

    The BNP and the Killer Question

    by Jai at 12:47 pm    

    During Nick Griffin’s appearance on the BBC’s “Question Time” in October 2009, he directly confirmed that one of the BNP’s main goals upon achieving power is still to reduce Britain’s non-white population from 10% to 1%. This is despite the fact that, a few months earlier, he had stated that he was abandoning the proposed repatriation policy because “nobody wants it or wants to pay for it”.

    Griffin recently reiterated the BNP’s “voluntary repatriation” plans (apparently now expanded to include people originally from mainland Europe) in a lengthy interview with Iain Dale published online by Total Politics, as follows:

    In your 2005 manifesto you said: “We will end immigration to the UK and reduce our land’s population burden by creating firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home.” What does “firm” mean and what does “home” mean, because they are quite difficult to define?

    Firm would mean that certainly in the case of serious criminals and illegals and people whose right to work was removed. For instance, when we left the European Union, there wouldn’t be a choice about it. They would have to go.

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: Race politics,The BNP
    5th April, 2010

    Internal debates BNP-style

    by Rumbold at 8:21 pm    

    The BNP have sacked their head of publicity, Mark Collett, after he alleged made death threats against Nick Griffin. There have been rumours about a possible coup within the BNP for some time now, and it is thought that Mr. Collett was amongst those who was unhappy with the current leadership, and his support for the Nazis had been damaging the BNP’s attempts to rebrand themselves. He has also been arrested:

    Humberside Police said a man had been arrested “on suspicion of making threats to kill” and later bailed. In a statement, police said: “A 29-year-old man was arrested on Thursday 1 April on suspicion of making threats to kill.

    “He was interviewed by Humberside Police detectives and has been released on police bail pending further inquiries. This investigation was initiated as a result of a complaint by a member of the British National Party and inquiries are ongoing.”

    Filed under: The BNP
    28th March, 2010

    Lee John Barnes urges BNP to ‘reach out’

    by Rumbold at 7:32 pm    

    The Independent reports that Lee John Barnes LLB (Hons.), the legal officer of the BNP and sometime commentor, is calling for his party to appeal to a broader range of white voters. This comes as the BNP selected a barrister to fight a seat, and is an attempt by the BNP gain more respectability by moving away from the image of the violent extremist. Perhaps for this to succeed Mr. Barnes needs to get out there and try and woo voters with his special blend of charm:

    Now shut the fuck up you pathetic whining maggots.

    You sell your own out and therefore you deserve nothing but contempt, and hopefully along with the rest of all your kind in the near future – a quick trial , a short rope and a long drop.

    If your not prepared to answer those questions, then just shut the fuck up you boring gobshite cunt.

    There’s plenty more (and from other sites as well) but the above quotes represent Mr. Barnes’ attempts to ‘reach out’ to people who would otherwise not consider voting BNP.

    Filed under: The BNP
    13th March, 2010

    More BNP interviews

    by Jai at 9:59 am    

    [Background here]

    A potential BNP applicant has a screening interview with a BNP spokesman over some ironically non-indigenous tea and samosas.

    Applicant: “So, how long have you guys been here ?”

    BNP spokesman: “‘Guys’ is a foreign American term representing an alien culture and we’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t pollute Britain’s traditional culture and values by using such genocidal words. But to answer your question, we’ve been here since the end of the last Ice Age.”

    Applicant: “When was that ?”

    BNP: “17,000 years ago.”

    Applicant: “The Ice Age actually ended 12-13,000 years ago.”

    BNP: “That’s what I said.”

    Applicant: “No you didn’t.”

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: Humour,The BNP
    12th March, 2010

    BNP still too racist

    by Rumbold at 9:31 pm    

    In an amusing judgement today, a court ruled that the BNP was still discriminating against ethnic minorities who wish to join the BNP after their new rules were rejected:

    [The BNP] said members had to sign up to maintaining the “integrity of the indigenous British” and be interviewed for up to two hours by BNP officials.

    So to join the BNP you have to agree to have two party members (perhaps Lee John Barnes and a mystery guest) come round and grill you. I can imagine it now:

    White bigot 1: “Are you a racist?”

    Non-white bigot: “Yes I’m a racist.”

    White bigot 2: “Are you sure you are a racist?”

    Non-white bigot: “Bugger off whitey.”

    White bigot 2 (turns to white bigot 1) “Does that mean we can let him join?”

    And so on.

    Filed under: Humour,The BNP
    4th March, 2010

    The BNP and the Hijacking of Christianity

    by Jai at 9:30 am    

    The BNP’s regressive racist ideology is already well-known; however, they also claim an explicitly religious justification for their beliefs and actions. In fact, during a European Parliament debate in January 2010 about the Haiti earthquake, Nick Griffin himself actually started quoting from the Bible in order to justify his argument that absolutely no humanitarian aid should be given to the victims of the disaster because it had occurred in “somebody else’s backyard”.

    Irrespective of their claims to speak for “Christian Britain”, the BNP has been heavily condemned and explicitly rejected by both the Church of England and the Methodist Church. The BNP’s racism and divisive tactics have also recently been jointly condemned by Christian, Sikh, Muslim and Jewish faith leaders in Stoke-on-Trent, one of the BNP’s major target areas, and the individuals concerned have signed a formal pledge of unity.

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: Religion,The BNP
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