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  • 4th April, 2011

    EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit Singh faces excommunication by global Sikh authorities

    by Jai at 9:00 am    

    Further to the recent joint statement by multiple British Sikh and Hindu groups condemning the English Defence League (EDL) and any Sikhs who support them, the EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit Singh has been given an ultimatum by the Sikh signatories involved: He must publicly renounce the EDL by the end of the major Sikh festival of Vaisakhi on 14 April 2011.

    Failure to do so will result in the matter being formally escalated directly to the most senior global Sikh authorities at the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar, India, who will be requested to issue an excommunication order to permanently expel Guramit Singh from the worldwide Sikh faith. As an ultimate sanction, this could result in him being formally declared a pariah to be ostracised by the world’s entire Sikh population, including being formally stripped of his right to be called a Sikh, along with being permanently banned from every Sikh temple in the world.

    As confirmed by the extensive list of signatories involved, this action is endorsed by the British Sikh population, including numerous influential Sikh temples & organisations across the United Kingdom, particularly in London and Birmingham. This includes the two largest Sikh temples outside India — one of which involves the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, which was given an award last year by the Queen for its exceptional humanitarian activities and is run by “Bhai Sahib” Mohinder Singh, one of the most senior and respected Sikh figures outside India. Bhai Sahib was previously discussed on Pickled Politics here and here, and has been involved in interfaith bridge-building activities on an international scale, including efforts to counteract the increasing bigotry towards ordinary Muslims in Britain in recent years. Bhai Sahib was also responsible for escorting the Queen around the Golden Temple during her visit to Amritsar in the late 1990s.

    In complete violation of core Sikh tenets, Guramit Singh has been heavily involved in the EDL’s persecution of ordinary Muslims en masse whilst explicitly representing himself as a Sikh and claiming to be acting in the name of Sikhism, including deliberately modifying & grossly distorting sacred verses by the Sikh Gurus in order to “inspire” EDL members present during his foul-mouthed public speeches demonising Muslims, Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. Guramit Singh’s excommunication would therefore be entirely in line with historical precedents during the time of the Sikh Gurus along with the temporal authority permanently bequeathed to the Khalsa by the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. As recently discussed on Pickled Politics, it has also been confirmed that one of the EDL’s founders is a convicted criminal for downloading child pornography, and that the EDL itself has multiple links to international terrorists.

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    27th March, 2011

    ‘Life at a tabloid’ exposure continues

    by Rumbold at 4:57 pm    

    Richard Peppiatt, who resigned from the Daily Star several weeks ago, has continued his revealing of the life of a tabloid reporter. In his widely-reported resignation letter three weeks ago, Mr. Peppiatt condemned the Daily Star for a number of failings, especially its approach to Islam and the EDL:

    It almost never came to this. I nearly walked out last summer when the Daily Star got all flushed about taxpayer-funded Muslim-only loos. A newsworthy tale were said toilets Muslim-only. Or taxpayer-funded. Undeterred by the nuisance of truth, we omitted a few facts, plucked a couple of quotes, and suddenly anyone would think a Rochdale shopping centre had hired Osama Bin Laden to stand by the taps, handing out paper towels.

    I was personally tasked with writing a gloating follow-up declaring our postmodern victory in “blocking” the non-existent Islamic cisterns of evil. Not that my involvement in stirring up a bit of light-hearted Islamaphobia stopped there. Many a morning I’ve hit my speed dial button to Muslim rent-a-rant Anjem Choudary to see if he fancied pulling together a few lines about whipping drunks or stoning homosexuals.

    Now he has discussed more incidences of what can only be described as quality tabloid journalism:

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    Filed under: EDL,Media
    23rd March, 2011

    EDL member explains key issues

    by Rumbold at 9:28 pm    

    Note that this individual’s views were captured by Press TV, a channel that is run by a brutal regime. They seem kindred spirits.

    (Via Lancaster UAF and a PP reader)

    Filed under: EDL,Humour,Race politics
    11th March, 2011

    EDL’s Guramit Singh will not be charged

    by Rumbold at 9:35 pm    

    Varinder Singh of the ‘Sikhs against the EDL’ campaign has alerted me to the fact that Guramit Singh (sometimes called Amit Singh) will not be charged over anti-Muslim comments made in a December speech. Guramit Singh is the EDL’s most high profile minority figure. A reminder of what he said in that speech:

    I’m going to tell you precisely right now what threat of Islam is. Muhammad and Islam is not a religion… Muhammad was a paedophilic pirate… Islam, in not just this country but around the world, has been using their disgusting threat, their threat has been going on for 1400 years, “if you do not bow before Muhammad and his so-called Allah, you are to be beheaded”… Hitler had fuck all on Muhammad.

    The Koran and the Hadiths is written in Arabic. Muslims are not allowed to be taught Arabic in the mosque. Muslims are told, “do not question what your Imam says, although they don’t even know what the Imam’s saying, because the Imam’s just a “Allah, fuck it”. Stick your Allah up your arse, you cunt. Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em. I’m not being funny, fuck em. I may get arrested for this shit, but fuck em, fuck em, I’m not having it, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em.

    The ‘Sikhs against the EDL’ campaign was disappointed that Guramit Singh was not charged. As Varinder Singh put it:

    It’s a real shame that an individual like Guramit Singh can get away with saying just about anything and bringing our community into disrepute. At the Luton demonstration against the EDL there was a very strong message sent from the Sikh community that he (Guramit Singh) is an embarrassment and should be locked up.

    Whilst I support this campaign, as it is good to see Sikhs and Hindus standing up to the EDL, I am glad that Guramit Singh was not charged. Like Sunny, I take a robust view on free speech and protest, and I don’t see saying nasty things about a book or a group as worthy of prosecution. More than this, it would only turn Guramit Singh into a martyr, giving him a sanctity that his hate-filled bigotry does not deserve.

    Filed under: EDL,Sikh
    4th March, 2011

    EDL founder is a convicted criminal for child pornography / EDL’s international links to terrorists

    by Jai at 9:00 am    

    Some further disturbing facts about the English Defence League (EDL) have recently come to light:

    1. It turns out that one of the EDL’s founders, Richard Price, has a criminal record for downloading child pornography. Police discovered multiple images on Price’s computer when they raided his home after he had broken police lines and engaged in threatening behaviour at an EDL rally (for which he was jailed for 3 months). Price later admitted to downloading child pornography and was placed on the Sex Offenders Register. To make matters even worse, the EDL’s current leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) actually attempted to defend him, and only backtracked after an outcry from other EDL members who had become aware of Price’s actions.

    Stephen Yaxley Lennon himself, an ex-BNP member and a convicted criminal who is actually the son of Irish immigrants to England, is of course now on record as admitting to being vehemently hostile towards Islam in general, not just extremist interpretations of the faith (ie. “militant Islam”). He publicly confirmed his stance when he was interviewed by the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight in February 2011.

    2. The EDL has links to the Jewish Task Force (JTF), a Far-Right American organisation whose leader Victor Vancier is a convicted terrorist on multiple counts of attacking targets in the United States. Until 1978, Vancier was the national chairman of the “Jewish Defense League”, which the FBI has formally designated as a terrorist organisation. Vancier is banned from entering Israel due to his affiliations with the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defense League. The leader of the EDL’s “Jewish Division”, Roberta Moore, has stated on her Facebook page that the EDL intends to work with the JTF; her comment also included a URL link to an audio file on the JTF’s website, in which Vancier confirmed that the EDL had contacted the JTF and that they have agreed that they want to work together on “joint projects”.

    3. Numerous photographs of the EDL’s “Birmingham Division” have become publicly available, several of which can be seen below. The EDL members involved are posing (apparently with firearms) in front of a number of flags, one of which is associated with the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). The UVF is a loyalist paramilitary group in Northern Ireland which is banned in the Republic of Ireland and is formally designated as a terrorist organisation in the United Kingdom. From 1966 until it officially ended its armed campaign in 2007, the UVF engaged in numerous acts of violence including multiple bombings, ultimately killing more than 480 people, the vast majority of whom were Catholic civilians.

    At the time of writing, the EDL plans to hold a demonstration in Birmingham on 19 March 2011.

    Continue Reading...
    8th February, 2011

    Recent anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks

    by Rumbold at 9:37 am    

    The Community Security Trust, a group which monitors anti-Semitic attacks on Jews in Britain, has reported a 31% drop in attacks in 2010, compared to 2009. Nevertheless, this good news is tempered by the fact that the number of attacks, 639, is still the second highest number since the Community Security Trust (CST) began reporting (and the 2009 figure was distorted by the war in Gaza). Part of the rise in the last two years (compared to historical averages), is no doubt in part down to a widening of the reporting net, with the CST now monitoring the internet as well. Even so, there was still plenty of physical assaults and verbal abuse too. The CST’s remit is quite narrow, as they deliberately exclude anti-Israeli attacks, and focus on incidents where it can be shown that an individual’s religion was the cause of the incident. This avoids the disingenuous argument that these attacks mostly occur because people dislike Israel’s policies, with the implication that if Israel behaved Jews would be safe.

    Peter Oborne, in the wake of Baroness Warsi’s speech on Islamophobia, asked where the Muslim equivalent of the CST is. He then went on to list a number of recent attacks on Muslims he managed to find in just a few hours, including:

    Police arrest four more men following attack on Mosque: Police have arrested four more man following last month’s attack on Kingston Mosque. The men were arrested yesterday on suspicion of involvement in the disorder and damage at the mosque in Park Road on Sunday, November 21. Elderly worshippers were terrified when a group of men tried to smash windows and threw beer and bacon at the building. (Kingston Guardian, 8 December 2010.)

    Why have I written on both anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks? It is not to downplay the importance of either, or create a ‘league table’ of attacks. Rather it is because these attacks highlight the similarities of the abuse that ordinary Muslim and Jewish victims suffer: the broken windows of a religious house; the crude religious component to attacks; the hateful language; and the self-righteous justification of a number of attackers.

    7th February, 2011

    Sikh counter-EDL protests

    by Rumbold at 8:17 am    

    At the recent EDL march (ably covered by Rowenna Davis and Matthew Taylor), a Sikh anti-EDL contingent was out in force, building on the recent joint statement from a number of Hindu and Sikh organisations condemning the EDL’s anti-Muslim bigotry. Rowenna Davis and Matthew Taylor, reporting at the march, noted that:

    The EDL and police had predicted a turnout of between 5,000 and 7,000, but as the marchers arrived in St George’s Square in the town centre just after 1pm, it appeared that no more than 3,000 had turned out. Despite the smaller numbers there were minor scuffles at the train station as anti-racist protesters tried to prevent EDL supporters getting off trains.

    More than 2,000 police officers from forces across the south of England escorted the EDL march from the station into the centre of Luton. Some fireworks and bottles were thrown, shops and businesses in the town were closed and petrol stations had been boarded up in what one resident compared to a “war zone”.

    The Sikh contingent was part of a large group organised by UAF:

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: Current affairs,EDL,Sikh
    3rd February, 2011

    British Sikh and Hindu groups release joint statement condemning EDL

    by Jai at 9:00 am    

    A number of the largest Sikh and Hindu organisations in Britain have formally released a joint statement forcefully condemning the EDL and any Sikhs who join them. The latter is of course particularly applicable to the EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit (sometimes known as “Amit”) Singh; he was also one of the EDL members interviewed by BBC’s Newsnight as part of a documentary about the group which the programme showed earlier this week. As previously discussed on Pickled Politics, Guramit himself is currently being prosecuted by the police for “intentionally causing religiously aggravated harassment alarm or distress, under Section Four of the Public Order Act 1986”, following a public speech by Guramit which included the following remarks:

    “I’m going to tell you precisely right now what threat of Islam is. Muhammad and Islam is not a religion… Muhammad was a paedophilic pirate… Islam, in not just this country but around the world, has been using their disgusting threat, their threat has been going on for 1400 years, “if you do not bow before Muhammad and his so-called Allah, you are to be beheaded”… Hitler had fuck all on Muhammad.

    The Koran and the Hadiths is written in Arabic. Muslims are not allowed to be taught Arabic in the mosque. Muslims are told, “do not question what your Imam says, although they don’t even know what the Imam’s saying, because the Imam’s just a “Allah, fuck it”. Stick your Allah up your arse, you cunt. Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em. I’m not being funny, fuck em. I may get arrested for this shit, but fuck em, fuck em, I’m not having it, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em.”

    The speech is available on Youtube. Guramit has also previously boasted on his Facebook page about his murderous hatred of Muslims:

    “the muzzies wanna keep away from me im just looking for an excuse im fucked off at the mo fuck the pakis … i just think we shud burn the cunts now!!”

    Continue Reading...
    15th January, 2011

    Wasted Warsi

    by Rumbold at 10:19 am    

    Baroness Warsi, the Chairwoman of the Conservative party, is under attack yet again from elements within her own party after criticising the right wing of the Conservative Party. This has led to renewed calls for her to be moved from her role, and extensive briefings characterising her as ‘gaffe prone’ and pointing out that David Cameron has already handed some of her responsibilities to someone else. There have been accusations hat she was only appointed as Chairwoman because Mr. Cameron wanted to show how the Conservative Party had changed by appointing a Muslim woman as head of it. I would like to see Baroness Warsi move on too, but not for the same reasons.

    I do not know about her competency in her present role, but she is wasted there. Prior to the general election she was Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, which has a faintly sinister ring, but she was an effective advocate in that position. She faced down both far-right and Islamist extremists: in Luton she was pelted by eggs thrown by Anjem’s Choudary’s gang. On Question Time she confidently bested Nick Griffin, a night which in hindsight was probably one of the BNP’s biggest setbacks. As a British Muslim woman too, her background meant her words often carried more weight, whether speaking on extremism or forced marriage.

    She has been a consistent opponent of forced marriages and ‘honour’-based violence, speaking out against them on numerous occasions and helping to research and combat forced marriage in Pakistan. For all the faults of the previous Labour government, they did make some progress in tackling ‘honour’-based violence and forced marriage, from increasing funding for specialist police officers to establishing a Forced Marriage Unit. This momentum has stalled under the Conservatives. The most powerful advocate against such practices was Baroness Warsi, and her current role doesn’t really allow her to focus on these things, and who else in the Coalition is talking about this?

    Baroness Warsi should again become the Minister for Social Cohesion, because these issues need a competent champion.

    9th January, 2011

    Jack Straw’s scaremongering

    by Rumbold at 10:23 am    

    Following the conviction of a mainly Asian group of Jack Straw spoke of a culture which sees Pakistani men view white women/girls as ‘easy meat’, and that this is a specific problem in parts of his area. Mr. Straw did not mention any other ethnicity, so one would expect to see evidence that Pakistani men in Lancashire were far more likely to be convicted on sexual offences then non-Pakistanis. Chris Dillow has the statistics:

    Table 5.4b of this pdf shows that, in the latest year for which we have data, Lancashire police arrested 627 people for sexual offences. 0.3% of these were Pakistanis. That’s two people. 85.5% were white British. In Lancashire, there are 1,296,900 white Brits and 45,000 Pakistanis. This means that 4.163 per 10,000 white Brits were arrested for a sex crime, compared to 0.44 Pakistanis. If you’re a journalist, you might say that the chances of being arrested for a sex crime are nine times greater if you’re white than Pakistani.

    Most (if not all) sex offenders have contempt for their victims, and it might well be that some Pakistani sex offenders draw their contempt from their culture/background. But, on a statistical basis, given the far higher prevalence, as a percentage, of white people who commit sex crimes, Mr. Straw might well ask what it is about white Western culture that allows sex offenders to see their victims as ‘easy meat’. Asian gangs who go round grooming women/girls for sex need to be crushed and locked up. As do white gangs and any other combination of gangs. Based on available evidence, it is unclear why focusing on the racial element will benefit anyone, and given the statistics we have at present, is likely to reduce the chances of stopping such crime in the future (as resources will shift anyway from where they are most needed).

    Update: Platinum786 makes some excellent points in the comments below:

    (Reposted from the comments): Straw mentioning race wasn’t helpful as he did it in a generic manner, Pakistani men don’t see white women as easy meat, British Pakistani sex offenders do, but if he had said British Pakistani sex offenders see white women as easy meat, it wouldn’t have been such a great headline, for the below reasons;

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: Current affairs,EDL
    28th December, 2010

    BBC stars ‘blacked up’ controversy

    by Rumbold at 10:39 am    

    Having watched Little Britain once, briefly, I have been fortunate to have escaped it ever since. It came across as unpleasant and unfunny, and it seems that the show’s creators have continued in the same vein with their recent Christmas Day special. Matt Lucas and David Walliams decided to ‘black up‘ in order to play a number of characters, including a black woman:

    Lucas darkens his face and wears a beard to play a Muslim worker called Taaj. He also adopts a strong West Indian accent to play a black woman called Precious who works in the coffee shop.

    Though the story has been mainly pushed in the Daily Mail, which has a vendetta against the BBC, the reaction of the BBC’s spokesman was pretty weak:

    A BBC spokesman said: ‘Come Fly With Me had a huge audience and many people loved it. ‘Matt and David play all the characters and they are representing a multicultural society. They are not setting out to offend people.’

    “Representing a multicultural society” by ‘blacking up’? Oh dear. One of the main problems with ‘blacking up’ or blackface’ is its historical legacy. Most prominent in America as a way of perpetuating negative stereotypes of black men (and women), it also came to this country mainly in the form of the Black and White Minstrel show. Many people found it offensive at the time and still do so today. Nor is this the first time Little Britain has used ‘blacked up’ characters.

    Filed under: EDL,History,Media
    22nd December, 2010

    EDL’s Sikh spokesman arrested

    by Rumbold at 7:39 pm    

    Guramit Singh (sometimes called Amit Singh) has been arrested today by Cambridgeshire police on suspicion of “intentionally causing religiously aggravated harassment alarm or distress, under section four of the public order act 1986.” following a speech on December 11th. Mr. Singh is perhaps the most high-profile non-white member of the English Defence League (EDL), and has been in trouble before, after boasting on his Facebook page about his hatred of Muslims:

    the muzzies wanna keep away from me im just looking for an excuse im fucked off at the mo fuck the pakis … i just think we shud burn the cunts now!!

    After that controversy he apologised, claiming he only hated militant Muslims. Was his apology sincere? It seems unlikely, given his latest remarks. Richard Bartholomew has an extract from his speech (available on YouTube):

    I’m going to tell you precisely right now what threat of Islam is. Muhammad and Islam is not a religion… Muhammad was a paedophilic pirate… Islam, in not just this country but around the world, has been using their disgusting threat, their threat has been going on for 1400 years, “if you do not bow before Muhammad and his so-called Allah, you are to be beheaded”… Hitler had fuck all on Muhammad.

    The Koran and the Hadiths is written in Arabic. Muslims are not allowed to be taught Arabic in the mosque. Muslims are told, “do not question what your Imam says, although they don’t even know what the Imam’s saying, because the Imam’s just a “Allah, fuck it”. Stick your Allah up your arse, you cunt. Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em. I’m not being funny, fuck em. I may get arrested for this shit, but fuck em, fuck em, I’m not having it, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em.

    Filed under: EDL,Sikh
    14th December, 2010

    Pastor Jones to speak to the National Front instead

    by Rumbold at 1:37 pm    

    Pastor Jones, who was due to address the English Defence League (EDL), has had his invitation withdrawn by the EDL and has now been invited to Britain by the National Front instead. As Richard Bartholomew reports, this was after a media storm led the EDL to ‘reconsider’ his invite and withdraw it on the grounds of his homophobic and racist views, despite the EDL knowing about them all along.

    Filed under: EDL

    The ‘model minority’ issue

    by Rumbold at 10:41 am    

    One of the Daily Mail’s main stories today concerns a new study which examines what they call “the lifestyle of a typical Middle Briton.” This study looked at a number of different factors to produce a picture of a typical middle class household. The Daily Mail’s take on it was interesting, as it headlined the piece:

    How Sikhs and Hindus became the bedrock of middle Britain

    The actual article spends very little time on this, but it is telling that the Daily Mail chose such a headline, which suggests a clear ‘endorsement’ of Sikhs and Hindus, and recognition that you can be British without being white. This should be all the more welcome coming only months after the same paper said that second and third generation British Asians couldn’t be considered British.

    There are a few problems here though. The main one is that such an approach once again resorts to stereotyping. Not in a negative way with regards Hindus and Sikhs, but in a way that lumps them all into one group: both religions contain masses of very different individuals, from professors to convicts, so to suggest they form a monolithic group is wrong.

    This idea feeds into the notion of the ‘model minority’, which is difficult to tackle because it is viewed in a positive way. Often applied to Sikhs (amongst others), the notion of a ‘model minority’ suggests a well-integrated, hard-working ethnic/religious group whom few have a bad word to say about it. For many first generation immigrants who experienced severe racism in the 1960s and 1970s, being in such a group is seen as a great advantage, and understandably so.

    The problem with this though is twofold: Firstly it encourages members of that group and those dealing with this group to view them as a single monolithic block, which discourages individualism and perpetuates the old colonial mentality of ethnic groups being apart from mainstream society. Secondly it leads to competition between different minority groups, who use the praise given to them as a ‘model minority’ as a way of showing that their ‘community’ is superior to other ones. In this case, that would mean the Muslims. Some white people will make the same comparisons, leading to bigotry against groups seen to not be model minorities, rather than treating people in those groups as individuals.

    Filed under: EDL,Hindu,Muslim,Sikh
    12th December, 2010

    Qur’an-burning pastor to visit UK

    by Rumbold at 8:23 pm    

    Richard Bartholomew has the news that Pastor Terry Jones, who earlier in the year threatened to burn the Qur’an in America to protest against freedom of worship in New York, has been invited to come and address a national meeting of the English Defence League (EDL) in February in Luton. Richard has also highlighted some of Pastor Jones’ views which weren’t widely known before:

    He claims that it is not racist to use the slur “nigger”, on the grounds that it doesn’t apply to intelligent black people but can be used to refer to foolish white people. He also reportedly at one point threatened to burn the Talmud as well as the Koran, although I haven’t been able to find an authoritative source for that.

    This continues the EDL’s attempt to position themselves as a purely anti-Islamic group, with the media focus on the Pastor’s Islamophobia rather than his racist language. Will Theresa May ban him from coming here? Such a decision would undoubtedly be popular, but it would also feed into the narrative of the EDL that Islam is taking over the UK and that criticism of Islam and Muslims is being muzzled.

    Filed under: EDL
    3rd December, 2010

    Daily Mail blames multiculturalism for England’s failed world cup bid

    by Rumbold at 10:57 am    

    There have been many theories surrounding the reason why England lost the bid to host the world cup, from Russian bribes to journalistic scrutiny. The Daily Mail however has taken a different line. it seems that a multi-cultural video presented by the bid team could have put delegates off. The article’s headline on the main page reads:

    So did this multicultural bid cost us the world cup?

    This article goes onto to snidely remark that the bid team was portraying England as “so multicultural, so diverse.” If the writer had limited his criticism to the lack of English scenes (as opposed to scenes from other countries) in the video, then the argument might have some validity. But the repeated references to multiculturalism, diversity and the “ethnically diverse figures” in the article mean that the focus is more on the supposed downside of highlighting diversity and multiculturalism. To judge from the highly rated comments it seems other people interpreted it that way too:

    The video is total rubbish, no doubt about it. Once again, an example of how we are too scared to celebrate our national identity for fear that the PC brigade will come along and moan that there are not enough different cultures and minorities represented. But I highly doubt the video cost us the bid, the entire process stinks of corruption.- 1031 likes

    Completely agree with this article. It makes me feel sick to the stomach when we have this ‘multicultural’ rubbish rubbed in our faces. We should stick to traditional values and celebrate our heritage.- 761 likes

    Filed under: EDL,Media,Sports
    28th November, 2010

    Faith Matters report into the EDL

    by Rumbold at 10:13 am    

    Nigel Copsey, a professor of modern history, has produced a report investigating the English Defence League’s (EDL) structure and focus (PDF) for the group Faith Matters. It is a useful summary of the group, its motivations and future direction. It is a fairly comprehensive study of the EDL, and looks at the sub-divisions opening within the EDL itself:

    As well as aggravating religious tensions, the EDL has established a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Division to “defend” gay people from Sharia law. There are also specialist divisions for women, soldiers and disabled people. The report warns these communities to be vigilant against “selective racism” and the EDL’s attempts at manipulation.

    The EDL continues to grow because it ostensibly focuses on Islamic extremism, meaning that it can claim not to be racist, just anti-Islamic. It is not clear whether it will be able to maintain that pretence in the long term.

    Filed under: EDL
    4th October, 2010

    Glenn Beck: Indians, desire to commit multiple murders, whitewashes slavery

    by Jai at 4:45 pm    

    Further to the recent PP article about the influential Fox News anchor Glenn Beck, there has been an interesting article in the New York Times providing more information about Beck’s background and his activities. As previously discussed on PP, his fellow Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly has described Beck as “the leader of the Tea Party movement”. The Tea Party itself has of course recently been exposed as being bankrolled & manipulated right from the start by the Right-wing billionaire Koch brothers, who have links to both the Republican Party and Fox News. Beck himself also has ties with the Republican politicians & potential 2012 presidential candidates Newt Gingrich (whose own racist remarks about President Obama were discussed on PP here) and Sarah Palin.

    Readers are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the previous PP article about Beck if they have not done so already. One of the best ways to further understand the various problems with Beck’s worldview and behaviour is to view footage from both his Fox News show and his various radio shows. Some of the following videos are very disturbing indeed.

    1. Glenn Beck’s racist diatribe about Indians

    He begins by attacking Indian doctors, and follows it with a lengthy bigotry-and-stereotype-riddled sneering rant about India itself, at one point even describing the River Ganges (sacred to hundreds of millions of Hindus) as a name that “sounds like a disease”.

    Beck’s remarks may be placed into further context by the fact that he has unashamedly promoted viciously racist books by two Nazi-sympathising authors, one of whom (Elizabeth Dilling) not only attended Nazi party meetings in Germany along with speaking at rallies by Nazi groups in the US, but also described non-white, non-Christian people as “savages” along with calling Hinduism and Islam “debasing and degrading”. Beck himself has explicitly described Dilling as one of his ideological predecessors, ie. “people who were doing what we’re doing now”.

    Continue Reading...
    12th September, 2010

    EDL members go to New York protest

    by Rumbold at 8:45 pm    

    Members of the English Defence League (EDL), perhaps confused about what their moniker actually means, have been in attendance at the anti-mosque protest in New York. Richard Bartholomew reports:

    A few specific groups and individuals could be identified; LGF shows a picture of several English Defence League members, and TPM picture 11 shows EDL activist Kevin Carroll (I previously blogged on Carroll here) [UPDATE: Apparently Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who heads the EDL as "Tommy Robinson", was refused entry at JFK Airport].

    Filed under: EDL,United States
    9th September, 2010

    Backlash against France’s anti-Roma policy

    by Rumbold at 9:34 pm    

    The European Parliament has criticised Nicholas Sarkozy’s mass deportations of Roma people from France:

    A parliament resolution denouncing the French government’s policy of deporting Roma families and demolishing their encampments was carried by a much bigger majority than expected – a vote of 337 to 245, bringing an uncommon victory for the centre-left and liberals in a chamber dominated by conservatives.

    The Economist recently had a good piece on the Roma.

    7th August, 2010

    Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria returns ADL’s award over ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

    by Sunny at 12:14 pm    

    Good for him. Fareed Zakaria of Newsweek has returned an award back to the Anti-Defamation League in the US after the Jewish group came out against the supposed ‘Ground Zero Mosque’.
    He explains:

    Bloomberg’s speech stands in stark contrast to the bizarre decision of the Anti-Defamation League to publicly side with those urging that the center be moved. The ADL’s mission statement says it seeks “to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens.” But Abraham Foxman, the head of the ADL, explained that we must all respect the feelings of the 9/11 families, even if they are prejudiced feelings.

    “Their anguish entitles them to positions that others would categorize as irrational or bigoted,” he said. First, the 9/11 families have mixed views on this mosque. There were, after all, dozens of Muslims killed at the World Trade Center. Do their feelings count? But more important, does Foxman believe that bigotry is OK if people think they’re victims? Does the anguish of Palestinians, then, entitle them to be anti-Semitic?

    Spot on. I linked to an excellent piece on the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ controversy by Alex Massie earlier.

    In other news: The Guardian reports that the repulsive Iranian regime is trying to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani in secret, and want to do so because she’s a woman.

    The answer is quite simple, it’s because I’m a woman, it’s because they think they can do anything to women in this country. It’s because for them adultery is worse than murder – but not all kinds of adultery: an adulterous man might not even be imprisoned but an adulterous women is the end of the world for them. It’s because I’m in a country where its women do not have the right to divorce their husbands and are deprived of their basic rights.

    Well done to her for speaking out.

    And lastly: Muslim group Minhaj ul-Quran runs ‘anti-terrorism’ camp

    16th July, 2010

    So, will Geert Wilders be banned from the UK?

    by Sunny at 3:35 pm    

    The far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders has started a new campaign. The main aim of his campaign is to outlaw immigration from Islamic countries to the west.

    He plans to tour five countries in addition to the UK.
    Last year Wilders unveiled a 10 point plan to save the West. Some of those were:

    - Stop cultural relativism. We need an article in our constitutions that lays down that we have a Jewish-Christian and humanism culture.
    - Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. In other words, the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam.
    - Stop mass immigration by people from Muslim countries.
    - Encourage voluntary repatriation.
    - Have every member of a non-Western minority sign a legally binding contract of assimilation.

    I bet Geert Wilders will not be banned from coming to the UK. And he shouldn’t be, because we must believe in free speech and the right for fascists to say inflammatory things.

    But I also predict that the sorry shower of idiots who were vociferously calling for the Islamic hate-preacher Zakir Naik to be banned from the UK will be quiet on Geert Wilders. It’s one rule for Muslims and another one for non-Muslims isn’t it? Just the way Wilders would like it, in fact.

    Relatedly, you may recall that Douglas Murray from the Centre for Social Cohesion has repeatedly written defending Wilders. In an article for ConservativeHome he said Wilders attacked Islam, not Muslims. Does he still believe that, I wonder?

    Filed under: EDL,Race politics
    7th July, 2010

    Subliminal messaging

    by Sunny at 4:42 pm    

    I’m tickled at how, on this Harry’s Place blog-post, they publish something innocuous about Muslims and nail-varnish (who said they’re obsessed by Muslims??) and then end up with a big picture of some evil-looking Hizbollah fighters.

    I mean I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental that HP bloggers have no problems sticking in videos or pictures of angry, nasty looking Muslims on every other post even if it’s totally unrelated to the topic. Oh wait, it is related - they are all Muslims after all!

    Filed under: EDL
    12th June, 2010

    BNP & EDL Update

    by Jai at 10:35 am    

    A selection of ongoing developments involving Britain’s extreme far-Right, further to the recent PP article focusing on the BNP here.


    1. Nick Griffin is finally admitting that the BNP’s disastrous defeat in the recent General Election was due to them being comprehensively outclassed by the other political parties, particularly (in Griffin’s view) the Labour party. The URL link includes Griffin’s bizarre, rambling email to BNP members in full, detailing his plans to revamp the party prior to his alleged stepping down from the Chairmanship in 2014 so that he can lead a block of “nationalist opponents” in the European Parliament. Apparently a BNP “Campaign Executive” group has been formed, as a way to integrate the various groups involved in the BNP’s overall strategy. Griffin also wishes to create an “Operations Command Centre” (described by him as a “BNP academy of political excellence”), which will include a “National Training Department” for their key officials. The BNP also plan to create a distance learning website, described by Griffin as “a sort of Nationalist Open University” (one would assume that white supremacist websites such as Stormfront already perform that function). Amusingly, Griffin is still insisting that the BNP are the “Real British People”, despite the fact that more than 98% of Britain’s entire electorate did not vote for them in the General Election.

    Continue Reading...
    Filed under: EDL,The BNP
    15th May, 2010

    EDL/WDL spokesman on the state of the nation

    by Rumbold at 8:36 pm    

    Richard Bartholomew has uncovered a gem of a YouTube channel, which is the domain of ‘Arrylad’, a spokesman for the English and Welsh Defence Leagues. Each video starts off with a bit of jaunty music, followed by a man in a balaclava going on a long rant about anti-fascists (the ‘antifa’ of the title). The comic effect is heightened by the surroundings. As Richard puts it:

    Nothing says “patriotism” like using the St George’s Flag for a tablecloth and plonking a can of cheap lager on it, right?

    Filed under: EDL,Humour
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