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3rd October, 2005

Quick web round up

by Sunny at 9:06 pm    

I wrote an article for the Independent, which was published today, on how Asians who want to do comedy on TV still suffer from stereotyping (taking the example Anil Gupta who produced The Office).

The BBC is investigating whether its coverage of Israel-Palestine is biased towards either side as both sides keep claiming (via PointsofJew).

Adloyada has written something nice (for once?) on Muslim-Jewish dialogue, and points out, thankfully, that Irshad Manji and Salman Rushdie are not a good place to start with.

London’s Evening Standard refuses to apologise for wrongly accusing a Muslim bookshop-owner of peddling hatred and carrying extremist literature even after being proved wrong..

Finally, Riz has written a funny piece on The Real Man Fraternity on Gillette continuously expanding the number of razor blades in their products; SA writes on Turkey and the EU; the Globalisation Institute has an interesting piece on Sumo going global.

Any other news or blog entry you want to flag up? Do it below!

2nd October, 2005

Google-bombing President Musharraf

by Sunny at 11:44 pm    

Raven from Reality Cafe has come up with a great idea to Google-bomb President Musharraf as an insensitive jerk.

If enough people link using the words above, typing that term into Google will lead to his website. More on Google bombing here.

This has nothing to do with his nationality or religion, and everything to do with his previous comments on women in Pakistan (one, two).

Support the cause! Get the insensitive jerk to think next time before saying women get raped for a visa. The Washington Post had more on this yesterday.

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30th September, 2005

Problems for Pakistani women on the pitch

by Sunny at 5:17 pm    

punch-upPakistani women had to previously fight against the religious hard-liners who declared football was un-Islamic or said women should not be playing sports. Their latest enemy - errr.. themselves.

Punjab state in Pakistan won the inaugural Women’s Football Championship in the country, but the match was marred by violence.

A scuffle broke out between the rivals after the match when Punjab tried to celebrate their victory which enraged the losers led by their star striker Khalida Noor. The girls of both teams freely kicked and punched each other. The catfight forced the tournament organisers to enter the ground and put an end to the brawl.

C’mon ladies, where’s the solidarity? Daily Times. BBC has more.

The women players were fully covered to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities and no male spectators were allowed.

The issue of women in sports flared in April when hardliners attacked runners in a mixed-sex race in Gujranwala. A ban on such races was introduced and police in Lahore used force in May to break up a race. A week later hundreds of rights activists held a mixed-sex race in the city in protest at the ban.

In other news, Indian women once again thrash Pakistan. In cricket that is.

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