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  • 6th February, 2011

    Man With Low IQ Banned From Having Sex

    by guest at 1:05 pm    

    This is a guest post by Sarah. She blogs here.

    This is one of the strangest cases I’ve heard of since I started blogging. It seems to be not so much surprise that a disabled person knows what sex is, but a feeling that he doesn’t understand what sex means.

    A 41 year old man, known only as Alan, has been banned from having sex because he has an IQ of 48 and a ‘moderate’ learning disability. Alan started a romantic relationship with another man, Kieron, who he met while living in a home provided by his local council. However, in June 2009, Alan’s local town hall decided that he lacked the mental capacity to have contact with Kieron, and began court proceedings to restrict their contact with each other. Since then, Alan has been closely supervised to prevent him from carrying out any further sexual activity, except when he is alone in his bedroom.

    This is the latest case to be brought before the Court of Protection, which has the power, under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, to make life or death decisions for people who lack the intelligence to make them for themselves. Usually, this court can force people to have abortions or life saving surgery, use contraception or switch off life support machines.

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    4th February, 2011

    Now Christians protect Muslims in Egypt

    by Rumbold at 2:11 pm    

    After the uplifting scenes in Egypt during Coptic Christmas, when Muslims formed human shields to protect their Christian brethren at mass after terror attacks on Copts, Christians have returned the favour during prayers, protecting Muslim protestors who were worried about attacks from pro-Mubarak thugs.

    (Via: Maylor)

    Corrupt EU police forces could be handed Britons’ personal data

    by Rumbold at 12:18 pm    

    Air travellers will be more likely to be hit by fraud after the British government lent their support to a proposal that would allow any police officer, even in mafia-infiltrated states like Bulgaria, to access a passenger’s credit card details and their address:

    Telephone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, email and other details of British air travellers will be available on demand for all of the EU’s police forces, including countries such as Bulgaria and Romania where corruption among law enforcement officials is widespread. The system, billed on Wednesday as an anti-terrorism measure, will track all travellers and will also allow any EU police officer access to the data on suspicion of a serious crime, including offences that are not a crime in Britain. Civil liberties campaigners fear the new EU surveillance system will make Britons more vulnerable to miscarriages of justice amid growing concern over EU policing measures and the lack of safeguards or judicial standards in some European countries.

    Even Europhiles should be worried about significantly more individuals having access to personal data, especially relating to credit cards and identity. The transfer of powers to the EU has continued in much the same way as under Labour, which is not overly surprising.

    3rd February, 2011

    British Sikh and Hindu groups release joint statement condemning EDL

    by Jai at 9:00 am    

    A number of the largest Sikh and Hindu organisations in Britain have formally released a joint statement forcefully condemning the EDL and any Sikhs who join them. The latter is of course particularly applicable to the EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit (sometimes known as “Amit”) Singh; he was also one of the EDL members interviewed by BBC’s Newsnight as part of a documentary about the group which the programme showed earlier this week. As previously discussed on Pickled Politics, Guramit himself is currently being prosecuted by the police for “intentionally causing religiously aggravated harassment alarm or distress, under Section Four of the Public Order Act 1986”, following a public speech by Guramit which included the following remarks:

    “I’m going to tell you precisely right now what threat of Islam is. Muhammad and Islam is not a religion… Muhammad was a paedophilic pirate… Islam, in not just this country but around the world, has been using their disgusting threat, their threat has been going on for 1400 years, “if you do not bow before Muhammad and his so-called Allah, you are to be beheaded”… Hitler had fuck all on Muhammad.

    The Koran and the Hadiths is written in Arabic. Muslims are not allowed to be taught Arabic in the mosque. Muslims are told, “do not question what your Imam says, although they don’t even know what the Imam’s saying, because the Imam’s just a “Allah, fuck it”. Stick your Allah up your arse, you cunt. Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em. I’m not being funny, fuck em. I may get arrested for this shit, but fuck em, fuck em, I’m not having it, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em.”

    The speech is available on Youtube. Guramit has also previously boasted on his Facebook page about his murderous hatred of Muslims:

    “the muzzies wanna keep away from me im just looking for an excuse im fucked off at the mo fuck the pakis … i just think we shud burn the cunts now!!”

    Continue Reading...
    2nd February, 2011

    Coalition to invest more in mental health provision

    by Rumbold at 11:16 am    

    The coalition is to invest more money in provision for tackling mental health issues, particularly amongst children and teenagers:

    It is widely acknowledged that there have been significant improvements in adult services over the past decade, particularly in relation to the support available in the community. In contrast, the network of child and adolescent mental health services - funded jointly by the NHS and local government - have been criticised for having long waiting lists and patchy provision of services.

    The problems have led to children being treated by adult services in places. The transition from child to adult care during the teenage years is also considered inadequate. The government’s strategy, which is being backed by an extra £400m of funding by 2014, will aim to boost psychological therapies, such as counselling.

    This is good news, as those with mental health issues don’t often have the access to the right treatment. One only has to look at the prison population, which contains many individuals with mental health issues who should be in a secure hospital receiving treatment rather than being locked up behind bars.

    1st February, 2011

    Out of sight, out of mind?

    by Rumbold at 1:45 pm    

    Bangladesh, which is co-hosting the 2011 cricket world cup, is planning to pay around 300 disabled beggars in the city of Chittagong to stay off the streets for the next three months:

    Some 300 disabled beggars would be paid about $2 (£1.20) a day for three months to compensate them for their loss of earning, Mayor Mansur Alam said. He added that the beggars would also be given a chance to move into rehabilitation centres…
    The decision comes days after the government proposed to move all the beggars in the capital Dhaka to welfare centres until the World Cup was over.

    The only positives in this is that the beggars may receive a steady if small income (though some of that is likely to be stolen in the distribution), as well as the possibility of accommodation. Other than that, there is nothing to recommend this scheme. It amounts to a form of cleansing, where undesirables are herded into centres and held so as not to disturb the eyes of visitors. Many of these individuals are presumably unable to work due to injuries and thus unable to pay for accommodation and food, and it would be better if they could be provided with long term care and support. Whilst that is not always possible in a poor if developing country, any sort of support must be better than this.

    (Hat-tip: Sarah at Same Difference)

    Filed under: Bangladesh,Disability

    The unfortunate CS gas incident ended up helping @UKuncut

    by Sunny at 10:48 am    

    Owen at Third Estate complains that focusing on the CS spray incident at the last UKuncut protest detracts from the real issue of tax avoidance.

    That is unfortunately the way it goes. The protest needed a different angle and the CS gas incident provided it.

    The problem for UKuncut now is that media coverage and interest will offer diminishing returns. They were interested initially and talk about the ‘social media protests’ and then they move on once the story becomes old or repetitive. I’m not blaming them - as an editor I would do exactly the same.

    Without the CS spray incident, I bet coverage of the UKuncut protests would have been minimal. Hoping that the media will stick to “discussing the issue” is wishful thinking I’m afraid. They are not going to report every month that some protesters shut down Topshop, Boots or Vodafone.

    Going forward, UKuncut need to think not just about new targets, but also new tactics and new imaginative stunts. Without that the media coverage will eventually drop off to zero. Unfortunately that is how the news media works.

    PS - Ellie Mae has written a long but excellent account of what happened around the incident. Sympathies go out to people who got sprayed because I’ve had it done to me and its ugly.

    Filed under: Media
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