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2nd March, 2006

India - the doubled edged sword

by Sunny at 7:43 pm    

George Bush today announced a deal giving India access to US nuclear fuel and technology without it first having to sign the non-proliferation treaty - which I’m not happy about. Firstly it means we waste more money on nuclear technology for energy and weapons instead of investing in renewable energy or education programmes.

Countries like Iran will also look at it as another example of US hypocrisy - America allows its friend’s to build weapons but those in the bad books get referred to the Security Council.

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But we don’t want them back!

by Sunny at 3:22 am    

Three Britons left an Egyptian jail on Tuesday after serving almost four years of their five-year sentences for spreading propaganda for an Islamist group, the mother of one of Britons said. Officials said they would be deported to Britain within 24 hours.

The Britons — Reza Pankhurst, Maajid Nawaz and Ian Nisbett — were among a group of 26 men jailed for between one and five years for spreading the propaganda of the Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami (Islamic Liberation Party). [Reuters]

Like we don’t have enough HuT lunatics in this country already.

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1st March, 2006

What does Hamas have to offer Israel?

by Sunny at 9:35 pm    

Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the P.L.O. has written a piece for New York Times, published today. Some highlights:

Mr. Abbas, however, is not ultimately to blame. When he called on Israel to lift restrictions on Palestinian movement and trade within and between Palestinian areas, Israel refused — despite similar calls from the World Bank, the United Nations, the European Union and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

In reality, however, the vote was neither a rejection of President Abbas and his peace program nor an endorsement of the Hamas charter. According to recent polls, nearly 70 percent of Palestinians still support Mr. Abbas as president. And 84 percent of Palestinians still want a negotiated peace agreement with Israel. Even among Hamas voters, more than 60 percent of those polled support an “immediate” resumption of negotiations.

The Palestine Liberation Organization, which Mr. Abbas also leads, is the sole representative of Palestinians everywhere and therefore the only real negotiating partner. Its mandate remains unaffected by the parliamentary elections.

If Israel continues to exploit the Hamas victory to claim that it has “no partner” for talks and avoid negotiations — and if the international community remains indifferent — the conflict can only deteriorate.

[hat tip Intafada Kid]

While I don’t agree with Israel’s unilateralist approach by ignoring pretty much everyone on UN conventions or the ‘roadmap for peace’, Erekat can’t really get away without mentioning Hamas’s continued calls for the destruction of Israel. Nobody would really want to negotiate with a terrorist organisation. Israel, on it’s part, cannot pretend it can put off negotiating the two-state settlement forever. The more it drags everything out the more things worsen on both sides.

Why human testing is morally right

by Sunny at 4:52 am    

Following on from my previous article advocating drugs testing on humans, I have found two things: buying and selling kidneys is legal in Iran (thanks Steve); a company is already trialling drugs on humans, in India (thanks Suvir).

There have been previous calls in Britain to consider legalising organ selling, specially since a huge black market already exists.

While a legal trade in organs seems eventually inevitable, even ethical, I’m going all the way. I want the right to buy a human body to test drugs on in the UK. I already explained how it could work, now let me explain why.

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