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    Nick Clegg For Sale

    by earwicga on 9th May, 2010 at 11:28 am    

    On eBay :)   The particulars of the sale are:

    You are bidding for the affections of this man, a Spanish speaking manufacturer and creator of kings. Yes, if you need a king swiftly fabricated, then this is your man! May be interested in part exchange for electoral reform and break-up of financial institutions, WHY - cash either way.

    No “buy-it-now” price but make him an offer and he’ll do you a deal!

    May be of use to those with an interest in running the country.

    Cash on collection.

    Those with less than 220 seats, contact me first before bidding. Advertised due to nation of timewasters. Please do not bid if you cannot make up your mind.

    Seriously though - Can a ConLib alliance be a good thing and provide a stable government?  Can the left reassemble as a potent force?

    H/T @copwatcher

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    1. sunny hundal

      Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    2. Sara Hannam

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    3. earwicga

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    4. Chris Paul

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    5. Sharon Lawrence

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    6. Agnieszka Tokarska

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    7. Jessica Rabbit

      RT @Agnieszkat: RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    8. DrJoolz

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    9. Ryan Bestford

      Pickled Politics: @Nick_Clegg For Sale - http://bit.ly/cXKwQt (via @earwicga)

    10. irene rukerebuka

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blog post:: Nick Clegg For Sale http://bit.ly/a4HCFG

    1. Salil — on 9th May, 2010 at 11:33 am  

      A ConLib alliance can be a good thing because:

      1. Lab-Lib alliance would be an alliance of losers. Tory voters will be massively annoyed, and if there’s referendum on PR, it will be lost before the first vote is cast. Voters won’t forgive a “coalition stitch-up” of this sort.

      2. Con-Lib alliance would be good for fairer cuts (cuts are needed given the size of deficit), great for civil liberties (small-state-folks-meet-individual-rights-fundamentalists).

      3. The “52%” who voted against Tories is a myth. That way, “59%” voted against Labour. And “59%” don’t want new runway at Heathrow (as Rentoul points out in the Indy today).

      4. The idea that a Lab-Lib alliance may have Brown as PM, who’d make an orderly departure in 6-18 months mocks the verdict.

    2. Naadir Jeewa — on 9th May, 2010 at 11:34 am  

      Depends on what you mean by stable?

      In terms of policy outcomes and economic performance, it’ll be fine.

      Another election between October 2010 and May 2011 though. Lib Dems will have some ability to choose the timing though.

      A Labour-LibDem coalition should last at least 2 years, and perhaps a full 4. LibDems wont risk destroying the coalition in the midst of constitutional reform, which will take some time.

    3. Naadir Jeewa — on 9th May, 2010 at 12:10 pm  

      Also, I must declare an interest, in that I placed a bid on Nick Clegg last night of £11.51. I’ve been outbid somewhat.

    4. earwicga — on 9th May, 2010 at 12:16 pm  

      I thought about it Naadir but realised as I’m not a non-dom I’m probably not eligible.

    5. Naadir Jeewa — on 9th May, 2010 at 12:36 pm  

      Can’t we just get Nadine Dorries to claim it as an expense?

    6. earwicga — on 9th May, 2010 at 12:40 pm  

      Good idea! That will defo work.

    7. KJB — on 9th May, 2010 at 3:15 pm  

      Can someone arrange for Cameron to be put up for sale and sold to Lord Ashcroft, who will then torture him extensively in an undisclosed location for suggesting the TV debates?

    8. earwicga — on 10th May, 2010 at 12:28 am  

      Cameron has already sold himself to Ashcroft, and many other undisclosed sources.

    9. AWS — on 10th May, 2010 at 1:42 am  

      Oh, please please do not be ironic… you may hurt the DOES who’s working in the Daily Mail, and Eveningstandard and the Sun….

    10. RPHD — on 10th May, 2010 at 6:51 pm  

      There is really no honour or intelligence evident in British Politics. For anyone to buy yet another labour ‘stitch up’ to cling onto power is becoming delusional in how to solve the real problems this country actually faces. We have had years of spin and gov. control foisted on the English, whilst every other country in the Union has been given devolved powers and a disproportionate share of the budget.
      The English will eventually react very badly to the way in which Labour has betrayed a consistent majority of the popular vote in the English electorate whilst paying potentially yet again for more subsidies as Labour continues its programme of making as many people as it can dependent on the state. Eventually the money will run out.
      Labour have LOST the election, yet will sell England down the river again, while it tries to bounce the Liberals into yet another contitutional stitch up to suit themselves. How many labour supporters and activists are amongst the loud demonstration (apart from Jack Straws son) outside Cleggs meetings?
      This whole sorry state stinks of another Mandelson, Campbell Harman deal that has nothing to do with the best interests of teh country and only power.
      If the Lib dems act in their own petty self interest we will have to just watch a once great country turn itself into a banana republic.
      Last man turn out the lights.

    11. earwicga — on 10th May, 2010 at 9:31 pm  

      RPHD - no need to turn out the lights as us women are more than happy and able to take our turn.

    12. Avi — on 14th May, 2010 at 6:59 am  

      The most worrying thing about the Liberals is their utterly shameless anti semitism and arguable border line holocaust denial, and minimising of Jewish suffering. Clegg had the shameless gall to challenge Israel on human rights over Gaza, whilst Israel was suffering a ceaseless torrent of Hamas bombs day in day out, and was threatened with being wiped off the map by all their neighbors.

      Britian needs to stand firm with the only democracy in the Middle East. Never has Israel faced greater challenge.

      Men like Ed Balls, Miliband bros are good for Jews and good for Israel — hand them the reigns, not anti Semites like the Liberals.

      Why don’t you Brits have intellectuals like Krauthammer and Dershowitz on the case of the growing anti Semitism in Europe? You have guys like Gilad Atzmon and that Galloway guy, who would get put in their place pretty fast in the USA.

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