» (I am a supporter of the Atheist Bus Campaign still, btw, and their point still stands. Just thought that was amusing) 6 hrs ago

» NewStatesman: easyJet apologises for gaffe after printing a photoshoot at Holocaust memorial http://bit.ly/3twbd6 6 hrs ago

» Happy 'atheist bus' children turn out to be from religious Christian family. Doh! http://bit.ly/6LoOhd 6 hrs ago

» Cameron says his govt would promote Mumsnet... in an interview with Mumsnet. Shameless http://bit.ly/2JKV74 16 hrs ago

» Labour MP @tomharrisMP against electoral reform because it won't help Labour. http://bit.ly/3Qg0sP - who cares about the ppl eh? 16 hrs ago

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    Griffin’s bodyguard paid for by taxpayer

    by Rumbold on 17th October, 2009 at 9:36 pm    

    Thanks to lax EU rules, which allow MEPs to employ various people and claim large sums of money, Nick Griffin has now managed to put his bodyguard on the public payroll:

    “A dozen senior figures from the party make up a BNP entourage of publicly funded assistants. As MEPs, Griffin and Andrew Brons are entitled to claim a combined £382,000 a year to pay for their colleagues’ salaries.

    Martin Reynolds, a 20-stone bodybuilder who is head of security and Griffin’s bodyguard, said he “honestly didn’t know” why he was justified in being paid by the taxpayer.”

    This is in no way illegal, as MEPs are given significant autonomy when it comes to choosing their staff. Occasional investigations are launched into MEPs’ expenses, but the findings aren’t usually made public, unless they are leaked, which is difficult to do (recommended reading).

    Filed in: The BNP

    • Amrit
      Well, for all those who constantly insinuate that the BNP are somehow more 'honourable' than other political parties because 'they listen to the people' (uh-huh), all I can say is - HA!

      Bless Reynolds for his honesty. I bet Griffin is paying him some of that money and putting the rest into the party...
    • fugstar
      why are rightwing extremists in this country so mediocre and vanilla? him and ed hussain are depressing for similar reasons.

      wilders makes films, vajpayee wrote Ghazals, the BNP are just so talentless.

      maybe thats their appeal.

      no wonder the gutter press pull out mr hokkie and the mojo's. in an asylum full of brand bland, they add texture.
    • Binky
      So, given the realities of Britain today, who feels that the BNP leadership should be exposed to knife murder from someone who thinks that such an act will entitle him to "a big reward from Allah," as he would doubtless express it.
    • douglas clark

      Perhaps it is because a lot of folk see the BNP as an alien philosophy, imported from a 1930's Germany? Perhaps you stand on the side of that?

      Obviously young Mr Griffin should be torn apart in public debate and not murdered. Which is my preferred option for fascist bastards who pollute the body politic.
    • Rumbold

      One senior member of the BNP has made a film:

    • cjcjc
      lax EU rules? surely not!
    • douglas clark

      Jolly good find! It is, perhaps, a surprise that leading echelons of an allegedly homophobic organistation should have, err, members with such artistic leanings, at such a high level. Perhaps Lee John Barnes would like to comment.

      Or perhaps not.
    • Rumbold

      The film is pretty well known. I haven't seen it myself, but it is said to have left wing overtones.
    • douglas clark

      Left wing overtones? I don't think I quite understand that. Could this be some sort of code?

      It is, perhaps, good that the BNP are, err, reaching out for members, or summat.

      Who knows?

      Perhaps Lee John Barnes will explain.

      And I can assure you I have never seen the movie, for the mere idea that the BNP are attempting to corrupt our youth through a different passage from the one we normally expect, is quite abhorent.

      What will they get up to next?

      Perhaps Nick Griffin will explain all on Question Time next week.
    • douglas clark

      My last, ascerbic comment on this has apparently disappeared in cyberspace.

      Roughly speaking, this is a repeat.

      Dear Rumbold,

      It seems to me that only those and such as those would care to view homoerotic art. Personally, it seems a bit like cubism, only attractive to a very small minority.

      But, what the hell do I know? Perhaps the BNP is filled with art lovers of an, err, different persuasion from most of us? That would be good, would it not?

      Their membership could become extended, in a priapic way perhaps, if they just submittied to their inner selves?

      Perhaps Lee John Barnes, or John Lee Barnes, I forget which, could find his inner sensitivity and explain this to us all.

      It is quite likely, is it not, that Nick Griffin will reveal this interesting quirk in BNP philosophy on Question Time?

      For, who knew? The pink vote could be in the bag.
    • Don
      Fair enough, if a politician is sufficiently high profile that there is a genuine chance of someone trying to whack them then I guess their security is a legitimate expense.

      But it is a poor system which just says, 'Here's some cash, hire a goon.'
    • fugstar
      Thankyou dear, I really needed that.

      My life is so much better now.
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