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    Iain Dale, candidate for Bracknell, advocates hosing protestors

    by Sunny on 12th October, 2009 at 8:54 pm    

    Sometimes you just have to laugh at how absurd right-wingers are. Tory blogger Iain Dale goes off on one of his hysterical rants again today, fuming about the Greenpeace supporters who put up a big sign across Westminster.

    Legitimate protest is one thing. Invading the parliamentary estate like this is quite another. Just leaving them up there on the roof with no intervention by the Police sends a simple message to others who might have the same idea: come on in, we’re too worried about negative press reaction to do anything.

    I wish I had suggested to Bob Ainsworth that he send the army in with a water cannon. It’s the only language they understand.

    Unbelievable that a PPC candidate is openly advocating using such strong-arm tactics against peaceful protestors. Where are we living, in North Korea?

    But the more amusing thing is that when this gets picked up by various people on Twitter - realising he made a big gaffe - Dale hurriedly adds:

    UPDATE: For the humourless left, perhaps I should have added a smiley after that sentence. They really don’t do tongue in cheek humour do they? Po faced idiots.

    Ahh yes, that old tactic of claiming lefties have no humour to cover up your own gaffe.

    Funny, someone forgot to tell his own right-wing readers that it was all meant to be a joke: they think he’s being far too charitable! This must be the modern compassionate conservative party.

    Filed in: Blog, Media

    • Iain Dale
      Shakes head in disbelief at the sheer twattery of this post.
    • Iain Dale
      Oh, and get your facts right. I'm not PPC for Bracknell.
    • adil
      if you want a better way to talk to MPs than climbing roofs, you can send a message to our robot and it will write it out inside Parliament for MPs to read. Far better than getting hosed by cannons http://bit.ly/17S2j4 adil
    • Leon
      Heh I think we can file this under 'proving by nerve hit'. ;)
    • Frank
      Fire hoses are a bit mild.
    • Joseph Edwards
      To be fair to Iain, it does seem to be at least somewhat tongue-in-cheek judging from the "it's the only language they understand" cliché.

      It sitll wasn't funny.
    • Archbishop Cranmer
      Mr Dale is not the PPC for Bracknell.

      One becomes a PPC only after being adopted by a local association. Mr Dale has yet to be adopted by any association. And all adopted candidates are then 'prospective' until the election is called and the expenses clock is ticking, at which point they become parliamentary candidates.

      Unlike some bloggers, Mr Dale is not prone to hysterical rants based on unsubstantiated facts and incorrect information.
    • Rumbold
      Iain Dale is a PPPPPC (public primary potential prospective parliamentary candidate).

      To be fair to him, it does read as a tongue in cheek sentence, though he clearly has a problem with non-violent protestors disturbing MPs. To prove his good faith, I suggest he should publicly back Tim Ireland against the harassment he has been receiving. The connection between the two? I don't know, but it would be a nice thing to do.
    • Kismet Hardy
      I've always fancied myself a bit of a comedian but the only laughter I hear is when girls point and laugh, so I'd like to thank this Dale chap for giving me the confidence to crack funnies without needing to spoil it with smiley faces or LOLs. Okay, here goes. This should carry a government health warning, it's so funny. Honestly, don't sue me if you have a heart attack and die from laughing too hard. Are you ready?

      So I was walking down the street, right, and I saw this ugly, fat cow, right. She offended me so much, I thought, why can't we just line up all the ugly fat cows and put them in a fat camp with promises of sausages, only check this, there's no kitchen, so there's no sausage, so the fat cows starve, and then we can gas them until they die.
    • Tongue in cheek in the sense that he's constantly using that absurd phrase?

      Iain you wouldn't get so much abuse if you didn't blame 'humourless' lefties for your own faux-pas and just admit that it may be construed the wrong way.

      Saying that though - I wouldn't be surprised if you're just trying to cover up.
    • Unlike some bloggers, Mr Dale is not prone to hysterical rants based on unsubstantiated facts and incorrect information.

      I'm sure you have your tongue firmly in your cheek too. We are talking about the same guy who said that Quantitative Easing was 'the economics of Robert Mugabe'?

      I'm still waiting for the thousand percent inflation...

    • Reza
      And adding soap to those cannons would have been a good idea too, given the hygiene standards of those lay-about, pot-smoking Greenpeacey-types.
    • Kismet Hardy
      See now I'm not sure. I studied and followed Mr Dale's joke to assess how far the tongue was lodged in the cheek.

      Basically, it worked on two levels. On one hand, water cannons, on the other, Greenpeace activists famed for taking their banners to the chopping seas.

      So I did the same. Fat people go to fat camp, Aushwitz was a camp but was known as a sausage factory, fat people like sausages, Aushwitz gassed people.

      Yet, it doesn't work.

      I think both jokes need a smiley face.
    • Kismet Hardy
      @ Reza LOL! :-)
    • Laban
      Mr Dale just ain't a water-cannon kinda guy - although the UK already use them in Northern Ireland. They're also in use in Germany, France and Holland.

      Still, as you so honestly put it, dirty and partisan is exactly where you need to be.
    • douglas clark
      I know it is wrong, so please don't tell me it is. But there comes a point where the political class become a complete embarrassment to the rest of us.

      Personally, I quite liked the last few scenes in V for Vendetta. Might be because I can no longer stand the political advertising, moralising and posturing of the likes of Ian Dale.
    • damon
      To talk about setting fire hoses on people is I think perfectly OK populist talk when you become a bit exasperated at the tactics (or antics) of some direct action kinds of protest like this.
      Everyone knows that this could never actually be done in Britain, so it's just a bit of sounding off, and completely harmless. James Whale was doing exactly this on his London radio programme (about the people on the roof of parliament) just this evening.
      And even he said it could never be done because it would be dangerous and people would get hurt or killed.
      Just because it's Greenpeace (or Plane Stupid) does that have make people's response so different to if it was pro Tamil Tigers people, or some awful ''rights for whites'' mob who were up there?

      Can we just not denounce this silly action as being reckless and selfish and be done with it?

      This kind of thing just grows the demand for ever tighter security and having bouncers and CCTV cameras and high fences everywhere. Who enjoys having to turn up at airports three hours before their flight and the security and control environment that we now live under?

      The view of the front of parliament is now blighted by a long security wall that is mostly about preventing truck bombs getting close to the building, but those same police officers looking out for terrorists have to be looking out for these protesters too. Which is a distraction.
    • elsaq
      The reason so many exploited and oppressed people seem to have no sense of humour is simple: whilst callouts are met with "only joking", we just know that if we laugh it off we'll get at the very least "can't you take anything seriously?"
    • Reza
      @ Ian Dale

      Any chance of pointing the water-cannons onto priggish lefties?
    • Kismet Hardy
      RTFOL LMAO LOOOOOOLLLLLLZZZZZZ :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
    • coruja
      @ Reza , oh my days, that's jokes! LOL :) LMFAO :)
    • Reza
      See, you do have a sense of humour. 'Smiley'
    • Kismet Hardy
      Oh Reza. I imagine you to be sitting in a plush but cold office in a Ralph Lauren suit knocking kinetic balls and wishing unimaginable torment upon the happy little poor people that are surely the cause for all the sorrow in your life? If those foreigners that look a bit like you but dare not smell so sweet didn't give you such a bad name, your superiors would surely have given you a bigger pay rise and you could afford bigger balls.

      J'accuse. I claim my 5 euros.
    • Kismet - heh. brilliant.

      Just because it’s Greenpeace (or Plane Stupid) does that have make people’s response so different to if it was pro Tamil Tigers people, or some awful ”rights for whites” mob who were up there?

      I don't care who's up there. I respect the rights of people to protest carefully as long as they're not inciting violence.
    • Reza

      Witty, cutting and completely appropriate in the context of this discussion.


      Look and learn.
    • Bearded Socialist
      What's priceless about this, was that when Dale was attacked by the Daily Mail for being gay, they defended themselves with the 'get a sense of homour' line and Dale was saying how unpleasant it was. He said he felt the pain of those who had that attacked used against them.
      How quickly things change
    • Sunny

      Look and learn.

      I'd say the same of you Mr Reza, but I fear it's asking too much.
    • damon
      ''I don’t care who’s up there. I respect the rights of people to protest carefully as long as they’re not inciting violence.''
      That's a good point of view, but people have also got the right to get the hump with protesters.
      And when they cause extra problems and cost (and become a pain in the arse) then people 'giving off' about them is fine in my opinion. Actualy, it's just a counter protest, and as long as no one was really going to get the water cannon out, then it's their right to give their opinion.

      How much sympathy was there for Otis Ferry and his pro-fox hunting friends when they invaded the house of commons a few years ago? They were called all sorts of names by those against fox hunting. That was OK, and I think what Iain Dale said was OK too.

      The EDL might claim that they tried to have a peaceful protest in Birmingham recently. Many people thought they should be driven off the streets.
    • Don
      I guess it depends on how much slack you are prepared to cut someone who says something stupid. If you are generally well inclned towards them you might let it go, if otherwise you would probably pick up on it. I think that's how things work. Isn't it?

      I don't feel generally well inclined towards Dale. So although it's not a big deal it was a seriously stupid comment to make on a blog intended to be widely read and on the record. Pointing that out is fair enough.
    • The EDL might claim that they tried to have a peaceful protest in Birmingham recently. Many people thought they should be driven off the streets.

      I have no problems with the EDL protesting, except that many of their protestors incite violence and hatred.

      And when they cause extra problems and cost (and become a pain in the arse) then people ‘giving off’ about them is fine in my opinion

      I would argue that if you accept that as legitimate debate, then sooner or later some stupid politician will enact that as law.

      Already protesters in this country face very prohibitive assaults on their civil liberties.
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