» Watching the proceedings live on http://www.oneclimate.net/ 4 hrs ago

» Developing countries heavily criticising Danish PM and 'agreement' for abandoning them to impact of climate change #cop15 4 hrs ago

» When politicians say things are 'looking good' in Copenhagen - it means we're fucked. It means they managed a poor compromise 10 hrs ago

» Damn, Nick Cohen has the MI5 & BBC editors rumbled. He should be running counter-terrorism & the BBC! http://bit.ly/7L8LEL 13 hrs ago

» My #followfriday recommendation for this week is @ThePlumLineGS - incredible source of info on Democrat politics in the US 15 hrs ago

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    Charmer of the week

    by Rumbold on 12th October, 2009 at 10:29 AM    

    It would be difficult to make this up:

    ” A father missed the birth of his first son after being arrested for groping a nurse on the way to the delivery room. Police said Adam Manning sexually assaulted the nurse as she wheeled his wife into the delivery room.

    The 30 year old had told the nurse she was “cute” then reached round to grab her breasts. Police in Ogden, Utah, were called to the hospital and arrested Manning on charges of forcible sexual assault.”

    Maybe he wants to be prime minister of Italy.

    Filed in: Current affairs

    • aiyo
      that is just priceless now every birthday is going to be a painful reminder LOL
    • Kismet Hardy
      My dad did the same thing when I was born. Only he grabbed the doctor's testicles.

      PS. Great Silvio Berlusconi gag at the end to make it politically relevant, Rumbold. Top marks sir :-)
    • Sim-O
      isn't sexual assault always 'forcible'?
    • Kismet Hardy
      isn’t sexual assault always ‘forcible’?

      If you grope a girl's tits, you haven't done so by force, seeing as you took her unawares, but it's still an assault, like
    • persephone
      ^ but would it be classed as forcible after the event ie the girl, after it happened, would have resisted if she had been aware of it beforehand
    • Kismet Hardy
      Not if he stopped. She can kick the shit out of him afterwards. 'Forcibly' suggests the girl got the chance to say 'no piss off', but he still did it anyway, so I reckon in this instance, it's just assault. Incidentally, in America where anal sex is illegal and homosexuality is punishable by death and they burn black people on Tuesdays, if it's done with consent than it's still forcible, especially if the penis is too big, but not necessarily an assault, although the law would say so. I mean, I'm no legal expert, but this sounds as unfair to me as it confuses us all
    • persephone
      very confusing. And I suppose they don't provide any instruction manuals either to the would be assailant like a series of those handy 'grab a guide to....etc'
    • Kismet Hardy
      I've looked everywhere dude.
    • Don
      forcible sexual assault is any sexual act, including fondling, to which the victim did not consent.

      Non-forcible would be where there was a form of consent, but not a legal one (incest, statutory rape).
    • BenSix
      The best Berlusconi quote; well, for the next few minutes, anyway...

      I have been subjected to more than 2,500 court hearings and I have the good luck – having worked well in the past and having accumulated an important wealth – to have been able to spend more than €200m in consultants and judges ... I mean in consultants and lawyers.
    • soru
      @BenSix: close, but this one, from one of his 'close business associates', is better:

      "You're all against me only because I'm a mafioso — I mean Sicilian, you're all against me only because I'm Sicilian."
    • BenSix
    • sonia
      a painful reminder - to who? the father - heh he deserves a reminder. I sincerely hope the Mother has the sense to dump this loser of a man. A pathetic specimen of humanity

      rumbold - great last sentence.
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