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  • The BBC continues pandering to the BNP

    by Sunny
    1st October, 2009 at 4:50 am    

    A journalist mate called me yesterday, angry at an interview she had just heard on BBC Radio 1 with some BNP members. It was so incredibly lame that her head nearly popped. Apparently the BNP are just described as “controversial”. Hmmm, yes I guess racism and Holocaust-denial are “controversial” … especially if you’re the bloody state broadcaster so worried about offering balance that you can’t call a spade a spade.
    Over at The F Word, Laura Woodhouse points out:

    One of the interviewees is Mark Collett, who was exposed in this Channel 4 documentary, in which he proclaimed that 1930s Germany was a better place to live than Britain today. “Hitler will live on forever and maybe I will too”, said Collett. He said that he considered AIDS a “friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it.” He also made this sexist little speech which I blogged last year.

    Amazingly the BBC interviewer or the show neglected to mention this bit of context, allowing the fascists to pretend they’re just cuddly, misunderstood people on a programme aimed at young children. Stroppybird is angry about it too.

    At the New Statesman, Mehdi Hasan is so furious he transcribed parts of the interview to illustrate how easy it was on them.

    Why is the idea of races mixing such a bad thing?

    Joey: If everybody integrated it would take away everybody’s identity.
    Mark: I would be upset if there were no more giant pandas, I’d be upset if there were no more lions, if there were no more tigers, so equally I’d be upset if white people weren’t here any more.

    But we’re the same species which makes it a bit different, doesn’t it?
    Mark: You could say that but if all of a sudden there weren’t any sparrows and there were only crows, I’d still be sad there weren’t any sparrows.

    You have got to laugh when BNP members are using pandas as examples to illustrate why racial-mixing is so bad. But you have to cry when you think this is BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat and the presenter is too goddamn incompetent and ignorant to challenge it properly.
    He adds:

    Is anyone else as shocked as I am by the soft, naive, piss-poor questioning? Why the pleading tone from reporter Debbie Randle? Where in the interview are these two BNP “kids” properly challenged - on the criminal convictions and dubious backgrounds of leading BNP figures; the party’s nakedly racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic discourse; the BNP’s policies on (voluntary) repatriation and mixed-marriage bans, etc? Why is the piece headline “Young BNP members explain their beliefs”, as if they are innocent members of, say, Amnesty International or on an Alpha course, rather than of a party whose members are banned from becoming police officers or prison officers?

    And this is why I don’t buy the idea that when BNP members come on the media they’ll hang themselves - these people are getting cleverer and our nation’s broadcaster’s interviewers are progressively getting dumber.

    Oh that also includes the EHRC - which is not only handing the BNP a propaganda victory by forcing them to get rid of their racist policies, but also royally screwing up that process.

    A left-wing BBC? They may as well start actively recruiting BNP members, it would make little difference to editorial policy.

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    1. Matt Borum

      Pickled Politics » The BBC continues pandering to the BNP- A journalist mate called me yesterday, angry… http://bit.ly/3meGX4

    2. Will Cameron

      RT @pickledpolitics: New blog: The BBC continues pandering to the BNP http://bit.ly/yQhcA [this is awful, who monitors the cub reporters?]

    3. Noxi

      The BBC continues pandering to the BNP | Pickled Politics » http://ow.ly/site british national party nick griffin


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