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  • BNP councillor doesn’t bother

    by Rumbold
    29th September, 2009 at 9:40 pm    

    That a BNP councillor could be incompetent and lazy won’t come as a surprise, nor are such qualities restricted to councillors from the BNP. Yet it is important to highlight cases like this, as part of the BNP’s appeal comes from the powerful myth that they are the only party that cares about local issues and what local people think:

    “A BNP councillor has done nothing for his ward since being elected, residents and councillors say… A council spokesman said Cllr Golding has not joined any council committees, which make decisions on key issues in Swanley. And residents of the St Mary’s ward say he has not been in touch with them since the election or championed their concerns to the council.”

    If people were just commenting on his views, they could easily be dismissed by the BNP. But he hasn’t even bothered to join any council committees, which control the business of the council. Some people vote for the BNP because they are racists, some as a protest, but others do so because they genuinely believe the BNP put their interests first and listen to what they say. This is why examples like this are so useful.

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    1. Julie Bristow

      RT @pickledpolitics BNP councillor doesn’t bother

    1. 5cc — on 29th September, 2009 at 10:13 pm  

      What about BNP officers like these?

      Midlands BNP Officers speak at German Neo Nazi Rally

    2. Kanga — on 30th September, 2009 at 6:17 am  

      Frequent visitors to the BNP website know that the BNP leadership is grimly aware that many of their councillors are dumber than many sacks of hammers added together.

      The BNP leadership is now running training courses for would-be councillors to try to improve the quality of candidates.

      One obvious problem is that many intelligent people who support the BNP to a greater or lesser extent are - quite sensibly - very unwilling to stand as candidates.

      All the mainstream parties have the same problem, as any Labour or Tory activist knows, but silent BNP sympathisers are justly apprehensive of the personal and professional consequences of stepping up to the mike as a BNP candidate.

    3. Derek — on 30th September, 2009 at 6:58 am  

      At a provincial level, the quality of Labour councillors is hardly sparkling.

      Self-important and slow-thinking Alderman Joe Farthwaite from the Amalgamated Arsewipers’ Union has been on the council for years.

      In London, sadly, many councillors seem to be cranks and nutters with an axe - or several axes -to grind.

      One Jewish-Nigerian lady who subsequently made a fine career as a Diversity Training activist comes to mind!

    4. Reza — on 30th September, 2009 at 4:13 pm  

      Typical of you to blame the BNP. This is clearly the fault of the Muslims no one else

    5. sonia — on 30th September, 2009 at 4:47 pm  

      There isn’t enough information here. Do they mean they didn’t have any surgeries to go to or that the Councillor didn’t do what they wanted. Councillors usually don’t - they’re politicians remember, and do what they think is in the interest of their political positioning/party interests, not the constituents. Heh!

      As we know very well, unfortunately for us elected representatives rarely do the job of actually representing their constituents. Not only the BNP.

    6. Reza — on 30th September, 2009 at 5:09 pm  

      Can someone delete post 4. I didn’t write it: some arseh*le used my name.

      Let’s get one thing clear. I have no sympathy with the BNP. They are a twisted bunch of racists with far left economic policies. I couldn’t imagine a worse combination.

      And I’m not at all suprised that many of their officers are a bunch of lazy scumbags.

      I do however have enormous sympathy for those people desperate enough to vote for the BNP.

      Those poor, desperate, white working class people forced to live in fragmenting and frightening sh*tholes. Areas which our government, against the wishes of the British majority, are allowing to becoming more and more culturally ‘enriched’ through unprecedented levels of uncontrolled mass immigration.

      Who else can they vote for to show that they’ve had enough?

      Labour? Tories? Liberal Democrats?

    7. persephone — on 30th September, 2009 at 10:49 pm  

      @4 & 6 Leave it on its quite funny. More so if someone else put it on.

      Reza, I believed it was you @4 (before reading your retraction request). Did you realise that is how you come across?

    8. persephone — on 30th September, 2009 at 10:56 pm  

      “Those poor, desperate, white working class people forced to live in fragmenting and frightening sh*tholes. Areas which our government, against the wishes of the British majority, are allowing to becoming more and more culturally ‘enriched’ through unprecedented levels of uncontrolled mass immigration.“

      And now they have also invaded the British institution that is Thorntons

    9. A Councillor Writes — on 1st October, 2009 at 12:04 am  

      All parties have lazy councillors, all parties have intellectually challenged councillors - but it’s certainly true that the BNP has far more than its fair share of them.

      For a mercifully brief period until the election petition went through, we had a BNP councillor. As far as I know, she attended two meetings, the mayor-making which she announced to the press as being a waste of taxpayers money and her district committee. I understand she uttered not a word at either.

      A couple of small points here. Unless you belong to a parish or small district council - committees do not in general control the business of the council. That will be done by the leader and cabinet. Apart from the regulatory (and therefore quasi-judicial committees such as Planning/Development Control or Licensing), the committees most councillors serve on are for overview and scrutiny. You look at what the executive do and comment on it (even sometimes sending decisions back for reconsideration) and you scrutinize parts of the council’s operation. I’ve just completed two in the last year on “The role of regional airports in the local economy” and on “Effective Worklessness Strategies”. I would have been taking part in one on “Affordable Housing” but personal circumstances have stopped this. It is possible not to appointed to one of these, especially if you are in a “group of one”.

      Apart from that I am on the District Committee, where we do get to make some real devolved decisions, my Ward Committee where we spend our small pot of local money and the local Leisure Centre Management Committee. I’m also on an appointments committee that meets occasionally which whilst only a few times a year produces heaps of paper to read (it’s not the worst, Adoption and Fostering will regularly produce 100-200 pages per case).

      I regularly (usually in a rota with the other councillors) attend Police Tasking Meetings, Neighbourhood Forums, Residents Associations, Community Associations and various other things.

      As for representing constituents - I find myself spending more time advocating for them in terms of casework rather than representing them. I have a smidgen under 20,000 electors in my ward, probably about 27,000 people in total. I am always delighted to hear their views on local or council issues, go around with petitions for improvements/preservation/etc but most people approach me with a particular problem they want solving usually to do with planning or housing. We deliver about 8 leaflets a year to every household and try a knock on every door to do a residents survey on about a 3 year cycle (I have 11,500 doors to knock).

      I’m on light duties at the moment because work is fairly pressing and my father has an inoperable brain tumour and I’m trying to spend as much time with him as possible. However, so far this week I have taken four phone calls and three emails from constituents and have attempted to deal with all but two of them (one I had to recuse myself from because it involved my employers, another was the dreaded “there’s an empty house in my road, can I have it” call). I’ve also been involved in protracted email conversations with officers about gating, broken street lights and an “interesting” new business.

      My other task for this week which I intend to do when sitting with Dad on Saturday is to comment on a Transportation Study for the main road that runs through the ward - which is, of course, at odds with the Regeneration Study for improving main shopping street in the ward. *sigh*

      You want to know what, I know I could do more and I’d like to, but that would involve giving up the day job.

    10. Steve Thompson — on 12th October, 2009 at 12:29 am  

      So, Griffin is “ethnically English?” A mix of Saxons, Angles, Gauls, Romans… Yes, let’s deport him and everyone like him, i.e. all of us. That would leave the country free for the rabbits and daisies.
      And how dare that asswipe refer to the sacrifices that our boys made to protect Britain against Hitler, when he is the new one? It absolutely beggars belief.
      I really hope that the c*nt reads this, as I would like to take that fat, smug bastard one-on-one.

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