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  • Daily Star bigs up English Defence League

    by Sunny
    26th September, 2009 at 4:42 am    

    Awww… isn’t that nice. A national newspaper, albeit a very crap one, is now writing puff-pieces on the English Defence League. Great.

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    1. pickles

      New blog post: Daily Star bigs up English Defence League

    1. Tim Hall — on 26th September, 2009 at 11:22 am  

      Is The Star still owned by the same group as the racist Daily Express?

    2. Paul — on 26th September, 2009 at 12:28 pm  


      “It says it has wrongly been linked with the far-right and BNP and only calls for integration. It said moderate Muslims were welcome in the country.”

      That sounds like an archetypical comment at this blog.

    3. mindthegap — on 26th September, 2009 at 12:55 pm  

      daily star oh dear you have to laugh when someone calls it a newspaper. You can only imagine the braindead people that actually read that garbage or is it more like look at the pictures.

    4. Andrew — on 26th September, 2009 at 3:52 pm  

      Is the Daily Star really a newspaper? Or should it be classed as a comic!?

    5. MaidMarian — on 26th September, 2009 at 6:41 pm  

      ‘We’ve had Sikhs, Hindus, black people, Jews and even Muslims contacting us. Quite a few said they had gone on to our website for the first time and, after reading our views and aims, realised they previously had the wrong impression about us. They saw we want peaceful protest against extremism and said they agree with what we stand for.’

      OK - I’ll play devil’s advocate. I don’t believe the quote (from the Star piece) for a moment. Of course the EDL are a bunch of ex-skinheads, wannabe crusaders and racists. However if you look at their website you will find, indeed, a very cleverly sanitised EDL vision.

      These people have looked at other groups, especially at the sophistry now employed on the internet talkboards, have sucked out all a priori condemnation and seen exactly what bandwagons to hitch themselves to to get support. More than that, in true BNP style they have articulated a curiously aggressive version of victimhood.

      The EDL website, and how they articulate their vision, is a direct upshot of the motherhood and apple pie and manufactured outrage that is the new hate. Anyone who goes over to the EDL website (I apologise if this post creates a bit of traffic) they will find little to argue with. Indeed, note how the article in the Star cleverly looks to maximise internet traffic rather than direct participation.

      The EDL is a very clever model of political organisation and a very sophisticated one. They seem to place one issue (Sharia law) at the centre of their message, the hook and from there say, ‘but Sharia is connected to all Islam - am I wrong?’ To which the answer is no.

      But the current mood of ‘anti-politics come what may’ is playing right into the hands of the EDL. Perhaps not a totally comfortable thought for the keyboard warriors. What worries me more is that I can’t see that mood changing following an election.

      Time for some to have a long, hard think.

    6. Wyrdtimes — on 26th September, 2009 at 9:35 pm  

      Anti Sharia and anti Al Quaeda - so far so good isn’t it?

      We don’t want to live under Sharia do we? I sure as hell don’t and I don’t want parallel law systems in operation in England either - anyone wishing to live under Sharia is free to live somewhere where it’s already in operation.

      The government is doing nothing to clamp down on Sharia courts so it’s left to the people to voice their objection - I see that as perfectly legitimate.

      So, who are the most like fascists in this picture?

      The EDL protesting against Sharia law and Al Quaeda?

      The “UAF” who seem more than happy to use violence to shut down legitimate protest.

      Or the Muslims who follow a creed that appears promote hatred of Jews, homosexuals, and anyone who doesn’t happen to share their religious views (the Kuffar)?

    7. damon — on 26th September, 2009 at 10:50 pm  

      The way I see it, there’s a difference to wanting to live one’s life under the rules of Sharia, and the idea that this Sharia ‘law’ would be anything other than voluntary for those Muslims who want to do so, in the same way that adherents to any other faith might wish to live by their faith’s rules.

      I got this idea from watching the Channel 4 series Shariah TV.

      So nothing to really get too excited about.

      Wyrdtimes, do you understand the distinction?
      It’s not about (with these ordinary muslims) Sharia becoming the law of the land, but about personal choices.
      Watch one of the programmes.

    8. Wyrdtimes — on 26th September, 2009 at 11:51 pm  


      Nothing to get excited about? I suppose that depends where you’re coming from though doesn’t it?

      As far as I’m concerned the law of the land has to be the law of the land - and this land, being England, should be ruled by English law and no other.

      Do you understand the distinction that there IS no distinction for law to work? One law for all? It doesn’t work if it’s pick and mix.

      People do of course do and should have personal choices. There are no restrictions on leaving the country. Anyone wishing to live under aspects of Sharia law is welcome and able to choose to live in any country where Sharia law is already in place.

      However the hudud seams pretty clear cut (cut seems rather appropriate doesn’t it?) and I dare say they would find that law isn’t a pick and mix issue in those lands either.

      Exactly the same needs to apply to Jewish law and Beth Din courts.

    9. MaidMarian — on 27th September, 2009 at 12:32 am  

      Wyrdtimes - ‘Anti Sharia and anti Al Quaeda – so far so good isn’t it?’

      Yes. You are right. Spot on correct. Have a cigar. Presumably you are expecting someone to come along and denounce you?

      ‘Do you understand the distinction that there IS no distinction for law to work? One law for all? It doesn’t work if it’s pick and mix.’

      I understand that.

      I also hope you will extend the same sort of respect and understanding to me when I say that whilst I agree with you factually your hate filled sentiment makes me want to retch.

      There is a world of difference between your utterly correct invocation of fact and your utterly racist sentiment.

      Do you respect my viewpoint?

    10. MaidMarian — on 27th September, 2009 at 12:47 am  

      Wyrdtimes - ‘Exactly the same needs to apply to Jewish law and Beth Din courts.’

      What a lovely sentence that is!

    11. dave bones — on 27th September, 2009 at 1:24 am  

      Obviously some people will find this dubious, personally it doesn’t surprise me and I see no reason to assume any fascist intention behind swastika burners. I am not saying this sort of devious behaviour is beyond footie supporters, just that it very well might be. I’d just be cautious making assumptions about people.

      I’m not saying I might have anything in common with these people socially but seems to me that these guys are a lot like the United British Alliance I used to film. I find nothing wrong with the concept of post-racist football supporters against Islamic extremism. Post-racist footie fans in itself is actually quite an interesting concept. I think there is a danger in making too much of all this. Loosing perspective on what is happening in this country is always a bad idea. I am pleased that the EDL care about their country. They ought to chat to Mr Choudharry and co directly about their concerns. Rather than going round the country, go to the source.

      Last time they protested there were fifteen of them. Fifteen EDL turn up, their legal right to protest is disrupted and shit loads of Muslim “yoof” turn up and fight the Police, this just isn’t good perspective for anyone.

      Its the same as Mr Choudharry. Yes he wants an Islamic state here. Yes he believes in Islamic world domination a lot and wants everyone to know. But making any sort of big deal about his posse is sort of like saying you’d like Arsenal to loose on Saturday, only his group wouldn’t even fill a corner of the stadium. He doesn’t even wag his finger in his videos- what’s the big deal?

      When he makes the video with the music and the mask and the finger wagging I will run around screaming- I promise. Jumping up and down shouting about him itself is the big deal. It lacks perspective.

      Neither group are a danger, they both say they are peaceful. This is good. They should chat. Of course individuals attracted to either group might be a concern for public safety- this is obvious but I am sure the authorities look into this sort of stuff. We don’t all like each other here but we are free to hold our views. The danger is over dramatising all this.

      Anyway- have a nice weekend y’all.

    12. Leon — on 27th September, 2009 at 2:48 am  

      We don’t want to live under Sharia do we? I sure as hell don’t

      I wouldn’t mind that bit about no interest on loans…

    13. KB Player — on 27th September, 2009 at 8:46 pm  

      Scotland’s largest police force has promised to “oppose” a demonstration by anti-Muslim extremists if the event is intent on stirring up racial hatred.

      A spokesman for Strathclyde Police made the comment about a procession by the newly-formed Scottish Defence League (SDL) that is pencilled in for November.

      I like the “newly formed”.

    14. Reza — on 28th September, 2009 at 9:10 am  


      “Of course the EDL are a bunch of ex-skinheads, wannabe crusaders and racists. However if you look at their website you will find, indeed, a very cleverly sanitised EDL vision.”

      I have a similar reservations about the ostensibly ‘respectable’ organizations like the MCB and their “Vast-Majority-of-Moderate-Muslim” members.

      But you’d accuse me of being a racist or an Islamophobe.

      And it wouldn’t matter to you how much evidence I could provide in the way of opinion polls etc. to demonstrate that a staggeringly high proportion of our “Vast-Majority-of-Moderate-Muslims” have deeply unpleasant views.

      You’d still refuse to come to the same rational conclusion that you have with the EDL.

      Tell me, why does your intellectual process work so differently with the EDL?

      That’s right. It’s because, the EDL are ‘white’.

    15. Westerly Halloo — on 28th September, 2009 at 9:33 pm  

      I blame billerickydicky

    16. qidniz — on 29th September, 2009 at 4:24 am  

      That’s right. It’s because, the EDL are ‘white’.

      It’s another irregular verb of the Leftistani language: I identify, you essentialize, he stereotypes. (Variant: he smears.)

    17. Billy the Kid — on 29th September, 2009 at 6:00 am  

      We can only hope that nobody does anything truly awful and attention-seeking like buring a QU’RAN in public!

    18. MaidMarian — on 30th September, 2009 at 11:21 pm  

      Reza (14) - Sorry, are there any other words you would like to put into my mouth? Given that I have not actually commented on anything other than the EDL you appear to be projecting your angst onto me.

      If it means that much to you, if you check many Islamic group website out you will faind far less sophistry than that employed by the EDL. Radical islamic protect feeds on the ‘passion’ and demands that adherents live out the cause. They do mince words, for sure. I am in no doubt that there are some nasty Islamic pieces of work out there. My view is that in terms of internet sophistry they take a different, but no less vile in sentiment approach, to the EDL.

      Anything else you want to get off your chest knobhead?

    19. Reza — on 1st October, 2009 at 8:55 am  


      I owe you an apology. My comment was aimed at the double standards of the majority of those Islamist apologists who frequent this site.

      However, I will pull you up on your comments about Islamic websites. I wasn’t talking about the so-called “radical” Islamist groups. I was talking about insidious organizations like the MCB, those ‘nice-Muslim’ darlings of the liberal left and the multiculturalists.

      The MCB employ a sophistry that gives them an air of mainstream respectability that is far more disingenuous than that of the EDL.

      Nevertheless, I take back my comments to you. And I’ll say sorry, fully understanding how my false assumption about you would annoy you so much that you called me a “knobhead”.

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