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    Update on Harrow mass-brawl

    by Sunny on 11th September, 2009 at 6:35 PM    

    The mass brawl didn’t happen. Apparently hundreds of Muslims turned up (as expected, given the text messages and emails that were flying around) because they expected 1,500 BNP supporters.
    According to Jerome Taylor at the Indy:

    In an emotional speech during midday prayers the mosque’s imam, Ajmal Masroor, called on his followers to go ignore any protestors and resist the temptation to retaliate.

    In one reference which generated widespread laughter he remarked: “My father always said to me, ‘If a dog bites your leg do you turn around and bite the dog back?’ Of course not.” Unlike other far-right groups such as the British National Party – which campaigns on an anti-immigration ticket – both the EDL and SOIE seem to campaign primarily against Islam, rather than all immigrants.

    According to a BBC report I just saw about 20 Stop Islamisation of Europe people turned up. They were protected by the police and are now on their way home. Damp squib.

    Filed in: Race politics

    • neo
      It's starting to boil now i hear. It's live on sky news now. Police still in control though.
    • neo
      Ok, no. Twitter went a bit mad there, it was probably a minor one off incident.
    • gettin a bit excited are ya neo!?

      send us some twitter links?
    • Cyburn
      This is like a lesser version of the Bradford Riots of 2001, have a few dozen skinheads provoke muslims into want to fight them, then the skinheads run away and the muslims just riot and battle with police.
      Tomorrow, the tabloids, will show pictures of mostly muslims fighting the police and hence villianising them even more, when is the tactic of the EDL/SIOE and BNP.
    • Kulvinder
      Neo, long time, give me a big kiss. Glad to see you're getting back on your feet. I've only just found out about the dm dite via your blog. Please tell the powers that be that i have unfortunately been a victim of identity fraud on said site; i hope the retribution is swift.

      I may pop over, ill see, im too busy at the moment.
    • Anon
      I was at the demo. There was one minor confrontation with the police in which a few missiles were thrown and a firework. It lasted a minute or two. Stewards confronted those responsible and told them not to be so stupid.

      This was in fact a major setback for the EDL. It was a huge demonstration and the far right were outnumbered by about a hundred to one. When the EDL was spotted hundreds of Muslim youth burst through the police lines and chased them away.

      The EDL and SIOE won't be showing their faces in Harrow again any time soon.
    • Kulvinder
      The EDL and SIOE won’t be showing their faces in Harrow again any time soon.

      On the contrary if hundreds of idiots broke through police lines in order to chase away if not assualt a comparatively small number of EDL; they will be back.

      They 'won'.

      It is exactly the reaction they wanted from the muslim degenerates.
    • Boyo
      Yes, wet kipper. Silly timing. Wrong target - there is a legitimate argument against "islamification" of society, and i'm not really bothered by football hooligans fighting islamist thugs, but there's nothing wrong with a place of worship. Doing so demonises all who worship in it, ie all Muslims, which is actually further than the BNP currently dare go.
    • Guest
      This SIOE is a group with links to similar groups in Europe (I think the original started in Denmark). So maybe an alternative to those who find the BNP a bit too working class ?

      Their position seems to be like Wilders / Fortuyn i.e. superficially the argument they push is that they're against Islam as it's a threat to Western values, but they're not racist. They're peddling a version of the Eurabia / Dhimmification bollocks.

      The Spittoon have posted on this also http://www.spittoon.org/archives/2470.

      Regarding the demo, it would indeed be a shame if youths (100's ?) did break through the cordon. At least the Imam at the mosque did the right thing by urging people not to rise to provocation.
    • Shatterface
      And people wanted THIS banning?
    • zak
      disappointing the acts of some of the Muslim guys..apparently they were interested in biting the dog..sad.
    • Bobby
      What a bunch of pricks.

      These organisations know they just have to boast about a demonstration on the internet, turn up in some numbers, and they can engineer a situation time and time and time again. They are selfish, baiting, rabble rousing loathsome thugs, but some people are falling for them hook line and sinker. They want polarisation, and they are doing all they can to make it happen, and the other side are helping them along.
    • damon
      It didn't look good on the TV. I'm sure the far right are very pleased. Seeing this, and reading about it in tomorow's Daily Mail will add to the sense of victimisation in people who are nostalgic for the days when the shoe was on the other foot (as it were).

      But now it seems that 'British people' are in danger of getting their heads kicked in just for going down to a mosque to shout a bit of abuse.

      But I'm not really joking. I think this sound routing of these EDL types everytime they show their faces will add to their (and those kinds of people's) bitterness.

      With the way they think, they will rue how ''muslims'' can stand ouside Westminister Cathedral with 'cut off their heads' placards (because of what the Pope said) and Abu Hamza could lead prayers in the street outside Finsbury Park Mosque, and no one can do anything.

      I saw Abu Hamza leading prayers there one day, and watched people walking by and looking over. They really were taking the mick those guys, (out of Britain).

      The EDL and BNP mindset would be asking why those UAF people and muslims who turn up to attack them, tolerate things like that?

      I once mentioned hegemony on Pickled Politics and was laughed at for even raising it. But it seems to me that white racists and islamophobes will feel they've lost it in much of urban Britain.

      You could imagine fascists thinking that the Manic Street Preachers song 'If you tolerate this, then your children will be next', was about them and their children.

      To go to an EDL or BNP march these days is a bit like going to a football match as an away supporter 25 years ago, when the home team's fans had a tough reputation. It was a bit scary (and exciting).

      I bet the guys who went to protest against the mosque today were rather nervous and felt exposed as soon as the got near Harrow.
    • Halima
      Boyo, @8.

      Good point, I dislike the fact that the debate/demonstration has to take place in front of a mosque, and this is wrong. It's Ramadan at the moment and people are busy preying, and wanting to go home and be with their families etc. It's outrageous that they choose to demonstrate outside the mosque - and as far as i know, Britain still has the right to religious freedom.

      If the EDL came and demomstrated outside my house and in large numbers, i am not sure that i wouldn't take it personally as an affront against my liberty and knowing the history of race-fuelled vioelnce in the UK, i might even consider it agggressive and a threat to my personal safety. I don't see why the worshippers won't feel the same.

      There's a time and place for debate , but outside the mosque isn't it.

      Sunny, once again good point, these people are only protesting about Muslims, not about all immigrants, the response from the mainstream doesn't quite factor how unaccepable this is. You can't just keep telling people who are under threat from potential racist violence and group violence that they should just not draw attention.
    • dave bones

      This doesn't look good on the news at all does it
    • Old Pickler
      So, hundreds of Muslim "youths" attack police and threaten a few dozen protesters. And this is a good thing?
    • Bobby
      Years of Muslim extremist demonstrations and provocation has given these extremists a hook upon which to hang their demonisation of all Muslims. Looking at those pictures from the BBC, what a bunch of stupid pricks those Muslim men are attacking the police.

      These EDL knuckle draggers don't need to do anything. They know all they have to do is light the blue touch paper, stand aside, and foment trouble, and have images of mobs of Muslim men running around attacking police and behaving as if they are in a riot. They are playing right into their hands.
    • Youth
      Halima wrote -- "Good point, I dislike the fact that the debate/demonstration has to take place in front of a mosque, and this is wrong. It’s Ramadan at the moment and people are busy preying."

      Busy preying? Harrow Muslims are busy PREYING?

      Bit of a Freudian slip of the tongue there.....
    • halima
      Freud is too complicated for me, youth, it's a typo.
    • Youth
      1,000 Muslims running rampant around the streets howling for blood , throwing bricks and bottles -- vs about twenty geezer-ish 40 something blokes standing around looking sheepish outside a council estate.

      Look at 2.25 of the video footage --


      Great odds there -- the pursuing mob look so brave and righteous.

      Wow -- that's going to make the Muslims look good in the press.

      I mean -- what were they getting worked up about?

      Not exactly a proportionate response now -- is it.
    • qidniz
      According to a BBC report I just saw about 20 Stop Islamisation of Europe people turned up. They were protected by the police and are now on their way home. Damp squib.

      According to the SIOE website, the demo was called off at the last minute. An organizer, Stephen Gash, was arrested, ahem, "to prevent a breach of the peace" -- or worse, such as policemen being killed.
    • falcao
      Everybody knew this was going to kick off and cause community tensions there was no positive aspect to the EDL racist slagging of muslims in harrow. It was not exactly going to be a civilised debate about cultural differences. The police and government could have prevented this situation but they didn't!
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