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    Stop the whining

    by Sunny on 9th June, 2006 at 5:40 pm    

    We have been plagued by incessant whining on the Guardian’s pages and elsewhere for the past week, and to be frank, yours truly is getting rather tired of it.

    Faisal Bodi managed it thrice in one week, which was quite an achievement. First he complains about John Ware’s upcoming Panorama programme. He neatly ignored why Britons have a right to be worried about funding Hamas, or what was factually incorrect with the programme, and instead call it one-sided.

    Coming from the news editor of a channel that serves as a mouthpiece for MPAC (tagline: “Zionists control the world! Give us some money!”), the MCB (”Muslims are victims, please give us more grants”) and the MAB (”What do we want, segregation. When do we want it, now!”), this is truly amusing. To be clear, I too was critical of the documentary, but for different reasons.

    He then castigate Ted Cantle for blaming segregation for rioting in 2001, while simultaneously espousing its benefits. This is comedy material. Before he starts puffing out his chest too much with talk of “modern sustainable communities”, he should visit east London’s Tower Hamlets. Then he whines about the east London raid, but I shall come back to that later.

    Hindu Human Rights too whined about its right to demand censorship over some paintings. According to them exploitation of Hindu imagery makes journalists less willing to report on human rights abuses of Hindus around the world. Yes, I’m stumped by that logic too.

    Let’s not stop there. Sikhs have been busy burning the Indian flag in central London this week as they do every year. Their grievances are legitimate, and yet there is no sensible strategy involved in their actions. It’s just a bunch of testosterone-fuelled kids being angry. Once again they end up alienating the very people, Indians, who they need on their side.

    This constant whining annoys me for two reasons. Firstly it is nothing more than an attempt to demand more power, money or attention. Hence the competition for victim status.

    Our parents came to this country and, despite facing intense racism and discrimination, did their best to carve out a niche in a new world. They got on with it and taught us to work twice as hard as others if we wanted to make it. Our “representatives” are happy to just complain twice as hard.

    The other problem is that amongst all this whining the real issues get sidelines. While I agree with thrust of Inayat Bunglwala’s article (I don’t say that often), there are no solutions being offered here, just more whining. Faisal Bodi clearly felt left out and did the same a few days later. The new head of the MCB, Mohammed Abdul Bari, preceded on the same topic on Five Live earlier this week.

    But none of these commentators want to offer any opinion on how Muslims may help the police eradicate terrorism. Is there any action plan? We won’t find out by reading their articles. They say nothing about helping with intelligence gathering either. They do not want that debate.

    Like any other “community leaders”, they would rather their flock become more insular in defensiveness instead of becoming active British citizens and helping eradicate religious fanaticism. And again our media lets them get away with it.

    I take the middle way on this. If the police bungle an operation they should own up and be ready to face criticism. Otherwise, rather like the Bush administration in Iraq, they will continue screwing up and confidence in their abilities will continue falling.

    I hope we don’t get to a state where most brown people are also seen terrorism or crime suspects and are told that unless we quietly take the abuse handed out to us, we are traitors. We have to find that middle ground. Without whining.

    [cross-posted on comment is free]

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    11 Comments below   |  

    1. Roger — on 9th June, 2006 at 6:31 pm  

      All this whining is surely a sign of assimilation to the noirmal behaviour of the host commmunity and should be welcomed.

    2. IC — on 10th June, 2006 at 7:36 am  

      I agree with you on this one, the south Asians in the world are a whining lot. They whine all the time, but when it comes to taking concrete steps to improve their lives they prove too incompetent and too lethargic to do anything at all. They will just whine in front of the White man for more doles and more government grants. Why the hell can’t these people earn for themselves!!!

      That is one reason why I am disgusted with all South Asians. By their whining ways, they are only fomenting trouble for themselves, in their native lands as well as in the western countries. It is time for South Asians to forget their sundry religions, and stop whining in front of their gods. Instead they should get educated and try to find some productive jobs for themselves.

      Anyway I have used a photo from one of the comments in your blog. I really liked this photo of a black man with Swastika on his T-shirt. I think he looks cool.

    3. Vikrant — on 10th June, 2006 at 9:06 am  


      I believe that Operation Bluestar was necessary even though Indian army messed it up big time. Perhaps they could have gotten Bhindrewale before he hijacked the Golden temple. Obviously as an Indian my heart grieves for the victims of the 1984 riots but self-righteousness and importance given to “martyrdom” of Bhindrewale by Sikh groups is fucking annoying. I think they must work along the lines of making 6th June a commemoration day for all the victims of the senseless conflict Khalistani Sikhs, Unionists, Hindus and Nirankaris.

    4. Vikrant — on 10th June, 2006 at 9:08 am  

      P.S Sunny, i demand a weekend open thread, be quick plz… flying down to India tonite :)

    5. waxon — on 10th June, 2006 at 12:28 pm  

      Another typical Sunny article.

      “He neatly ignored why Britons have a right to be worried about funding Hamas”

      So what is the reason for this?
      Considering the fact E.U and other nations have given the Hamas party funding since winning governance.

      ok you talk about the Sikhs and say “Their grievances are legitimate” can you eloborate and this? You say “Once again they end up alienating the very people, Indians, who they need on their side” what does this actually mean? Sikhs are Indians, are you talking about Hindu Indians? and suggesting that Sikh Indians need to carefully display their “grievances” in the aim they do not lose the people they need.

      But none of these commentators want to offer any opinion on how Muslims may help the police eradicate terrorism. Is there any action plan? We won’t find out by reading their articles. They say nothing about helping with intelligence gathering either. They do not want that debate.


      Have you ever consided the point Muslims may not know nothing, maybe the government should speak to Peter Power and ask him what he was doing on the morning on 7-7 He seems to have the same thinking like an “Islamist”.

      “We have to find that middle ground. Without whining.”

      Yep lets live with CIA torture flights, unlawful detention, deliberate fear and exploitation, shoot-to-kill policy and other diluted anti-terorrism “laws” ..this is not a colour issue.

      “I hope we don’t get to a state where most brown people are also seen terrorism or crime suspects”

    6. Refresh — on 10th June, 2006 at 10:36 pm  


      I have to say it was a weak contribution, with nothing to add to the debate.

      If you were wanting to start a debate, well you’ve found a following on CiF. I wouldn’t put them in the progressive camp though.

      Lets not bring the PP house down with your brand of fence-sitting.

    7. Sunny — on 10th June, 2006 at 11:59 pm  

      It may add nothing new to the debate other than say that I was sick of the whining by both sides and that we have to find a middle ground.
      But that was my point anyway. It is more annoying to see people like Faisal Bodi poison any debate.

    8. Refresh — on 11th June, 2006 at 12:38 am  

      Sunny - we all have our moments, but at least keep the CiF password well away. Avoid temptation.

    9. Clive Davis — on 11th June, 2006 at 11:48 am  


      Yes, very embarrassing for the police, but if I hear another Muslim spokesman use the word community again, I’ll throw a brick through the TV. Nothing wrong with the term itself - it’s that pious tone I can’t bear. When…

    10. sonia — on 11th June, 2006 at 12:49 pm  

      hah ha roger has a very funny point right up there. yes ive always been told that about what a national institution whining is. Indian CAPitalist - there you go :-) south asians aren’t the only ones!

      clive davis - throwing bricks!*shock horror*

    11. inders — on 11th June, 2006 at 1:38 pm  

      waxon if the EU wasn’t currently funding Hamas then why would the UK be worrying about funding Hamas. And why must I resort to breaking such circular argument.

      See the EU was funding the palestian authority, and then Hamas got elected. And the question is wether its ethical to continue the funding while such a militant organisation is in charge. Whats so hard to understand ?

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