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  • Bomb Blasts and an Earthquake

    by Shariq
    30th October, 2008 at 3:45 pm    

    Given that the news right now is entirely dominated by Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand and Barack Obama, I thought I’d link to these two pieces of news.

    Firstly, over 200 people have died in an earthquake which has hit parts of Baluchistan in Pakistan. Oxfam’s report is here.

    Secondly, 61 people died in bomb blasts in Assam in India. Apparently the United Liberation Front of Assam hasn’t taken responsibility. I don’t know much about this but as I said in my last post, its a reminder that India’s rise isn’t inevitable.

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    1. platinum786 — on 30th October, 2008 at 4:15 pm  

      Luckily the quake was in mostly rural areas as a 6.4 would have caused tens of thousands of deaths in an urban area (Quetta was nearby and people felt 30-40 second long tremors). The death toll may still rise as thousands are without shelter and the winter is relentless in those regions.

    2. marvin — on 30th October, 2008 at 11:09 pm  

      12/13 co-rdinated bomb blasts? For a a national liberation cause? Sounds like something religiously inspired to me. Akin to Al-Qaeda. I thought coordinated bomb blasts were their hallmark…

      I think we have in recent years seen a major scaling back of terrorism for nationalist causes, IRA, ETA, to speak of European nationalist causes at least… And of course there has been the worldwide rise of Islamist terrorism. Still, we’ll have to wait for more facts to come in.

    3. fugstar — on 31st October, 2008 at 2:19 am  

      assams getting mucky… again… :-(

      it is not inconceivable for there to be technology transfer amongst terrorists no? the term coordinated, in public common sense does point in one direction. it is not an unreplicable finger print.

    4. billaricaydickey — on 31st October, 2008 at 11:02 am  

      Always look to the Latin “who benefits”? I didn’t know there was anything going on in Assam. Although having said that the border between it and Bangladesh has been close for years as it was in 1984 when I was there. I wanted to visit Happy Valley as I was fascinated by the name but never made it.

      As far as I know the population of the state is mostly Hindu and Buddist although a lot of Syhletis lost land there in 48, I have friends whose families still have claims to large estates.

      There is a large smuggling industry over the border controlled by well organised criminal gangs so it is not beyond the bounds of possiblity that some of them are involved in this as with a certain Gulf based gentleman with extensive business interests in Bombay as I still call it.

      Interesting that the IRA and ETA are still being confused by this writer. As I have pointed out here before, the IRA no longer exists having decomissioned all its weapons and disbanded the army council.

      The front page of today’s El Pais reports on an ETA car bomb yesterday at a university complex in Navarre which is in the Basque country.

      I thought that I would impart a little wisdom about Ireland and weapons. My grandfather farmed at the bottom of Slieve Dhubm, The Black Mountain in south County Down on the border. One of the rooms in his barn had a collection of weapons that he had ploughed up over the years and had kept.

      As a child I was fascinated with them but it was only visiting years after he had died and I had left the British Army that I realised he had several hundred years of Irish History there. There were weapons from the risings of 1798 through to the Mausers that were smuggled in in 1912 for the 1916 rising and every kind of British pistol and rifle stolen and bought over the years.

      It was at this time I was told of a relation of mine, a great uncle who had commanded the South Down Brigade IRA in 1920 and who was to be shot on sight. He spent many a night under the pigs in the stye at the bottom of one of the fields while the Brits and Tans looked for him.

      There are few places in Ireland where a few hours with a shovel or plough doesn’t turn up some kind of weapon. If peace can be achieved there after eight hundred years then it is possible anywhere.

      Good film just come out about Bobby Sands and the others. “Hunger”, well worth seeing

    5. platinum786 — on 31st October, 2008 at 11:03 am  

      It’s not an Al Queda quality bombing. Al Queda always have massive massive blasts, you’ve enver heard of a small blast by Al Queda.

      This was 18 small blasts.

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