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  • Gorgeous George

    by Rohin
    5th January, 2006 at 10:14 pm    

    George Galloway is in Celebrity Big Brother, the ultimate in shit TV! So is Faria Alam, so that’s another reason I’m entirely justified in postin this here!

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not watching it, I’m on the phone to my girlfriend, who is keeping me posted. Honest.

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    1. Tim Worstall

      Celebrity Big Brother.

      Soo, Gorgeous George joins the house: George Galloway checked into the Big Brother house last night for the latest controversial instalment of his political career. Gorgeous George, as the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow has been described, has told

    1. Jezza — on 5th January, 2006 at 10:21 pm  

      i just saw it - unbelievable !

    2. Don — on 5th January, 2006 at 10:22 pm  

      But Ricky Gervaisse is talking to Larry David on the other side, who the hell is watching BB?

    3. Don — on 5th January, 2006 at 10:31 pm  

      oops. out of touch with popular culture.

    4. Sunny — on 5th January, 2006 at 10:40 pm  

      Mmmmm….. Faria Alam *drools*

      I don’t get BB here! :( Dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    5. reformist muslim — on 5th January, 2006 at 10:46 pm  

      Lol. I had to switch on the tv too see it with my own eyes. It may just be but I could swear that he has already started flirting with the red-haired woman.

      Also Faria Alam introducing herself was hilarious. Apparently she’s not doing much but has some tv work lined up. Riiigggghhhhht, so that’s what your famous for Faria.

    6. GEORGE GALLOWAY — on 5th January, 2006 at 11:06 pm  

      Rohin what a preposterous question. I know it’s very late in the night, but wouldn’t you be better by starting by congratulating me for one of the most sensational entrances into Big Brother in modern history?

      you ask that question again I’m going, I warn you now.

      Well, you are actually conducting one of the more, even by your standards, one of the most absurd posts I have ever participated in. I have just entered Big Brother. Can you find it within yourself to recognise the fact that the people of Endemol chose me this evening.

      Yes you are. You are insulting them. They chose me just a few minutes ago. Can’t you find it within yourself even to congratulate me on this.

      No, no, no, no. Actually, Rohin its too, it’s too late…

      Thank you very much indeed. I’m off

    7. raz — on 5th January, 2006 at 11:23 pm  


    8. Siddhartha — on 5th January, 2006 at 11:26 pm  

      Faria Alam becomes a C-list celebrity by fucking a football manager? Does that mean she becomes a C-list traitor if she gives Gorgeous George a blow job?

    9. Clive — on 5th January, 2006 at 11:33 pm  

      the red-haired woman

      That’s Rula Lenska, who I used to want to be when she was in Rock Follies.

      Yes, I know, a 13 year old boy shouldn’t really want to be Rula Lenska…

    10. Soultrain — on 5th January, 2006 at 11:44 pm  

      I’m half expecting C4 to invite some prominent pro war campaigner into the house to start fighting with George Galloway….

    11. Old Pickler — on 5th January, 2006 at 11:50 pm  


    12. Beryl Reid — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:08 am  

      Faria Alam becomes a C-list celebrity by fucking a football manager? Does that mean she becomes a C-list traitor if she gives Gorgeous George a blow job?

      Wh shouldn’t she? He’s good at sucking up to Bangladeshis

    13. Col. Mustafa — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:27 am  

      This is pure hilarity; Dennis Rodman in there too alongside Micheal Barrymore.

      Cant wait for them all to start arguing; they might as well start fighting right now so i don’t have to carry on watching it anymore.
      Ahhh Galloway, hehehehehe.
      This is gonna be good.

    14. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:41 am  

      Don’t worry Don - come 10.15 I was watching Larry and Ricky. Nice interview.

      Have looked at the final line up. What the HELL is Rodman doing there? Has he pissed all his money away?! Why else would you go on this? And Traci Bingham must have some cash. Cripes.

      This kind of TV makes me queasy. Pete Burns makes me MORE queasy.

    15. Col. Mustafa — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:46 am  

      That bloody yellow stuff coming out his lips; m8 i didn’t wanna know.

      Looks like Dennis has already banged Traci.

    16. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:00 am  

      I haven’t actually watched any Mustafa; he had yellow stuff coming out of his lips? My girlfriend said “Oh my God, who the hell is Pete Burns?” so I googled him as I was talking and one of the first matches I got was “”!

      Surely Dennis has banged everyone hasn’t he? Hell he married Carmen Electra, BASTARD.

    17. Siddharth — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:00 am  

      Wh shouldn’t she? He’s good at sucking up to Bangladeshis

      There’s a world of difference between the prepositions “up” and “off” in the context of sucking, Beryl. Pete Burns’ll tell you that.

    18. Siddharth — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:13 am  

      I’m half expecting C4 to invite some prominent pro war campaigner into the house to start fighting with George Galloway

      Hitchens was too pissed. Aaranovitch is still getting over his piles operation. And Nick Cohen was too busy with his old pastime involving amyl-nitrate-spiked oranges and a bit of old rope. ;-)

    19. Col. Mustafa — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:18 am  

      “so I googled him as I was talking and one of the first matches I got was “”!”

      hehehe, yeh they were showing the yellow stuff oozing out his lips. Apparently one day it just started and it wouldn’t stop.
      uurgh, pretty sick.

    20. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:25 am  

      That is RANK. I mean, I’ve watched loads of plastic surgery and other surgery and we don’t even use yellow goop! I don’t know what that is. The plastic surgeons who agree to do stuff like him, MJ, the bride of Frankenstein (whatever her real name is) shouldn’t be allowed. There must be some way to stop this madness!

      If I went to a surgeon and asked for my limbs to be removed, I doubt he’d agree. People should realise that people addicted to plastic surgery are wrong in the head (medical diagnosis) and should not be listened to.

    21. raz — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:40 am  

      “If I went to a surgeon and asked for my limbs to be removed, I doubt he’d agree”

      I’m no medic, but have you heard of body dismorphic disorder or something like that? I read an article about amputations being carried out in some of these cases, i dunno if that was bullshit.

    22. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:45 am  

      Yes I have heard of it and you’re right - ops have been performed. But it kind of supports my point. These people underwent psychiatric testing to ascertain they would benefit from an amputation/plastic surgery, to ensure they genuinely had a problem like BDD. It’s normally more akin to anorexia - dissatisfaction with your appearance. Asking for amputations is incredibly rare (only occurred once in the UK I think).

    23. Paul Brown — on 6th January, 2006 at 11:30 am  

      You must remember Pete Burns’ old band Dead Or Alive? As a 10 year-old I bought their single ‘You Spin Me round’, which - trivia fans - was the first ever Stock, Aitken & Waterman single.

    24. SKye-Vee — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:04 pm  

      Isn’t Micheal Barrymore in it? Stay well clear of the spa.

      I have visions of George Galloway floating in it. Barrymore think oh not again.

      Still it aint funny. Probably why I won’t be watching.

    25. Col. Mustafa — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:16 pm  

      George is hilarious, he was walking up the catwalk still using that great phrase we hear so often, “Stop the war”.

      So George what possessed you to step into the Big Brother house this year?

      To stop the war.

      How exactly?

      Well millions of people watch this show right; even if im in there for a week, you know ill last the full 23 days because people just love me but for arguments sake lets say just a week; i can regurgitate all the information i need on a 24 hour platform and noone can stop me.
      I will dish the dirt on everyone, from Bush to Chimney and i will stop the war.
      There is a chance that people might get sick of me and not want to hear about the war, but its a chance im willing to make……take.

      What do members of the respect party think of this bold move?

      They don’t know.

      Why, im sure thier gonna find out?

      No, the moooslim ones don’t watch tv and the others dont watch tv either.
      I dont watch tv either by the way.

      Word does get around, its a small world and your name will be in papers.

      Dont worry about that, stop the war.

    26. mellow — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:20 pm  

      Faria Alam was the worst. In her interview she was like ‘I just want to be left alone’, then it was like ‘ this will make me into a star or destroy me’ and all she could talk about was how much hell it was being hounded by the press.
      What a piece of shit.
      Rodman will probably do Galloway just cos Galloway will lay into the US on the anti war tip, and Rodman will get mad.

    27. Col. Mustafa — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:31 pm  

      hehehe, i dont know why Faria went on that show when she kept on saying she doesn’t want to be hated.
      Well why risk going on Big bloddy brother you silly woman.
      Same goes for Jodie Marsh, jeez that girl just doesn’t get it.
      The more you keep saying you dont want people calling you a slapper the more they will.
      Dumb slappers.

    28. Clive — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:40 pm  

      Rodman will probably do Galloway just cos Galloway will lay into the US on the anti war tip, and Rodman will get mad.

      Perhaps Galloway might like to repeat his schtick about the Americans being entirely responsible for 9/11. Or perhaps Big Bro should call Dennis into the diary room and show the Gorgeous One’s comments on the plasma screen. Either way, seeing Galloway getting battered by Rodman would make my day.

    29. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:45 pm  

      Didn’t Billy Idol sing You Spin Me (Right Round)?

      Fire Alarm has got an interesting accent. I saw a little before going to bed. Rodman looked so fucking bored. I feel sorry for the guy. The rest fit in the house, he, on the other hand, is a former megastar and I think he’s still the world’s greatest rebounder.


    30. Paul Brown — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:51 pm  

      No, Billy Idol sang ‘Rebel Yell’ and ‘White Wedding’. The Respect membership seems to be very unhappy about this, but it is all part of Galloway’s plan to become the British Michael Moore. He also has two books coming out this year, one of which is The Fidel Handbook. He has already said he has no intention of standing for Parliament again, so he has to set himself up with another career.

    31. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:52 pm  

      Oh. All these years I thought You Spin Me was Billy Idol. Cool song.

      The British Michael Moore? In terms of girth? That’s the only similarity I see.

    32. Paul Brown — on 6th January, 2006 at 12:58 pm  

      In terms of being the celebrity dissident. He doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to be a Noam chomsky, but if he carries on writing books, making films (he already has a DVD of his Senate appearance out), and going on every TV show, he will end up as the country’s celebrity radical. I can see him doing Parkinson and things like that. Apparently some students in the US are already wearing Galloway t-shirts because of his famous appearance over there.

    33. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:02 pm  

      But I like Michael Moore. I strongly dislike Georgie. Celebrity dissident - catchy term though.

      Hey what do you do?
      Celebrity dissident.
      Groovy daddy-O.

      The T-shirts thing is priceless if it’s true!

    34. Col. Mustafa — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:04 pm  

      Big fat George on a t shirt with a big smile and thumbs up with a speech bubble saying STOP THE WAR.

    35. Paul Brown — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:05 pm  

      I’ve seen the t-shirts, it’s very much like the classic image of Che but they say “Galloway is Innocent” under the picture. I quite like Michael Moore as well, but both have massive egos and a tendency to shoot their mouths off without thinking things through first.

    36. Don — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:15 pm  

      Michael Moore is great at bullying receptionists, but he is sloppy in his arguments and has no regard for facts. He has a platform but wastes it by grandstanding to the converted while providing the right with an easy target.

      Mark Thomas is the man. Why is he off the telly?

    37. Paul Brown — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:19 pm  

      What’s the reference to receptionists about?

      Thomas actually made a special programme for Newsnight about the Hinduja brothers but their lawyers prevented it from being shown. It was about them selling arms to the Sudanese government. He is goign to show it at the ICA, which happens to be on The Mall, the same street that the brothers live on. He will have a red carpet going from the ICA to their house and will encourage people to pay them a visit after the film.

    38. Rohin — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:41 pm  

      Mark Thomas IS the man.

      Michael Moore has definitely developed an ego to match his waist - but why I like him is Roger & Me and Bowling for Columbine. Both were superb films. Michael Moore’s TV Nation made me who I am today (not JUST TV Nation, other things too. Like my Mum for example). Actually, that’s quite a damning conviction of TV Nation. Anyway, those things made him good. Since then he’s gone downhill.

      Farenheit was lousy - and you’re right, too much grandstanding. Too much of Michael. His books are desperately in need of editing. They’re terribly written.

      Nice tip Paul - when is this due to take place?

    39. Paul Brown — on 6th January, 2006 at 1:58 pm  

      I’ll check today and let you know.

    40. Nush — on 6th January, 2006 at 2:25 pm  

      I didnt watch yday but I think the celeb line up is very interesting!

      I know I am going to be hooked!

      Imagine the convos between George, Dennis, Faria and Jodie!

      Its mad and I look forward to seeing it tonight.


    41. Paul Brown — on 6th January, 2006 at 2:26 pm  

      I see an affair between George and Faria on the horizon; he’s a single man now.

    42. Sajn — on 7th January, 2006 at 7:31 pm  

      Why do some of you assume that Rodman cannot respond to Galloway without resorting to violence?

    43. Rohin — on 7th January, 2006 at 7:48 pm  

      Sajn, are you trying to shit-stir? Nobody said anything of the sort. Clive simply said that it would be funny to see Gorgeous George get thumped by Rodman, he didn’t say it’s the only way he would respond.

      Dennis Rodman is the one thing about this that fascinates me. Most CBB-watchers and TV critics are not sports fans. This man was HUGE. When he was at his Bulls peak, he was second only to Jordan (Michael, not Price). He was never off the back and front pages. He dated Madonna for a while, was in a Jemma Jameson video and was a pro wrestler. He used to cause car accidents as a huge billboard of him would be updated every time he changed his hair colour. Cars in NYC would swerve to see it and a few crashed.

      Watching him in there is so weird, I’m expecting some C-listers and there’s this sporting legend talking to an Essex fake-celeb and a bloke called Maggot.

      It’s nuts. I watched the re-cap show just to see Rodman.

    44. Arif — on 8th January, 2006 at 2:17 am  

      George Galloway is either being very brave or very naive.

      I was amazed that so many people (including some in the house) had never heard of him. And that just shows how I’m socially divided from others by being a part of the chattering class.

      He is going to reach so many more people through being on Big Brother than he did by causing so much trouble for Tony Blair he was expelled from the Labour Party. Than he did by winning a seat from Labour in one of the biggest political stories of this year’s election night. Than he did by facing down the US Senate. Than all those stories suggesting he was corrupt which ended in newspapers printing apologies or getting sued.

      Which makes it a brilliant gamble. I was happy that Derek Laud brought politics into Big Brother and into people’s lives. Even if he wasn’t that outspoken, and definitely not progressive. If George Galloway succeeds, it could help make politics more than a minority sport for a little while. And it could represent the anti-war movement more effectively than a thousand rallies by the converted.

      Of course it could all be deeply embarrassing and create excuses for a thousand half-unfair and completely vicious headlines in the press. But that is only a 90% possibility.

    45. Steve M — on 8th January, 2006 at 12:28 pm  

      If George Galloway succeeds, it could help make politics more than a minority sport for a little while. And it could represent the anti-war movement more effectively than a thousand rallies by the converted. - Arif

      Galloway is not genuinely anti-war. It’s true that he was against the invasion of Iraq and the deposing of Saddam but since then he’s been pro-war. It’s just that he’s on the side of the insurgents and suicide bombers.

    46. Beryl Reid — on 8th January, 2006 at 1:53 pm  

      On Friday morning Galloway was ranting about the evil of abortion, and how it ought not to be alowed as there are so many children who need adopting.

      Not exactly a common view on the left is it?

    47. El Cid — on 8th January, 2006 at 2:09 pm  

      I think you’ll find many of us on the left don’t like the idea of abortion as a lifestyle choice, have been unnerved by new technology showing foetesus smiling and sucking their thumbs at an early age, and appreciate that unborn humans also have rights, even if we continue to defend a woman’s right to have an abortion on demand up to a set number of weeks of gestation.
      As with economics, the debate on the left has moved on or is shifting.
      In any case, Galloway is an opportunist and he has his traditionalist moslem voters to think of.

    48. Percy — on 8th January, 2006 at 4:33 pm  

      You guys in Blighty are lucky that you can abort to all your hearts content. On my side of the pond it’s back to the coat hangers for our daughters - last year the right-wing religious zealots passed a partial birth abortion ban. Now watch as the bodies pile up from botched back-alley abortions, all thanks to Bush and his big oil baron bible thumpers who want to control our bodies. Since Dumbya declared an end to military operations aboard an aircraft carrier a few years ago, the religious nuts have waged a war on the Bill of Rights. From our 1st amendment Protection against Religion, to our 4th amendment Right to Terminate an Unwanted Pregnancy, Hitler Ashcroft and his goose-stepping, cat-hating cronies have been shredding the Constitution like so much um…shredded paper…and stuff. The right-wing spin machine, with its scare mongering depictions of babies getting their brains sucked out while still alive, has turned a beautiful moment in a young woman’s liberation from white male hegemony into a brutal, monstrous act. With their deluded crusade to protect an imaginary “right-to-life”, the right-to-lifers have trampled over the right-to-choose, and the right-to-die, and the right-to-choose-to-die. Shame! SHAAAAAAME! I’d sell my Masters degree in gender studies to see the Bush twins get pregnant, then forced to carry the squirming fetuses inside them to term as punishment for their father’s fascist fiddling with reproductive rights.

    49. Rohin — on 8th January, 2006 at 5:05 pm  

      Hmm…I’m not sure I’d agree it’s a “beautiful moment in a young woman’s liberation” Percy. And I don’t necessarily think “aborting to our hearts’ content” is good either.

      As a medical person, someone whose observed abortions and someone whose accompanied a friend to an abortion clinic to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, I have drawn up my own views. I am staunchly pro-choice, but I do think that Britain’s plan to reduce the gestation from 24 weeks is a good idea. I reckon 18 is better.

      It’s not uncommon for some women (remember, people come from all walks of life) to not realise they’re pregnant for a few months. So I wouldn’t want to make it any less than that. Babies are now surviving from 20-ish weeks, but I don’t necessarily buy that argument. In the future we’ll have entirely artificial wombs, able to grow babies from day 1. So does that mean abortion should be abandoned altogether? It’s a difficult choice.

      But it should only one person’s choice. The mother. Not the church, not the Republicans, not some nutball activists who claim to be pro-life but murder obstetricians.

    50. Percy — on 8th January, 2006 at 5:40 pm  

      Rohin, I too am pro- choice and am proud also to be a male feminist.

      Hillary was right: abortion is a sad, even tragic choice to many, many womyn. But as any abortionist (or medical person) will tell you, planned pregnancies don’t put food on the table. You can’t fuel up your Ferarri with living babies, baby! That’s why a couple of months ago I was proud to spend a night at San Francisco’s first annual Screw Abstinence Party and Charity Abort-o-thon. Hosted by NARAL, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping abortionists out of the poor house, “Screw Abstinence” promised to be fun for the whole family - and it did not disappoint. More than a thinly veiled singles event for people who would otherwise never get laid, Screw Abstinence was a plethora of informative displays, talented performers, and exciting thrill rides - and all for a good cause.

      While the Giant Scaling Wall of Dildos and other areas of the event were geared strictly towards adults, I had the privilege of operating the amazing “It’s a Lousy World” ride for the kiddies. Both fun and educational, It’s a Lousy World was a leisurely gondola ride through a stylized Reproductive Health Clinic, while a menagerie of animatronic fetuses sang a joyful song in 16 different languages about how splendid it was to be aborted, rather than shuffled from foster home to foster home all their miserable lives.

      Screw Abstinence also entertained the kids with a wide array of colorful, costume characters. Making a special appearance at this year’s event was Back Alley Betty, a gaunt, gnarled old crone and a dead ringer for Ann Coulter. With a Bible in one hand a rusty coat hanger in the other, Betty wandered the crowd, screeching scripture at unsuspecting tots. Along with Partial Birth Abortion Pete, Betty has drawn some criticism for being too graphic for small children. But she paints an accurate picture of the bleak future these kids will face should they fail to exercise their Right to Choose.

      For the teens, there was the “Kids are Going to Do it Anyway” booth, where young boys and girls were encouraged to explore their sexuality in a clean, safe environment away from the prying eyes of their fuddy-duddy parents. Unlike what Bush and Co. preach in their abstinence-only sex-ed programs, our young people must learn that human sexuality is a beautiful thing and experimentation is healthy and completely natural. Do we demand that monkeys remain monogamous? Do we ask dogs humping in the front yard to hold off until marriage? Of course not. So why do we ask it of our own kids?

      Because Christian Fundamentalists have spent the past two thousand years turning casual sex with complete strangers into something dirty, that’s why.

      Archealogical evidence suggests that cro-magnon man, although primitive, had a highly progressive concept of human sexuality. A typical cro-magnon male would copulate with 100 to 200 partners in his lifetime, and had no weird psychological hang-ups concerning buggery. It’s a shame that Christians have regressed our culture to a state that predates even prehistoric man.

      Indeed, with all their right-wing mumbo jumbo about abstinence and monogamy, it’s a wonder that conservatives haven’t forced more abortionists or obstetricians out of work. Hopefully, with the help of NARAL and other organizations like it, we’ll see to it that they never do

    51. El Cid — on 8th January, 2006 at 5:46 pm  

      Ignore him Rohin. He’s trying to be funny.

    52. Rohin — on 8th January, 2006 at 5:58 pm  

      Haha, that’s superb Percy! You had me believing you for the first few lines! Thankfully in this country, money isn’t a big issue. Yes there are private clinics, but anyone can have an abortion on the NHS here.

      Whilst in America it is the Christian fundamentalist patrol that are leading the calls for abstinence and pro-life mumbo jumbo, I wouldn’t lay the blame squarely at Christ’s door when talking on a worldwide level. I recently (as in, a few days ago) had a ding-dong debate with an American Hindu about this. I was saying that you should have as much sex as possible when you’re young. He didn’t agree. Muslims weighed in with the same opinion - all religions look down on pre-marital sex. In a nutshell (it was a long debate) I said that the taboo that surrounds extra-marital sex only exists because contraception wasn’t available back in the day.

      Nowadays, there should be no taboo attached to sex - half of the abortion debate would evaporate if the Pope said “you know what? Use a condom!” and likewise for the Muslims.

      In the UK, from a medical standpoint, the pro-life call to arms is less violent and prominent than in the US. Whilst I have discussed getting into hot water with the medical Islamic societies on here (w/r face covering and contraception) I am also very unpopular with the CMF, who are idiots. At various conferences I’ve almost shot myself with frustration when trying to argue with them - some people just don’t understand the rules of arguing.

      Problem is, I think it’ll get worse here, Blair has religionised several aspects of Britain and the CMF has fantastically industrious grassroots activists - they have an army of students brainwashing medical students. They also have managed to convince the British Medical Association to alter much of their policy. Eugh.

      I’m sad the Screw Abstinence Abort-o-thon isn’t real, I would’ve loved to have attended.

    53. Rohin — on 8th January, 2006 at 5:59 pm  

      El Cid, no I realise he was trying to be funny, I thought it was pretty funny! But then again, I have no taste. I think I probably sit somewhere between your views and Percy’s.

    54. raz — on 8th January, 2006 at 6:38 pm  

      Rohin, what’s your views about female foeticide/infanticide in India, which I believe is a far greater concern than anything that goes on in the USA (something like 50 million Indian female lives are now ‘missing’ because of this hidden holocaust).

    55. Rohin — on 8th January, 2006 at 6:50 pm  

      Raz, you’ve regressed into your one-trick-anti-India mold. What does India have to do with this thread? Zzzzzzz

      What do you think I’m going to say about it? It’s great? It’s fantastic? What a daft question. It’s sickening. It’s also prevalent in China, what’s your point? In fact in regions of China the male:female ratio is more lopsided than anywhere else in the world. I’m not sure where you plucked the 50 million figure from, but I have no idea how many it is. At least there are a lot of committed campaigners, arrests and several states no longer give the sex of a baby on ultrasound. Actually many UK hospitals in Asian areas don’t either.

    56. Percy — on 8th January, 2006 at 6:55 pm  

      “Half of the abortion debate would evaporate if the Pope said. You know what? Use a condom!”

      Priceless, if only it were so easy. But we all have to admit that that old reactionary, former Hitler youth member in the Vatican is not going to countenance such a progressive move. It could be argued that Pope Benedict XVI and Bushhitler has forced drought, famine and Aids upon Africa, in not the entire world.

      Now, thanks to Bush’s primitive views against casual sex and abortion-on-demand, Bush is withholding millions of life-saving prophylactics from the peaceful, yet incredibly horny people of Uganda. According to the United Nations, Uganda is 30 million latex condoms short of the 150 million it needs to survive, and is experiencing a frightening shortage of french ticklers as well. Indeed, the entire African continent is on the brink of a “condom crisis” unseen since the middle ages, and Bush’s and the Vaticans puritan religious idealogy is to blame.

      Although he claims it isn’t an “abstinence only” policy, Bush’s African AIDS-prevention program preaches “Abstinence, Be Faithful, and Use Condoms”. As research shows, the mere mention of “abstinence” is the leading cause of teen pregnancy - perhaps why our founding fathers never included the ghastly word in the Constitution- and anything short of “Put this on and get busy” could pose serious health risks. With sexual attacks against women and children on the rise, this is no time for Bush to duck out on his responsibility to keep Uganda supplied with rubbers, either.


    57. raz — on 8th January, 2006 at 7:02 pm  

      Actually Rohin, I wasn’t trying to provoke a flame war this time, but seeing as we had got onto the subject I thought it would be appropriate to raise it here, given that it is arguably the greatest abuse of womens rights in the world today. I’m disappointed that a supposedly progressive Asian blog such as this has failed to highlight this issue so far, given that we’ve had a lot of coverage of honour killings, etc which kill far less females.

      UNICEF was responsbile for that estimate of 50 million.

    58. El Cid — on 8th January, 2006 at 7:22 pm  

      El Cid, no I realise he was trying to be funny, I thought it was pretty funny! But then again, I have no taste. I think I probably sit somewhere between your views and Percy’s.
      Rohin, I didn’t really detect any difference with you re: abortion, but then maybe you know something I don’t. As for Percy, I have no real idea what his views are.

    59. Rohin — on 8th January, 2006 at 8:45 pm  

      It’s an important point Raz and perhaps we will mention it soon. I wouldn’t say we’ve had THAT much on honour killings - and either way it’s been predominantly about British honour killings. Whilst we cover stories from Asia, we’re keen to keep the focus on Britain and occasionally America.

    60. raz — on 8th January, 2006 at 9:54 pm  

      Rohin,actually you’ve made a very interesting point which I hadn’t thought of. I must admit that one of the reasons that I
      do focus on bringing up negative stories about India is that I feel their is a skew towards negative Pakistani/Muslim stories being highlighted by the commentators on here (including yourself). I don’t have a problem with this - a progressive blog like this should be highlighting the shortcomings in our communities/cultures - but I also believe a progressive blog should be non-discriminatory in the scope of what
      it covers. I don’t see myself, in the context of this blog, as being an “anti-India” force, rather as a provider of balance. It bugs me if I see several stories about, for instance Muhktar Mai (which is indeed an important issue which should be highlighted - although I maintain that the medias continual preoccupation with this particular case smacks less of women’s rights and more with Pakistan bashing; there are an awful lot of rapists not being charged let alone convicted in the Uk ) but no stories about female foeticide then it forms a question mark in my mind as to the agenda of this site.

      Of course, if PP is more focused on British issues then I can accept that there will be more negative stories about Pakistanis than Indians - even a “patriotic” :) Pakistani such as myself can accept that the British Pakistani community is in a significantly worse state than the British Indian comunity (see Vikrant I can be balanced :) ) I will not accept the link which some (not you in particular Rohin) attempt to make between British Pakistanis/Indians and Pakistan/India in general. I do not subscribe to the view that “British Indians do better than British Pakistanis; thus India ust be somehow superior to Pakistan”). IMO the gap between the respective communtities in the UK owes a lot more to other factors (for instance education/regional origin/settling of British Pakistanis). It’s worth noting that there are other countries with large South Asian communites e.g Canada where you do not see the large disparity in achievement between Indians and Pakistanis.

      Rohin, I don’t think of you as a Bharat Rakshak type by any means - compared to some of the filth I’ve read you are a paragon of balance and tolerace :) If I;’m hard on you its because as a commentator on PP, your articles dictate the flow of discussions on here. I can fully accept that if you are concentrating primarily on the UK then there will be more negative focus on Pakistanis/Muslims (especially, in the latter case. as a result of the current geopolitical climate). But if you’re going to post about women’s rights in Pakistan you can’t ignore what goes on in India. If you’re going to write an article (as you did) about criticising China over Tibet, people will raise eyes when you never write an article about Indian conduct in Kashmir. If PP is truly to be a ‘progressive’ blog then the commentators (that means you not me) have to be willing to overlook their own allegiances. You may not believe this, but if I was a commentator on here (Vikrant has heart attack!) I would most certainly NOT just be posting anti-Indian/pro-Pakistani articles all the time. I hold you to a higher standard because you wield the power here - if there is a skew in the articles you post then the whole direction of PP is affected.

      One last thing, (from the other thread) you talk about defending my right to speak my mind on here as if I should be grateful for allowing my ‘controversial’ views to be aired. I believe this is unfair. I don’t see myself (or you) as an extremist. I have never complained or asked for moderation of some of the VIRULENTLY anti-Pakistani comments posted by the likes of FOB and Panda on the Bangalore thread or “Mamur Rehman” on the 1971 thread. You never criticised these views either (FOB even used the word Paki in a derogotary way, and yet you said nothing to him, despite the fact that you were posting on that thread). I don’t mind you ignoring these views, but its not fair of you to turn around criticise
      me as if my comments are pushing the line and others aren’t.

      Long post, eh :) Anyway Rohin, enough venting - how do you think the Pakistan-India cricket is going to go :)

    61. Sajn — on 8th January, 2006 at 10:24 pm  

      “Sajn, are you trying to shit-stir?”

      No darling, I leave that to you. I asked a serious question based upon what others had posted.

    62. Rohin — on 8th January, 2006 at 10:24 pm  

      Raz, I would’ve deleted those posts on the BLR thread, I saw them - but I can’t. Email me for a full explanation! It’s certainly not that I’m being tolerant of them and not of you.

      You make some good points. I do see you as bringing a bit of balance - as I’ve said before, some other sites which I think are topnotch suffer because they are too one-sided. I’m glad that we have Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and atheists posting as well as commenting here.

      I will definitely try to be as fair as I can! But I have to confess that as time is often limited, as we all have day jobs, ok I don’t have a job per se, so we use Western news services which may have a particular agenda. My normal routine is if I see a story on the BBC, I’ll check the Indy and the Times. I don’t care for that many other papers.

      On the subject of Kashmir, unless something major happens there, it’s probably best I don’t post about it unless to say “India and Pakistan open new rail link” (which they did a few days ago) as then the flame wars WILL start. I’m sure you and I will disagree about Kashmir. But yes, I do want to keep the focus British. Of course it’s a flexible remit and we’re still carving out our niche!

      Cricket…I’m sure Singh won’t take up Mushy’s invite to Pakistan! The A team are doing all right against India at the mo, but I think come the main event, Dravid has a big test on his hands. It’s the biggest series he’ll have captained. I dunno, India are #2 test team in the world now - let’s see what they can do.

    63. Rohin — on 9th January, 2006 at 9:52 am  

      Update: according to the Lancet’s latest issue, 100 million female children are missing from the world - figures taken from an Indian study.

    64. bananabrain — on 9th January, 2006 at 1:06 pm  

      my vote - leave gg in there and turn off the cameras. i bet he won’t even notice.



    65. Rohin — on 9th January, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    66. ali hussain — on 10th January, 2006 at 1:46 pm  

      please read this article…the only article which stands for the truth and why politicians, this governmnet and tony blair are scared of galoway and using every weapon in their armoury to attach the most principled politician in todays britain.,14173,1682951,00.html

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