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  • Vogue magazine: the ‘black issue’

    by Sunny
    14th July, 2008 at 5:46 pm    

    The Italian version of Vogue magazine recently decided to run with a daring experiment: in honour of Obama’s impending presidency (I believe it even if you don’t suckers!), the July issue is full of black models! Horror!
    As the Facebook group says:

    Major magazine distributors across Europe have said that they expect the Italian Vogue magazine that will feature all black models to be the worst selling edition ever. As part of the Black BUT Invisible campaign to promote and get more models of colour into mainstream fashion we are actively supporting the push to make this the biggest selling issue ever by getting everyone to join this group and buy a copy of Italian Vogue.

    And the always amusing Gawker adds:

    Jeff Bercovici points out that the April cover of Vogue with Lebron James (a black man) was the magazine’s worst-selling April cover since 2001. They tried! Scrap the experiment! The world isn’t ready for black people in fashion!

    Of course, the best solution to all of this would be to let black people be models in high fashion magazines as a matter of course, just like everybody else. No need for a special occasion to run topless Naomi Campbell photos. And as pointing-out machine Bercovici also points out, Vogue‘s worst-selling issue of the year so far had Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. Failure brings us all together!

    I wonder though which is the bigger marketing stunt - saying you have a all-black models issue, or quietly releasing feelers out there saying you expect it to be the worst selling issue, so immediately getting a whole load of ethnic minorities buying it to prove otherwise. Hmmm….

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    Filed in: Humour,Media,Race politics

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    1. halima — on 14th July, 2008 at 5:55 pm  


      Seems the New Yorker is in a bit of pickle with the Obama camp…

      It’s a satirical cartoon but …( sorry if this is cross posting )

    2. halima — on 14th July, 2008 at 6:07 pm  

      Interesting, this made me think of a special cover of Newsweek in May this year, and a friend of a friend in Facebook sending the following message, Vogue could’ve gone one smarter and cashed in on the dollors and ethics by using the real Mrs Obama herself:

      Melissa Maldonado-Salcedo wrote:

      This week make sure you purchase a copy of Newsweek Magazine with Ms. Michelle Obama on the cover. I am VERY proud to see this beautiful, intelligent, African American woman on the cover of an internationally renowned magazine. GO TODAY, TOMORROW, or by THURSDAY and PURCHASE a copy of this publication. Make your voice and dollar count by making the newsstand sales of this issue surpass, not only their projected sales, but make. We have to continue to tell the media that WE DO PURCHASE and READ magazines featuring People of Color on their covers and this is a POSITIVE thing to do, not only for the “political correctness” of it, but because we are AMERICANS of influence, power, and our presence “Moves the proverbial needle” and sells product ( and not just CD’s, Movies, Liquor, and Clothes).
      Every day we are bombarded with images of African American women NAKED and DEGRADED rather than LIFTED UP as the GODESSES they are. As Americans, we have allowed images around the world that show Black Women as merely objects, or mindless subjects for the pleasure of men. So it’s a GREAT balance of TRUTH to have Ms. Obama standing Strong, powerful, and WITH A SMILE on the COVER of NEWSWEEK. This goes beyond whether or not you vote for her husband. Support this issue with your DOLLARS and let the media company know GOOD JOB! And when you have bought it, read it and discussed it GIVE it BACK to the COMMUNITY- leave you copy in a laundry-mat, or rec-hall, or local library, or a ladies rest room or anywhere where the people, especially young girls, might benefit from seeing this POSITIVE IMAGE! (With YOU, the word “Recycle” will take on a whole new meaning!)
      With one UNIFIED voice-

    3. halima — on 14th July, 2008 at 6:13 pm  

      PS .. Indian edition of Vogue is mostly full of Indian models … and it sells .. India rising with its middle class purchasing power etc .

    4. sabinaahmed — on 14th July, 2008 at 6:46 pm  

      India has other magazines too, from Cosmopolitan,to women and home, all of them are now in India publishing an Indian version.
      I have recently thumbed through most of these and yes they are full of local models,but they are only sold in the sub-continent.
      It will be something if those magazine, in their European editions,used Indian models.

    5. devolute — on 15th July, 2008 at 8:23 pm  

      “12,141 members”

      I’ve never seen so many people completely loose the plot together.

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