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    Burma protest in London on 6th

    by Sunny on 2nd October, 2007 at 9:28 am    

    BBC Online reported on Sunday that around 3,000 people turned out Saturday in solidarity with the Burmese monks. Interestingly enough, the protest was almost entirely organised and popularised through Facebook. The main group, which now has over a quarter of a million members, points out that on 6th October there is a planned Day of International Action across the world. Be there or be square.

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    1. Kismet Hardy — on 2nd October, 2007 at 11:22 am  

      According to an ex officer who defected after being told to massacre a temple, thousands of people have been and are being slaughtered. And the UN donkeys can’t even get an appointment to have a cup of tea with any of the head perpetrators. All that crap about protecting oppressed people counts for jackshit when the country bears betal nuts and not oil

      It’s time for the renegade shaolin monk masters to unleash the Siu Lam Sap Yi Lou Tan Tui and fight back

    2. Kesara — on 2nd October, 2007 at 1:00 pm  

      3000 is on the high end, well done though.

      The Wandsworth Park Police are training to joint the Burmese military junta - they stopped me from taking photographs at one point, then gave up when I told them I was a Buddhist and if I didn’t hear a logical argument, I’d go all Shaolin on their asses:

      Wands. Park Gestapo (eagerly eyeing my press pass): “Are you a professional photographer?”
      ShaolinBoy: “Yes…”
      WPG: “You can’t take pictures here…”
      SB: “WTF!? This is a very significant news event & its a public space blah blah”
      WPG: “No pros here…” (despite the 5 press guys & dozens of ppl with ‘big’ cameras)

      Ohhh the irony…I’m lodging a complaint with the NUJ as per their guidelines but it was quite amusing. THey didn’t let SKY News into the park - which was utterly moronic given that they would’ve helped put the protests high on the list.

      Yet to upload the photos but I’ll link in when I get zi chance. Who needs a military junta when you have WPP on the case :P

    3. Nyrone — on 2nd October, 2007 at 3:46 pm  

      It was really moving to see so many people turn up and demonstrate solidarity with the people of Burma.
      The mood was of quiet anger and yet extremely peaceful and tolerant.

      There was a varied mix of people, and I spoke to a lot of Burmese people that kept saying ‘Thank you so much for coming’ which I didn’t know how to reply to.

      I was quite surprised at the many Burmese people I met who stated that the US needs to go in and “do what they did in Iraq” to get rid of the Junta.
      I asked if there was any other alternative, and many seemed to think not…

      In the meantime, does anyone know whether this story about thousands being dead is definitely accurate? I noticed that the Daily Telegraph changed their story about it and shifted to the ‘monks being held’ angle.

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