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  • Tories take money from arms manufacturer

    by Sunny
    23rd August, 2007 at 3:59 pm    

    Dave Osler has uncovered an interesting nugget about donations to the Conservative Party:

    How interesting to learn from the Electoral Commission website that an individual by the name Andreas Heeschen has donated £58,000 to the Conservative Party over the last year.

    That’ll be the bloke who nows owns Heckler & Koch, manufacturer of the fine submachine guns and assault rifles that aficionados believe to be the finest in the world. Same old Tories, eh?

    The image is by Chris Paul, who has more and points out that Andreas Heeschen’s company plans to produce “almost a million XM8s [assault rifle] per annum” by 2012. Charming. Just the sort of people the Tories traditionally liked anyway, right?

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    1. Chicken Yoghurt » The Tories' good week continues...

      [...] guns and (more) lies. Filed under Uncategorized See also Subspace - updated, On Message and More [...]

    1. Leon — on 23rd August, 2007 at 4:09 pm  

      Just the sort of people the Tories traditionally liked anyway, right?

      Yup. So much for Cameron’s compassionate Conservatives…

    2. devolute — on 23rd August, 2007 at 4:52 pm  

      So Tories *take* money from the arms industry and New Labour simply helps the arms industry *make* money. Someone should tell Labour what the deal is. They are rather shooting themselves in the foot. ha. (sorry)

    3. Rumbold — on 23rd August, 2007 at 8:03 pm  

      I agree with Devolute. The Conservatives are wrong to take money from arms manufacturers, but Labour’s spending spree has been partly funded by money garnered from arms deals. Neither party can claim the moral high ground.

    4. j0nz — on 23rd August, 2007 at 10:29 pm  

      Jesus the Labour government has done billions £££ in highly questionable arms deals. There really aint a moral high ground in this department.

    5. Sunny — on 24th August, 2007 at 12:52 am  

      Someone should tell Labour what the deal is. They are rather shooting themselves in the foot.

      No, I agree! It just demonstrates how thick Labour apparatchiks are.

    6. Nyrone — on 24th August, 2007 at 10:26 am  

      The main political parties are no different than common criminals. How do we lock goverments up?

    7. Chris Paul — on 26th August, 2007 at 3:15 pm  

      Thanks Sunny for link. Our friends at H and K are planning to get to 900,000 or so by 2021 rather than 2012. Not a sales drive for the Olympics exactly. Just general ramping up of production etc etc.

      If anyone reading this is knowledgeable on the old marketing thing can they suggest how H and K have projected this market growth.

      On the “blow back” comments :

      On whether this is “Labour” shooting itself in the foot when we notice these donations … I beg to differ. This is a political party taking cash from an arms maker. This is not the state or the government or British industry or whatever. It is a political party.

      This difference may be difficult for some to see but it is absolutely immense. Arms dealers are paying for Tory campaigning. While Cameron preaches about gun crime H and K are making weapons - some of which (do try a google image search) are looking like crime weapons and fashion accessories rather than anything applicable to either policing or fighting a just war should such a thing come along.

      It is - VERY CLEARLY IMO - different from the arms industry in general which I would rather were turned to making plough shares.

      The logic of the exchange from devolute to rumbold is also incidentally utterly fallacious. D says arms deals are costing the country money. R says the government are spreeing away all the money it makes.

      Please please please try to separate for instance:

      British Industry
      British State
      British Parliament
      British Government
      British Political Parties

      Not sure it is a matter of being “thick” excatly Sunny but it’s something about being “careful”.

    8. Rumbold — on 26th August, 2007 at 5:41 pm  

      So Chris Paul, your logic goes as follows:

      Conservatives take money from arms manufacturers: Bad.

      Labour helps arms manufacturers to sell arms abroad, protects arms manufacturers from corruption inquiries, and uses the money garnered from various weapons taxes to spend on their own agenda. The Labour party runs the government- if they wanted to stop arms sales from this country they could. The could enact laws. They choose not to, and even help the manufactuers to sell arms abroad.

      No party has the moral high ground on this Chris Paul.

    9. pounce — on 27th August, 2007 at 1:41 am  

      Sunny writes;
      “The image is by Chris Paul, who has more and points out that Andreas Heeschen’s company plans to produce “almost a million XM8s [assault rifle] per annum” by 2012.”Actually sunny Chris on his blogg quotes 2021.
      The other pertinent point is that the XM8 program was halted in July 2005. Which kind of cancels this comment of Chris Pauls;
      “Depending on the growth between 2005 when this precision instrument was first introduced”
      As for Hk (America) continuing producing this weapon why should they. It’s based on the Heckler-Koch G36 of which the Bunderwehr use as their standard weapon. It already has a market. If you want to see one in real life legg it over to Standstead airport the Bobbies there walk round with them.

    10. Chris Paul — on 27th August, 2007 at 1:39 pm  

      I’ll be back …

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