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Dealing with spam

by Sunny on 5th November, 2005 at 5:36 pm    

For the uninitiated, there is something called ‘comment-spam’ that takes place on blogs. Basically machines log on to sites and leave comments that link back to their websites or other places. Happens on a lot of blogs.

As this was a new site, it didn’t happen initially but now they’ve caught on.
Update: Courtesy of Paul I’ve found a plugin for Wordpress called Spam Karma so, erm, forget my previous point about putting on numbers before posting. This seems to work pretty well.

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  1. rizwand — on 6th November, 2005 at 12:51 am  

    Don’t worry, this shouldn’t deter legitimate comment posters. You’d have to be a real lard ass to not post just because of the short number code.

    I discovered this type of spam when I made my own blog site. Within the first five minutes there was a comment saying “Great article, I look forward to your future posts. Please take some time to look at my site”.

    It was trying to sell me golf putters.

  2. Sunny — on 6th November, 2005 at 6:43 am  

    I’m testing out a new anti-spam system called Spam Karma, so the number thingy has been taken out.

    Thanks for Paul Berger for telling me about it!

  3. shihab — on 14th November, 2005 at 7:44 pm  

    boo. I can’t do html

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