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  • EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    by Jai
    24th May, 2011 at 8:00 am    

    This article is a direct continuation of Part 1, which was published yesterday, and discusses further extracts from the EDL spokesman’s recent open letter to numerous British Sikhs who have condemned the EDL. Readers are therefore strongly advised to read Part 1 first before continuing below.

    “One of my closest international allies is Rabbi Shiffren.”

    This is the same Rabbi Shifren who has been condemned by numerous senior Jewish leaders for his anti-Muslim fanaticism, ended up having to be forcibly thrown out of a conference by five conservative rabbis after he started screaming abuse at Reverend Jesse Jackson, and is on record as making the following extremely derogatory remarks about Muslims during a speech at an EDL demonstration in October 2010: “In those so-called freedom centres, they plot to destroy and kill us. We’re still waiting for the Muslims to make peace with each other. They eat each other alive, like the dogs that they are…”

    It is worth remembering that the EDL also have international links to Jewish convicted terrorists who are not only completely banned from entering Israel, but are also part of groups which the FBI have officially designated as terrorist organisations.

    “A Sikh who truly understands his or her religion will understand the true message of the English Defence League. Our battle against militant Islam”

    False. As a result of multiple interviews by the BBC (see here and here), Guramit is on record as publicly claiming that there is absolutely no difference between “militant Islam” and Islam in general. In fact, his public speeches at EDL rallies have repeatedly included remarks demonising Islam full-stop along with Allah, the Prophet Mohammad, and Britain’s entire Muslim population, frequently using extremely obscene language (see here, here and here). Therefore, when Guramit uses the term “militant Islam”, he means that Islam itself is by definition inherently militant.

    “I’ve studied the Quran, Hadith, Sira and Sunnah. My conclusions are simply drawn from reading Islamic scripture.”

    As a Sikh myself, let me make the following fact crystal clear for the public record: The Sikh Gurus themselves did not share any of Guramit’s “conclusions”. Not even remotely. It is worth bearing in mind that the Sikh Gurus not only lived in a superpower which had the largest Muslim population in the world, but they were also fluent in Arabic and Persian, so they were considerably more familiar with Islam, Islamic scripture and Muslims than Mr Guramit “Singh” from Nottingham.

    “Our battle against militant Islam is a battle that is also fought by Sikhs who understand the dangers, just as our Guru Gobind Singh did!”

    False. As mentioned above, bear in mind that when Guramit uses the term “militant Islam”, he actually means “Islam” full-stop, despite his attempts at disingenuous verbal sophistry. By contrast, Guru Gobind Singh openly condemned the bigoted and fanatical Mughal emperor Aurangzeb for not being a genuinely pious Muslim, and he stated outright that Aurangzeb’s corrupt, hypocritical actions were a result of the emperor not being a true believer in (and follower of) Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. Guru Gobind Singh’s eloquent accusations were included in his Zafarnamah letter to Aurangzeb, and you can read the relevant extract in my recent article comprehensively detailing Guramit’s religious hypocrisy along with the historical Sikh Gurus’ real stance towards Islam and Muslims here.

    “because members of the turban campaign believe we are a bunch of racists and that we are trying to divide the Asian community…. So blaming us for separating the Asian community is another lie. Islam has been here a lot longer than the English Defence League and it has caused far more division among the Asian community than the EDL ever could!”

    False. Not only is this a huge distortion of South Asian history, but it’s also a classic example of the EDL’s “divide & rule” strategy. And note that Guramit’s mask slips yet again, since he uses the term “Islam”, not “militant Islam”.

    Of course, Guramit is also on record as making bizarre Nick Griffin-style remarks about Leicester allegedly becoming “ethnically-cleansed of non-Muslims”, despite the fact that a sizeable majority of the city’s British Asian population are actually Hindu Gujaratis, not Muslims. Guramit has also been recorded secretly referring to other Asians as “Pakis” and describing how much he hates them. Furthermore, he was caught on video leading a violent EDL attack against an Asian restaurant in Leicester after an EDL rally there in October 2010; at exactly 3m 57s, Guramit can be seen on the left side of the screen, leading the attack while women and children are trapped inside.

    “I have made comments that some would call racist but that is because I’m not particularly politically correct.”

    Perhaps a more honest explanation would be that it is because Guramit is not particularly knowledgeable. And, indeed, not particularly truthful about either facts or his own actions.

    “Some people are just blind to truth anyway so why even bother? But when I was speaking to my grandmother the other day about this situation, she made me understand that this could be a negative way to proceed….I know I’ve been 100% truthful and done right by my organisation, and by my grandmother to write this letter”

    It speaks volumes about the morally-degraded depths to which Guramit has now sunk if he thinks an appropriate course of action is to publicly drag his own grandmother into the situation and exploit her as a political pawn, especially as it is coupled with transparent attempts at manipulative emotional blackmail.

    “I know I’ve been 100% truthful…..I only hope that people can be brave enough to give truth a real chance.”

    Readers can draw their own conclusions about the possible underlying reasons for Guramit’s tendency to persistently lie. There is even a lengthy Youtube video available which repeatedly juxtaposes a range of Guramit’s previous dishonest assertions with the ugly reality of the EDL. In any case, his behaviour is certainly reminiscent of the “Big Lie” propaganda technique; descriptions involving its two most well-known historical proponents include the following: 1. “….when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous”, and 2. “People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

    As for Guramit’s remarks about the EDL’s “ideological opponents”, he should never forget even for a moment that those opponents include every single one of the Sikh Gurus, including Guru Gobind Singh himself.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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    1. sunny hundal

      Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    2. Kerry Abel

      Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

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    4. Pinky

      Unbelievable 'Singh' RT @sunny_hundal: Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    5. Varinder Singh

      Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    6. Mr Singh

      Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    7. Everything EDL

      RT @sunny_hundal: #EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    8. Ziggy Stardust

      RT @sunny_hundal: #EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    9. Naadir Jeewa

      Reading: EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2: This article is a direct continu…

    10. ?(????) (????)?

      Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit “Singh” continues lying in open letter to Sikhs: Part 2

    1. Optimist — on 24th May, 2011 at 9:59 am  

      Excellent stuff again, lets hope Guramit Singh is reading this, indeed if he can read!

    2. persephone — on 24th May, 2011 at 11:28 pm  

      He does not make sense. But anagrams of guramit singhs name do make more sense:

      Am Rising Thug or

      Right! Amusing.

      Is he for real?

    3. Bob — on 25th May, 2011 at 12:45 pm  

      According to a comment on the EDL Facebook page Guramit Singh is resigning from the leadership:

      “Sorry to hear that Guramit is stepping down,hope all goes well with your Gran matey,i hope all on here will wish him the best and most of all for the effort he has put into the EDL,ns.”

      Expose have a screenshot of the comment.

      Could be just a rumour of course.

    4. Jai — on 25th May, 2011 at 5:40 pm  

      According to a comment on the EDL Facebook page Guramit Singh is resigning from the leadership

      Thank you for the update, Bob. Apparently Guramit suddenly announced his resignation via Facebook earlier today. Interesting timing. A screenshot of Guramit’s original alleged comment can be seen here: .


      Following on from what Bob correctly stated in #3, this could of course be just a rumour, so it would be best to wait until there is formal confirmation.

    5. Jai — on 25th May, 2011 at 5:49 pm  


      If you or any of your allies are part of the “Expose” Facebook group, it might be worthwhile for you to post the links for my two-part article so that everyone there is fully brought up to speed.

    6. Bob — on 25th May, 2011 at 6:06 pm  

      I have no contact with the Expose people, Jai, but they have already posted links to both parts of your reply to Guramit.

    7. Optimist — on 25th May, 2011 at 6:09 pm  

      Well done Jai and congratulations, its your excellent articles exposing Guramit’s lies that have forced him to ‘surrender’.

      Other contributing factors may be him being threatened by the ‘Blackburn Division’ and Hel Gower’s facebook page showing that she is still supporting the fascists and calling Guramit a ‘Paki’.

      Perhaps the poor man couldn’t take it anymore, all that humiliation and self-loathing, and arse licking of the racists and fascists who hated him as much as any Muslims and other non-whites etc.

      But I do feel sorry for his granny, the poor woman, and I wish her well.

    8. Jasbir — on 25th May, 2011 at 6:31 pm  

      Shame on his gran for advising him wrongly and continuing to put up with his rubbish. I’m sure the whole surrendering is around his family turning against him and his idiocy. Clearly he made the wrong choice by joining the EDL and wasting so much time and effort.

      Shame on Guramit Singh and the EDL.

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