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  • EDL’s Guramit Singh responds to ultimatum with hypocrisy

    by Jai
    20th April, 2011 at 8:00 am    

    Further to the recent Pickled Politics article highlighting the EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit Singh’s admission of hatred towards other South Asians, some further information about Guramit himself is continuing to come to light.

    Doublespeak in action

    A new Youtube video focusing specifically on Guramit is an excellent compilation and definitely worth watching in full. The repeated juxtaposition of Guramit’s disingenuous assertions about the EDL compared with the ugly reality demonstrates the point particularly effectively. You can watch the video via Youtube here.

    “I consider the Guru Granth Sahib to be my Guru”

    In response to the recent ultimatum, Guramit subsequently released a public statement on the EDL’s main blog declaring that he refuses to leave the EDL irrespective of the ultimatum and threatening retaliation (including making a sinister threat to involve unspecified supporters from “outside the Sikh community”) if any attempts were made to excommunicate him.

    Along with claiming that the EDL are the modern-day ideological counterparts of Guru Gobind Singh’s historical Khalsa — an assertion which is not only highly presumptuous but also extremely inaccurate — Guramit also referred to various aspects of Sikh theology and history in an attempt to justify his own behaviour to date as a high-profile member of the EDL. Guramit’s statement included the following self-contradictory remarks:

    Although I am not a practicing Sikh myself, I consider Guru Granth Sahib Ji to be my Guru. This religion has taught me a lot, and continues to be an inspiration to me.

    As a Sikh myself, let me make the following indisputable fact absolutely clear for the public record: There is nothing whatsoever in the entire Guru Granth Sahib supporting any of the obscenity-laden claims Guramit has repeatedly been making about Islam, Muslims, the Prophet Mohammad and Allah. Not even remotely.

    Bear in mind that Guramit is on record as publicly describing Islam as “evil”, along with publicly claiming that there is no difference between Islam in general and “militant Islam”.

    His recent public statement on the EDL’s website responding to the aforementioned ultimatum also includes a derisive reference to what he terms “Islam-apologists”. Therefore, by Guramit’s own warped definition, that would make Guru Gobind Singh himself an unequivocal “Islam-apologist”.

    And the same allegation would apply to – for example — the Sikh Guru who invited a Muslim saint to lay the foundation stone of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Or the Sikh Guru who had a mosque built for the Muslim population of the town he’d founded in Punjab. Or the Sikh Guru who gave military assistance to the Mughal crown prince Dara Shukoh during the war of succession against Aurangzeb, after the latter had imprisoned (and ultimately successfully overthrown) their father Emperor Shah Jahan.

    The Letter of Victory

    In his recent public statement attempting to justify his own conduct, Guramit also mentioned the Zafarnamah, meaning the “Letter of Victory”. This was a defiant letter which Guru Gobind Singh wrote in Persian to the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, condemning him for his religious bigotry, false piety and abuse of power.

    Guramit stated that, in the letter, Guru Gobind Singh condemned Aurangzeb for breaking oaths he’d taken on the Quran. However, what Guramit conveniently failed to also mention is the fact that the same section of the letter includes the following remarks by Guru Gobind Singh:

    “If the Prophet [Mohammad] himself were here, I would make it my special object to inform him of your treachery.”

    Guru Gobind Singh’s eloquent condemnation of Aurangzeb, of course, also has pertinent ramifications for Guramit’s similarly bigoted, dishonest and self-aggrandising egotistical behaviour.

    Failing that, Guramit would do well to heed the following famous advice by President Abraham Lincoln:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    Update: The original full-length version of the article has been published by the Turban Campaign. Readers are therefore strongly advised to also refer to the following:

                  Post to

    Filed in: Current affairs,EDL,Muslim,Religion,Sikh

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    1. sunny hundal

      Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit Singh responds to excommunication ultimatum with doublespeak & religious hypocrisy

    2. sam harrison

      Good article on pickled politics about guramit singhs twisted version of sikhism

    3. Mr Singh

      An excellent article on the #EDL leader #Guramit #Singh ! Guramit's lies are cut down one by one

    4. Noxi

      RT @sunny_hundal EDL’s Guramit Singh responds to excommunication ultimatum with doublespeak & religious hypocrisy

    5. EDL's Sikh Spokesman Guramit Singh Faces Excommunication by Global Sikh Authorities - Page 2

      [...] Donate var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Sikh Philosophy Network Please [...]

    6. Naadir Jeewa

      Sikh extremist member of fascist English Defence League responds to ultimatum of excommunication with more bigotry:

    7. ?(????) (????)?

      Blogged: : EDL’s Guramit Singh responds to excommunication ultimatum with doublespeak & religious hypocrisy

    1. Jagdeep — on 20th April, 2011 at 10:37 am  

      Amit is a tool, but this whole ‘excommunication’ threat is an absolute farce.

    2. Kismet Hardy — on 20th April, 2011 at 11:03 am  

      Today I will mostly be ‘controversial’ cos I like attention me

      I hear Malaysia are sending effiminate boys to man school to help them stop turning out gay. Good, I say. Otherwise next thing we know, they’ll be having gays in the military.

      Bring me my attention. Let’s all talk about me. Even if it is to say what a twat. I want to be talked aboutt. My mother didn’t hug me and I was always last to be picked for any team. Even the fat chinese kid got picked before me.

      The chinese, eh? Ching chong ping pong, I say. And don’t even get me started on the size of pakistani men’s noses

    3. Optimist — on 20th April, 2011 at 11:19 am  

      Kismat Hardy, If you were part of a big gang that went around marching up and down the country in their thosands, attacking people in the streets, smashing cars, fighting with the police, intimidating whole communities, telling them that they better start to cower every time they see your gang, or else, then your stupid little remarks would be very offensive. Its not just only what people say - when that leads to action, that can be very dangerous.

      Of, I am not just making it up, it happened not that long ago in Germany, there it also first started with little jokes about ‘dirty Jews’ and their big noses etc but eneded in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.

    4. Awakening Tempest — on 20th April, 2011 at 11:22 am  

      It amazes me how a Sikh reject is self-imposing himself as a representative of the Sikh religion and merging together the sick EDL with Sikh Religion. I wonder if the bull that comes out of his mouth was when he was sober or not.

    5. Kismet Hardy — on 20th April, 2011 at 12:07 pm  

      Optimist, my point is no one’s going to give a toss about my stupid little comments other than thinking me a bit of knob for it. And the EDL will do what the EDL will do regardless of Guramit’s stupid little comments. I for one don’t think he deserves so much attention. Now me on the other hand…

    6. Navdeep Bansal — on 20th April, 2011 at 12:10 pm  

      The excommunication is just a more understandable way of saying he is going to be ostracized from the Sikh commununity. Thats what most ‘excommunications’ in the Sikh communities essentially are.

    7. mangles — on 20th April, 2011 at 1:27 pm  

      Totally agree with Jagdeeps post above. This whole ex-communication debacle is only feeding the twat the oxygen of publicity he so craves for.

      I’d like to see those campaigning on this to actually have the balls to target those that desperately deserve to be ex-communicated from the panth. E.g. Lets start with KPS Gill, and the hundreds of Police and other officials who have killed thousands of innocent Sikhs in Punjab and beyond. Then there are the likes of the Sarnas who are in charge of the Delhi SGPC and helping protect the Sajjan Kumars and Kamal Naths evade justice even though they were behind the murder and rape of thousands of Sikhs.

      What this hypocrit Amit needs is no publicity, and a public declaration that his views are not in tandem with Sikhi. That has already been given by many mainstream and respected Sikh organisations. The constant media attention is only giving him a celebrity sort of notoriety, when he only speaks for himself.

      His venom is poisonous and blasphemous, however, appropriate laws should be used to either make an example of him or the law changed to ensure this sort of deliberately inflammatory hatred cannot be spewed. That will also stop that other eejit Anjem from his deliberately provocative activities like burning poppies and threatening protests on the Royal wedding.

      BTW that guy (Anjem)desperately needs a publicist. He is such a fool; all he had to say was that he wanted to protest that he didn’t get an invite to the big day and he’d have been the most popular brown Brit in the land. He literally would have had millions of people joining his protest. Boy does he need help with his media profiling. LOL!

      Rab (Allah=Waheguru=God=Parmaatma) Rakha!

    8. KismetHardy — on 20th April, 2011 at 1:44 pm  

      What mangles said. No more blog inches for gormlessshit singh pls

    9. Navdeep Bansal — on 20th April, 2011 at 1:53 pm  

      I think we must not overlook the wider implications of the excommunication ultimatum press release.

      It sends a strong and clear message out to the wider community tat the Sikh community strongly disagrees with the EDL and its message and that we are trying to hold an individual to account for his statements.

      I think this will be seen as a sign of a socially responsible community who is collectively taking action (be it in whatever form).

      On another note, has the article been edited and cut down? It was better before!

    10. Jai — on 20th April, 2011 at 2:10 pm  

      On another note, has the article been edited and cut down? It was better before!

      PP’s senior editor Sunny Hundal has edited the article for reasons of length.

    11. Optimist — on 20th April, 2011 at 3:34 pm  

      Well, Kismat Hardy, I am not one of those people who says that you cannot make fun of a religion. And if this character was a real comedian, perhaps I would not be offended so much. But he’s gone beyond a joke and has set himself up as the head of a very dangerous ‘gang’. It may be true ‘EDL will do what the EDL will do’ and I am sure that he does not know that himself. In my opinion he would soon be kicked out by them as another ‘Paki’ and it seems it nearly happened in Blackburn. But till then, I think, something has to be done to expose him and this today’s article is a start..

      As regard to giving him the publicity, he has already been interviewed by the BBC three times, with a big slot in the Neswnight, a number of local radio stations have given him plenty of time, and the Daily Star, and no doubt they will keep doing so, no matter what this campaign does.

    12. Jai (Update) — on 20th April, 2011 at 5:11 pm  

      UPDATE: The original full-length version of the article has been published by the Turban Campaign. Readers are therefore strongly advised to also refer to the following:

    13. Optimist — on 21st April, 2011 at 8:28 am  

      Its a shame that the original article has been cut down. But I am sure that it was purley for technical reasons and thank you the turbancampaign for giving us the opportunity to be able to read the whole of this excellent article.

    14. Jagdeep — on 21st April, 2011 at 9:32 am  

      (I don’t mean to take away from the main thrust of Jai’s article, but since there’s no way of “starting a new thread”, I’m continuing here)

      Navdeep; I support the objectives of Turban Campaign and ‘Sikhs against the EDL’ in general, but I think this particular tactic of threatening excommunication is knee-jerk and naive.

      Since the early 1900′s, excommunication within the Sikh world has by and large been (ab)used as a tool by those in political power in Panjab, to demonize and silence those they disgree with, or those who pose threats to their domination, or as more recently demonstrated, those who oppose the leaders of their major vote banks. As Mangles has pointed out, why hasn’t the Akal Takht ‘excommunicated’ KPS Gill whose crimes are much more serious than just being a nut job?

      Amit and the EDL are entirely local issues that UK sikhs need to deal with. We don’t need to appeal to some ‘Pope’ figure in Amritsar (who nowadays is selected and removed at the whim of the political parties of panjab anyway) to pass down any edicts that Amit probably doesnt give a toss about anyway.

    15. mangles — on 22nd April, 2011 at 9:59 am  

      Jagdeep agree with you entirely.

      BTW the Turban Campaign - who are they? had never heard of them until recently. When you look at their blog its all about Sikhs against the EDL and Amit. Is this the only purpose of the turban campaign? Cos if so it’s not doing what it says on the tin!

      For example I was annoyed that they didn’t even have an inch-space condemning the abuse of a Sikhs’ turban by Indian police during the recent cricket world cup( which millions have watched on youtube etc) but not a single comment by the ‘Turban Campaign’ blog. Why not?

      Not even a mention about the abuse and unnecessary harassment Sikhs wearing Dastars have to go to when travel through any UK airport or beyond.

      Basic issues Sikhs day in day out face but nothing even about the dastar (turban sic) on their blog??? So I’m not sure if this group is a bonafide organisation or simply a puppet group of the far left.

      As for ‘Sikhs against the EDL’ - if SIkhs want to form a stand alone group to challenge the values and hypocrisy of the EDL and how their values contradict the Sikh ethos, history and philosophy- that’s great, and they are doing a good job (except for the excommunication move!).

      Jai’s articles also go along way in exposing the EDL eejits, just as he did a fantastic job in exposing the flaws and holes in the BNP’s policies (if you can call them that!).

      But frankly I don’t believe the people behind ‘Turban Campaign’ are legitimately interested in the ‘Turban’.

      Rab rakha!

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