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  • EDL’s Guramit Singh admits hating other Asians, ridicules God of Sikhism & Islam

    by Jai
    18th April, 2011 at 2:00 pm    

    Further to the joint statement by numerous major British Sikh & Hindu temples and organisations condemning the EDL and any Sikhs who join them, followed by the recent ultimatum issued to the EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit Singh, some more facts about Guramit himself are coming to light.

    “I f****** hate the Pakis”

    As can be heard in the Youtube clip below, a BBC Three documentary about the EDL included audio footage of Guramit Singh secretly referring to other South Asians as “Pakis” and describing his hatred of them. Perhaps it’s time Guramit actually looked in the mirror.

    “Who the f*** is Allah ?!”

    Some disturbing video footage of Guramit Singh has recently emerged, involving him gleefully screaming extremely foul-mouthed abuse about God directly into the camera. This is despite the fact that “Allah” is used as a name for God numerous times in the sacred hymns of the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh scriptures.

    Guramit’s “question” is answered directly by the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, in the Akal Ustat:

    “Someone calls himself a Hindu, another a Turk, someone a Shia, another a Sunni. Recognise the whole of humanity as one race……

    He the One is the only God of us all: it is His Form, His Light that is diffused in all…..

    The temple or the mosque are the same, the Hindu worship or the Muslim prayer are the same; all humans are the same, it is through error they appear different… is the one God who created all.

    The Hindu God and the Muslim God are the same; let no man even by mistake suppose there is a difference.”

    Guru Gobind Singh was responsible for fully militarising the Sikh population at the end of the 17th century, along with compiling the final version of the Guru Granth Sahib, which includes hundreds of sacred verses originally written by Muslims. And as confirmed by the extract from the Akal Ustat above, every single one of Guramit’s claims about Muslims, Islam and Allah are directly contradicted by Guru Gobind Singh himself.

    “God Bless and no surrender”

    Guramit’s tendency to sign off his public statements as an EDL spokesman with the phrase “God Bless and no surrender” raises the question of exactly which “God” he is invoking, given the fact that Sikhism explicitly makes it clear that there is only one God for the whole of mankind, and that “Allah” and the God of Sikhism are one and the same.

    EDL escalates hijacking of Sikh imagery

    Further to the recent ultimatum issued to Guramit Singh, stating that he must renounce the EDL or potentially face excommunication by the global Sikh authorities at the Akal Takht (part of the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar), the EDL have deliberately escalated their usage of Sikh imagery on their main website. The example below, from one of the EDL’s most recent articles, depicts a “Nihang Sikh” turban. Nihang Sikhs historically comprised the most dedicated professional soldiers of Guru Gobind Singh’s army, which also included senior Muslim officers.

    Unfortunately for the EDL, modern-day Nihang Sikhs have very recently been particularly heavily involved in assisting a major joint Sikh & Muslim project in India, involving the renovation of a mosque which the 6th Sikh Guru Hargobind had built for the Muslim population of the town he’d founded in Punjab. The Guru concerned also built the Akal Takht – and the foundation stone of the Golden Temple itself (“Harmandir Sahib”, to use its real name) was of course laid by a Muslim saint upon the invitation of the Sikh Guru at the time, on land granted to the Sikhs by a Muslim emperor.

                  Post to

    Filed in: Current affairs,EDL,Muslim,Religion,Sikh

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    1. sunny hundal

      Blogged: : EDL's Guramit Singh admits hating other Asians, ridicules God of Sikhism & Islam

    2. Rukiyah Khatun

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blogged: : EDL's Guramit Singh admits hating other Asians, ridicules God of Sikhism & Islam

    3. Terry

      RT @sunny_hundal: EDL's Guramit Singh admits hating other Asians, ridicules God of Sikhism & Islam #EDL

    4. Sadaf Qureshi

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blogged: : EDL's Guramit Singh admits hating other Asians, ridicules God of Sikhism & Islam

    5. BantheEDL

      #EDL spokesman Guramit Singh is racist

    6. Andy Bean

      RT @BantheEDL: #EDL spokesman Guramit Singh is racist

    7. Harris Kazmi

      RT @sunny_hundal: Blogged: : EDL's Guramit Singh admits hating other Asians, ridicules God of Sikhism & Islam

    8. EDL's Sikh Spokesman Guramit Singh Faces Excommunication by Global Sikh Authorities

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    9. Kirklees Unity

      Pickled Politics » #EDL’s Guramit Singh admits hating other Asians, ridicules God of Sikhism & Islam

    10. Daniel Pitt

      #EDL spokesman Guramit Singh is racist SHOCK HORROR! #BNP

    11. Turban Campaign » EDL’s Guramit Singh responds to excommunication ultimatum with doublespeak & religious hypocrisy:

      [...] to the recent Pickled Politics article highlighting the EDL’s “Sikh” spokesman Guramit Singh’s admission of hatred towards [...]

    1. Kismet Hardy — on 18th April, 2011 at 3:05 pm  

      Oh massa that there cotton pickin kunta kinte he say he wanna follow the drinking gourd. I tell you massa it be fools like dem that give us good folk a bad name. Emancipation, can you believe the godforsaken words dem chicken georges be spoutin? Not me massa, I don wanna go wade in no water, I wanna stay right here, fold your clothes and cook you ma mamma’s special ribs, even if she was a dirty field negress. What’s that masssa? You wanna fuck my sister? Well go right ahead massa. I’m a gonna gun me down a filthy gator bait

    2. Optimistic — on 18th April, 2011 at 8:42 pm  

      Congratulations Jai for this excellent article exposing the lies of the EDL, especially of their poster boy, Guramit. Thanks to such articles, no doubt soon people would begin to realise what the EDL really stand for and if left unchecked they would begin to pose a real danger to the whole fabric of our, peaceful and multi-cultural, society.

      Please keep up the good work.

    3. douglas clark — on 18th April, 2011 at 10:13 pm  


      Excellent post as ever.

      You might want to consider the provenance of the words ‘no surrender’. This is not as simple as it might appear.

      To quote:

      No Surrender! (Derrys Walls)

      For the cry was No Surrender,
      Surrender or you’ll die (Die! Die!)
      With Heart and hand and sword and shield,
      We’ll guard old Derrys Walls.

      King James and all his rebel SCUM,
      Came up to Bishopsgate,
      With heart and hand and sword and shield,
      We forced them to retreat

      Altogether Now!

      Perhaps he meant it, perhaps he didn’t, but it is worth considering.

      For those that don’t know. This is a Rangers FC and Northern Irish dirge about some stupid battle. The EDL has apparently got links to these sort of folks.

    4. Manny — on 20th April, 2011 at 7:51 pm  

      Does anyone actually know if Guramit is sane? He seriously seems to have swayed from any form of normal behaviour. Even of those Sikhs i used to know that harbour ill feeling towards Muslims, none would go down this route.

      But kudos for bringing out the verses, the meaning of the words and symbalism of the acts of the Guru’s is pretty powerful - religion at its best.

    5. Jai — on 21st April, 2011 at 11:32 am  


      Does anyone actually know if Guramit is sane?

      Only a formal psychiatric assessment could clarify that.

      But kudos for bringing out the verses, the meaning of the words and symbalism of the acts of the Guru’s is pretty powerful – religion at its best.

      Thank you, and I agree completely with your point about the power of the Gurus’ words and actions. If you haven’t read the following already, I very strongly recommend that you also read the original full-length version of my article discussing Guramit’s recent public statement responding to the ultimatum:

    6. earwicga — on 22nd April, 2011 at 12:32 pm  

      Does anyone actually know if Guramit is sane?

      Because racism is synonymous with mental illness? Sheesh! Please stop equating mental illness with things you don’t like.

    7. AYT — on 5th May, 2011 at 11:50 am  

      Jai - I don’t know who you are but I’ve just been catching up with some of the excellent articles you’ve written about this nonce Guramit Singh who is a stain on the human race let alone the Sikh or Muslim religions. I get the sense you’re a Sikh yourself (I’m Muslim) and you’re speaking out and intelligently disproving this idiot’s ludicrous claims. For this I’ve got to put my hands up and say a big “RESPECT”! Well done and keep up the good work. The Sikh community must be proud of you and more Muslims should take a lead from what you’re doing by intelligently speaking out and disproving the warped ideologies of some of the nuts in their midst.

    8. Jai — on 5th May, 2011 at 12:07 pm  


      Thank you very much for your kind words; I really appreciate it. And yes, I am a Sikh myself.

      As stated in #5 above, there have actually been some further developments regarding Guramit Singh. For further details, please do read the article mentioned in that comment, if you haven’t checked it out already. I think you’ll find it very interesting reading.

    9. AYT — on 5th May, 2011 at 1:53 pm  

      Jai - yes, I did read that and realised the amount of research, time and energy you must have invested into exposing this fool for what he is so hence thought the least i could do was say ‘thank you’! :)

    10. AYT — on 5th May, 2011 at 1:57 pm  

      P.S. it needs someone with an ‘insider’s knowledge’ of the Sikh faith (like yourself) to have credibility in exposing this idiot’s hate-filled vitriol - just as it needs mainstream Muslim scholars to step up to the mark and expose the warped deviancy of some of the extremists who are plaguing our faith.

      So (as today is voting day) I say vote YES for common sense and NO to extremism!

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