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Your Help Requested.

Posted By Clairwil On 24th June, 2007 @ 9:16 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

News has reached me via the fine folk at [1] PAIH that another asylum seeker family are at risk of detention and ultimately deportation.

Saima Asim arrived in the UK six years ago with her two sons, now seven and eleven years of age, after fleeing her violent husband and in laws back in Pakistan.

Since arriving both she and her sons have integrated well. Her sons both speak English exclusively (in the event of their deportation I do hope the Home Office supplies a couple of phrase books as a leaving gift) and Saima has been active in various church and community voluntary projects.

Unfortunately Ali, her eldest son was recently hospitalised after being assaulted by a gang and is still receiving treatment for the injuries he sustained.

The whole family have been asked to report to the Home Office in Brand Street whereas normally only Saima is asked to report.

[2] PAIH have organised a protest outside Brand St, in Glasgow tomorrow at 9:30am. If you can attend and wish to help it would be much appreciated.

Failing that you could also write to the [3] first minister, [4] your MSP, [5] your MP and [6] Dr John Reid who I’m sure will be more than sympathetic.

Finally here are statements from Saima and her eldest son.


“I’m a mother and i don’t know what to do. The Home Office said that we must report on monday. we are terrified about this because normally its just me who reports and lots of families have been taken away recently. But ali was attacked by a gang of boys on friday outside our for defending his little brother from being hit - this is the third time. I took him to the hospital. the emergency doctor said we must attend both the doctor and the glasgow dental Hospital on Monday because the cuts in his head are so deep after they beat his head and face with a metal knuckleduster. His teeth are also broken and moving very badly and could be permanently damaged. I reported it all to the police but those kids are still playing outside our home and my kids stay in all the time except for school or with me. I don’t know whether i should take my sick kids to hospital tomorrow or do what the home office and report there. If they detain us it will be the worst thing, i tried to save myself and my children, there is nothing and noone who will stand up for us in Pakistan. We came here for refuge not benefits. My kids are settled here, and i would like to be able to give back to this community and find work so we can stand on our own two feet. Ali would like to become a doctor one day, he could do something good for this country, we all could given the chance.”


“On Friday 22/6/07, I was coming home from my mum’s friend’s home when i saw 2 big boys,they were asking me why i batterd a boy called Stephan, i tried to tell them i didnt but the first boy started to batter my brother Bilal i tried to save him then the second boy hit me with a big piece of metal which gave me a burst head which i have stiches and then started to kick me on the face and gave me a bruised eye, and broken teeth and gave my brother a bruised face and neck.I am really afraid now this has happend to me 3 times and my brother 2 times the police have done nothing about the 3 incidents.

“My friend Leonard is at St Brendans Primary too, and he went to the home office him and his family to the detention centre and thats how he talks about it being so horrible, they wont let you out, you cant go out, they keep you locked up and maybe they will send you back to your country. But Pakistan’s not my country cos it doesnt feel like it and i dont want to go back. My best friend Osama one day he was in the class and the next day he wasn’t. We thought he was just off. But he never came back. Our teacher Mrs Taylor said maybe he’ll come back but he didn’t. She used to talk about it but then she never mentioned it again. I think she was sad like us because we all missed him in the class and he was a really a good student. Some kids at school told me after that the police came to his house and just took him and his family back to their country. I tell my wee brother maybe they will take us away one day so he has some idea what’s going to happen, Bilal cries about it cos he was really small when he came here. Both of us remember scotland but we don’t remember anything about Pakistan. My mum cries a lot at night and is quite ill”.

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#1 Comment By Sunny On 24th June, 2007 @ 9:46 pm

Clairwil, thanks for highlighting this. Is that Brand st. in Glasgow or in London?

#2 Comment By Clairwil On 24th June, 2007 @ 10:22 pm

Sorry I’m being parochial it’s in Govan, Glasgow.

#3 Comment By Clairwil On 24th June, 2007 @ 10:23 pm

I’ve just updated to save any confusion.

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