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  • A weekly round-up of the blogosphere

    by Sunny
    30th October, 2005 at 3:40 pm    

    1) A whole bunch of people, including David T of HP have provided views on Navid Akhtar’s documentary Young, Angry and Muslim for OpenDemocracy magazine.

    2) Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit, writes more on the Indian blogosphere vs IIPM issue on his column for MSNBC.

    3) Incurable Hippie tells us, quite yummyliciously, that Ben and Jerry’s are giving away free ice-cream to those willing to donate blood. So what you waiting for, foo’?

    4) The Renegade of Junk points out, quite alarmingly, that Halliburton is tricking Asians into coming to Iraq to work. Grrrr…

    5) The Indian blogosphere has also been going mad over the ’55-word piece of fiction’ phenomena, and a new blog has been set up bringing together everyone’s entries.

    6) Ashish Niti finds that the Indian govt was also implicated in the Volcker report on the Oil-for-food scanadal in Iraq.

    7) Madeleine Bunting’s interview with Al-Qaradawi was disappointing I thought, because she did not ask more difficult questions or put him on the spot over suicide bombings in Israel. She wants to engage rather than alienate Muslim scholars, but why fete a man who polarises so much? I just don’t get it. David T and Yusuf Smith have more.

    8) Nick Cohen has written about the Birmingham riots and says Pickled Politics is run by a bunch of “sharp” Asian writers. At least someone recognises!

    UPDATE: 9) Independent on Sunday’s Peter Cole also name-checks PP in an article on how the media treated the disturbances.

    To send tips for next week’s round-up, use the link on the top right.

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    1. Tim Worstall

      Britblog Roundup # 37

      Here we are, once again, ready to plunge into the seething ferment that is the UK and Irish blogosphere to bring you the best, as nominated by YOU the readers, posts of the week. As ever you can make suggestions

    1. leon — on 30th October, 2005 at 4:28 pm  

      Eh? Are you spam?

    2. Sunny — on 30th October, 2005 at 4:53 pm  

      Lol, no Tim has just trackbacked Pickled Politics in his weekly blog round-up.

    3. Rohin — on 30th October, 2005 at 5:55 pm  

      Tim says we have the Anglo-Asian news. If Al-Hack’s the only sharp writer, then I’m the only Anglo-Asian here, so clear off the rest of you!

      Actually Sunny, why does it always say ‘hellip’ when someone tracks back to us? What the hell is a hellip?

    4. blue mountain — on 31st October, 2005 at 8:51 am  


      What about posting a link to the wonderful site muslimwakeup instead of Indigo Jo and company.

      As a new visitor to your site I followed the link and landed in his blog. I read his “Hypocrisy and self-delusion on Iran” and posted some comments.

      Someone said Saudi is one country and not representative of all Muslim countries.

      I posted comments about the treatment of minorities like Ahmediyas/Qadianis in Pakistan and Copts in Egypts. He deleted them all.And this guy complains about hypocrisy !!!

      It is very fine for Muslims to complain about the treatment they get in a country where they are not a majority but no one should talk about the plight of minorities in a Islamic State.

      I am no Muslim hater but facts are facts and no matter how hard you try to hide the truth it will surely come out.

      Blaming evil Bush - Blair -Zionist Conspiracy -Hindu Fascists- Illegal Occupation -Exploitative Capitalist
      Western Society and Jews would get them nowhere.

      Pakistani Urdu Press regularly portrays Hindus as a cunning and cowardly people.

      The only Christian player is subjected to mental torture until he converts to Islam.

      (You need to register to read the aricle)

      And the man doesn’t delete comments like this

      No they’re not, they’re zionist toilet stain. Nael Giladi anyone?

    5. Geezer — on 31st October, 2005 at 1:33 pm  

      Pakistani Urdu Press regularly portrays Hindus as a cunning and cowardly people.

      The only Christian player is subjected to mental torture until he converts to Islam.
      [blue mountain]

      Your link does not work and can you please bring substantial evidence to prove your allegations. First that the Pakistan press is anti Hindu and that Youhanna was forced to convert even though the likes of Danish Kaneria who is a DEVOUT Hindu has never had any problems.

    6. blue mountain — on 31st October, 2005 at 2:13 pm  


      This comes from a respectable and premier left wing magazine in India.The editor is Vinod Mehta.

      It states that Wasim Akram’s wife and and the wives of other cricketers refused to share a meal in the same table with Youhana’s wife.

      Secondly after Saeed Anwar’s daughter died he found solace in Islam.And the players guilty of betting and match-fixing scandals readily became Anwar’s followers as they wanted to repent.

      Youhana always was a lonely forlorn figure in the team.In fact he was sent back home from the tour of West Indies and nobody supported him let alone PCB Official.

      Youhana’ s father blames Saeed Anwar and company for his son’s conversion.

      Now Pakistani Officials are concerned that with the English team touring Pakistan all spotlight would be on Youhana’s conversion and this could bring bad publicity.

      PS The article was written by a Pakistani Agha Akbar

    7. blue mountain — on 31st October, 2005 at 2:27 pm  

      This is what Pakistani daily Jang says:

      PCB wants players to maintain

      focus amid religious activities

      By our correspondent

      KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is keen to convince the national team players not to lose sight of their responsibilities as professional cricketers while being involved in religious activities in the build up to the forthcoming home series against England and India.

      Sources in the Board said some discussion had been held among the top officials about the increased involvement of some ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ workers in the training camp being held in Lahore through some of the players.

      “This is a very sensitive issue and the Board does not want to offend anyone or create a controversy. But its top officials are concerned that ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ workers are becoming too involved with the players during the training camp and some players were not keeping their professional and religious activities apart,” one source said.

      The alarm bells have been set off in the Board after the controversy that followed the conversion of batsman Yousuf Youhana to Islam and the statements made by his parents. “While the Board has no problems with the fact that Yousuf decided to become a Muslim they were not happy that this issue affected the training sessions and preparations in Lahore,” the source added.

      According to him, the Board was also concerned that some of the players who were involved with the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ and went on tours to deliver sermons, had also been doing the same in the camp and in the dressing room amongst the other players.

      In recent times some of the main Pakistani players have turned to religion and preaching in a big way with former captain and opener Saeed Anwar having played a leading role in this change.

      “Since Saeed became a born again Muslim in 2001 after the tragic death of his infant daughter he has managed to also convince some other players to join ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ with now captain Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi, Mushtaq Ahmed, Saqlain Mushtaq and Shoaib Malik among those who’ve also become active Tableeghi workers,” he said.

      The source said the Board was still trying to figure out a way to tackle the situation as it didn’t want a big controversy on its hand but some senior officials had spoken their mind to some of the players on this matter.

      “The Board is only worried that the players don’t lose sight of their responsibilities as Pakistan players and start mixing religion with cricket too much. “Very soon they’ll come up a strategy to tackle this issue,” the source added.

      Youhana, who has taken the Muslim name of Mohammad Yousuf, says he took his decision after being touched and influenced by the preaching and sermons he heard from ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ preachers and from scholars at the Raiwand congregations.

      Zahid Ahmed, who played a One-day International for Pakistan in 1987 and is now a committed ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ worker, however insisted they only spoke to the players and other high-profile figures about how to be good Muslims and their duties towards Allah The Almighty.“We are neither forcing nor pressurising anyone. We are just doing God’s work,” he said.

      He made it clear the ‘Tableeghi Jamaat’ was talking to high-profile figures in sports and showbiz because if they were convinced to change their style of living then others who idolised them would also follow their example.

    8. Geezer — on 31st October, 2005 at 2:44 pm  

      Well if Youhana himself said he was not pressurised I don’t see why anyone else will have a problem. The Indian magazine may be true in some of the events it narrates but let’s be honest regardless of it being left wing or right wing there will always be an element of spin in it to discredit the “other” side.

      I do agree with the worry expressed in the Jang article of the creeping influence of the Jammat and I’m glad they have mentioned something about it in the national press. The two should be kept separate. Unlike some other Muslims I met Yusuf’s conversion with a touch of unease especially as I used to love the fact that a Christian was in the team and was getting somewhere. I hope things go well for Danish and that his example paves the way for more non Muslims to enter the team which they are.

    9. shakil arshad — on 21st December, 2005 at 8:32 am  

      hi every body,
      i don’t know what happend to people,why they are bothering Muhammad yousaf.he is a gentle me humen beings born free and if they are free then let them free.every person has frame of mind and thinking power so Myhammad yousaf.don’t criticis any religion or any jumaat every one has the right to preach.i am a modern person i am not an extremest but whatever i sudied i got the the tableeghi jumaat the best and peacefull,thats why thousands of people are comming to join it,and the good thing in this jumaat is they are not forcing neither they have terror ideas.they are advising for peace and love and every body know what is love and what is peace,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i think only GOD.any way I admire MUHAMMAD YOUSAF that he did reaserch and at the end he got conclusion,he is a great player and now i think he will not lose reputation as great human,he must have respect his family member whatever they say he should not argue.personaly i respect all the religions cause religions teach us peace and sincerity and peace is the only solution of the world,but we have to study and do research that wich religion is the best and modern.and at last i request all the people who are bothering MUHAMMAD YOUSAF,please leave him to play good cricket and be a good human neither criticise SAEED ANWAR,see his career hi was a great player and good man i rate him the best player in cricket & i haven’t seen a good person in cricket like SAEED ANWAR in my whole life.

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