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  • The escalating extremism of Fox News’s Glenn Beck

    by Jai
    28th September, 2010 at 11:45 am    

    This article follows directly from the PP article yesterday focusing on Newt Gingrich. Readers are therefore advised to read that part first before continuing below.

    Fox News anchor & Tea Party icon Glenn Beck, who has described himself as a “borderline schizophrenic”, increasingly reminds me of Ron Perlman’s “right-wing media icon” demagogue in the 1995 film The Last Supper. Anyone who has seen that movie will understand exactly what I mean. And like his fictional counterpart, Beck has even started holding huge rallies with exactly the type of audience Perlman’s character was shown as being such a dangerous influence on. Life disturbingly imitating art, 15 years later.

    A selection of examples focusing on Glenn Beck, Fox News and the Tea Party

    · Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly has stated that Glenn Beck is the leader of the Tea Party movement. Beck has repeatedly declared that his aim is to oppose progressivism, which he calls a “cancer” in American society. Beck has also repeatedly claimed that there is currently a vast, secular, liberal, progressive conspiracy underway to seize control of America and destroy the republic in its present form by manipulating the democratic system and subverting the Constitution.

    · As previously discussed on PP, an in-depth investigation by Jane Mayer of the New Yorker has revealed the huge scale of the Right-wing billionaire Koch brothers’ involvement in bankrolling & manipulating the Tea Party movement from the very start, with the deliberate intention of furthering their own agenda (also summarised by the New York Times). The Koch brothers have direct links to both Fox News and the Republican Party. Not only have the Koch brothers been doing everything they can to destroy Obama’s presidency, but one of their main aims is to destroy progressivism itself.

    · Glenn Beck has an extensive history of extremely violent rhetoric. He has also openly stated that he is going to spend the rest of his life hunting down and “exposing” progressives. Furthermore, he has repeatedly made bizarre comments about his opponents potentially “shooting him in the head”, along with suggesting that the Obama Administration plans to kill 10% of the American population and is deliberately pushing the US towards a civil war.

    · Beck has an extensive history of racially-inflammatory rhetoric, including his unashamed promotion of a viciously racist and anti-Semitic book written in 1934 by Elizabeth Dilling, whom Beck has openly described as being one of his ideological predecessors, ie. “people who were doing what we’re doing now”. Dilling was a Nazi-sympathising American author and activist who described “un-Christianized” “colored people” as “savages,” called Hinduism and Islam “debasing and degrading”, claimed that the world’s Jewish population were to blame for everything negative afflicting mankind, described “racial inter-mixing” as a “communist plot”, praised Hitler’s leadership, and attended Nazi party meetings in Germany during the late 1930s along with speaking at rallies organised by US-based Nazi groups after the start of World War 2.

    · Beck has promoted a book by Eustace Mullins which supports conspiracy theories about Jewish control of the American financial system. Mullins was an anti-Semite and a white supremacist who claimed that the very existence of Jews was “an affront to nature”, and also blamed them for 9/11. Furthermore, Mullins wrote a book called “Adolph Hitler: An Appreciation”, in which he compared Hitler to Christ and claimed that both were victims of Jews.

    · An on-air rant during his show on Fox News when Beck openly described Obama’s America as being like “the damn Planet of the Apes”, while a picture of Obama was displayed on the video monitor next to him.

    · Beck has an extensive history of fundamentalist Christian religious rhetoric. He literally believes that he is fighting on the side of God against Satan, and has repeatedly suggested that liberal, progressive people are “enemies of God”. Beck has also repeatedly opposed “social justice”, claiming that the concept is a “perversion” of Christianity. Furthermore, Beck has claimed that Obama’s interpretation of Christianity is “not something that most Christians recognize”. Ironically, in reality Beck is actually a Mormon, not an Evangelical Christian — in fact, the more extreme elements of the latter group don’t even regard Mormons as Christians at all.

    · Beck has been involved in the formation and promotion of the “Black Robe Regiment”, a conservative religious group which Beck claims is composed of “thousands of clergy” and is aimed at increasing the involvement of religion at the core of American society. More details here. The Black Robe Regiment has direct links to senior Republican politician & potential 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. In reality, not only does the US Constitution explicitly emphasise the need for the separation of Church and State, but Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli – signed directly by the Founding Father & 2nd US president John Adams in 1797, and unanimously approved by Congress – explicitly states that “the Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion”.

    · The explicitly political aspects of Glenn Beck’s recent rally in Washington, despite his claims to the contrary. There is also a considerable amount of information about Fox News’s own “unofficial corporate sponsorship” of both Beck’s recent rally and previous Tea Party rallies. Beck himself has openly claimed that the Tea Party is, in part, “trying to make sure that our [American] children aren’t sold as slaves to China”.

    · Beck has made false allegations about Imam Rauf’s wife Daisy Khan, claiming that she said “all Americans hate Muslims”; and in yet another disgusting example of ascribing collective guilt, Beck explicitly blames the Sufis involved in Park51/Cordoba House for the nearly 3000 deaths that occurred on 9/11, and does not differentiate between them and Al-Qaeda. He has also repeatedly attacked Imam Rauf, claiming that “there is something very, very wrong with him”. Furthermore, Beck himself was at the forefront of Fox News’s repeated insinuations about sinister figures allegedly financing the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque”, with Beck emphasising the need to “follow the money”…..until the investigation by Jon Stewart and The Daily Show revealed that the trail led back directly to Fox News.

    · Since President Obama was elected, Fox personalities have expressed hostility towards — and in some cases promoted the actual repeal of — numerous legal and constitutional advancements implemented in America during the 20th century, including progressive developments such as sections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The latter was instrumental in outlawing major forms of discrimination against African-Americans along with ending racial segregation.

    · Several polls conducted in August 2010 revealed that approximately 1/4 to 1/5 of the American population now believes that Obama is secretly a Muslim, with 60% of the people involved confirming that their opinion is based on the media; according to an earlier poll in March 2010, 57% of Republicans believe that Obama is a Muslim, 45% believe he was not actually born in the US, and 38% believe he is duplicating many of the actions of Hitler. The Right-wing media in America has been heavily involved in promoting these lies.

    · In recent months, the level of complaints of anti-Muslim discrimination in the American workplace has even exceeded the period immediately after 9/11; unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me at all, given the recent “Quran-burning” debacle and most of all the manufactured controversy of the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque”. Fox News in particular has been at the forefront of whipping up hysteria about the latter. You can read a detailed and thoroughly-researched overview of the specific timeline for the American “conservative Right’s” anti-Muslim bigotry from December 2009 to September 2010 here.

    Regarding the escalating behaviour of America’s “conservative Right” in general, including several of their key figures, readers are advised to familiarise themselves with the “Big Lie” propaganda technique and the associated historical precedent.

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      The escalating extremism of Fox News’s Glenn Beck.

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      Pickled Politics » The escalating extremism of Fox News’s Glenn Beck

    1. Andy Gray — on 28th September, 2010 at 1:55 pm  

      Good article, but I think you’re rather missing the point about Perlman’s character, Norman Arbuthnot (especially insofar as he relates to the five ‘liberals’).

    2. Malinka — on 29th September, 2010 at 9:00 pm  

      He’s a nut and a bigot. But to classify Beck as an ‘extremist’, when he’s not advocated killing anyone, whereas you classify Imam Rauf - an advocate of replacing the US Constitution with Sharia Law, and thus a supporter of abolishing democracy and executing of adulterers and homosexuals, among other things, and who can’t bring himself to condemn Hamas - a ‘moderate’, shows a rather idiotic bias, possibly a racist one.

    3. Ravi Naik — on 30th September, 2010 at 9:43 am  

      But to classify Beck as an ‘extremist’, when he’s not advocated killing anyone

      That’s your definition of an “extremist”. I would certainly classify Beck as an extremist as he advocates religious fundamentalism and fanaticism.

      an advocate of replacing the US Constitution with Sharia Law, and thus a supporter of abolishing democracy and executing of adulterers and homosexuals

      Where exactly does he say he wants to replace the US constitution with Sharia Law, and that he supports abolishing democracy, executing adulterers and homosexuals?

    4. Jai — on 30th September, 2010 at 11:31 am  

      Good article, but I think you’re rather missing the point about Perlman’s character, Norman Arbuthnot (especially insofar as he relates to the five ‘liberals’).

      Thanks for your kind words about my article, Andy. I’d respond to your other point, but I’d end up giving away some major plot spoilers to PP readers who may not have seen that film yet.

      Interestingly, apparently Arbuthnot was based to a great extent on Rush Limbaugh.

    5. Jai — on 30th September, 2010 at 11:42 am  

      Where exactly does he say he wants to replace the US constitution with Sharia Law, and that he supports abolishing democracy, executing adulterers and homosexuals?

      Exactly, Ravi. And claiming that the Sufi Imam Rauf is an “extremist” is also a curious allegation for someone to make, considering that:

      a) He has no connection whatsoever to orthodox Wahhabism and its theocratic Islamist counterparts. Imam Rauf is part of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi order (, which has itself been actively involved in promoting moderation and interfaith friendship. Real Islamist extremists like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban actually have a literally murderous level of hatred for such Sufi groups for exactly this reason. They view such Sufis as heretics who are “excessively liberal” in their interpretation of Islam and “excessively benevolent” towards non-Muslims;

      b) The Park51 project has been heavily assisted by Jews involved in running a major New York-based Jewish community centre, and the Park51 board itself includes numerous Christians and Jews as well as Muslims;

      and most of all c) Rauf has been formally assisting both the FBI and the American government in anti-Islamist-extremism activities since the Bush Administration; in fact, he was even personally selected by President Bush to undertake diplomatic efforts with Muslim-majority countries in order to rectify negative preconceptions about the United States and promote the fact that religious tolerance is integral to the ideological basis of America. More recently, multiple senior members of the former Bush Administration have forcefully condemned the type of slanderous allegations that “Malinka” has also made about Rauf.

      Furthermore, in the past Fox News have actually interviewed both Imam Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan, and responded very positively to both of them. There was even a detailed front-page article in the New York Times on 9th December 2009 discussing Rauf himself along with the intentions of the Park51/Cordoba House project ( ), with zero subsequent hostility from the mainstream American “conservative Right”. Fox News, specifically “The O’Reilly Factor”, interviewed Daisy Khan shortly afterwards, and the reaction from the anchor at the time was “I can’t find many people who really have a problem with it….I like what you’re trying to do”. (See: ). There was still no hostility to Rauf and the Park51 project from the American “conservative Right” at all for the next 5 months…..until Fox News suddenly & inexplicably underwent at 180-degree turnaround in their previous positive stance from May 2010 onwards.

      In any case, as I said above, the allegations about Imam Rauf are not only opposed by the current White House but also by the most senior members of the former Bush Administration along with the FBI itself, all of whom classify Rauf as a moderate.

      I would certainly classify Beck as an extremist as he advocates religious fundamentalism and fanaticism.

      Absolutely, and this is a heavily-documented matter of public record, as per the information provided in the main PP article above.

    6. joe90 — on 1st October, 2010 at 6:38 pm  


      glen beck is the worst kind of extremist you claim he does’nt advocate killing anyone. he has asked for pow’s to be shot in the head, talks about nancy pelosis wine being poisoned, wants people to put stakes into the hearts of democracts, has dreams of killing michael moore to name a few examples.

      But his special agenda is to provoke violence against democrats or what he calls progressives. Calling them a cancer and calling for their eradication. Whipping up fear and hatred on a daily basis leads to violence.

      I guess you missed all that and think he is a boy scout who helps old ladies cross the road!

    7. Don — on 6th October, 2010 at 12:15 am  

      Is there a fine line between ‘advocating killing’ and screaming ‘Beat their heads in with a shovel’ or ‘ Shoot them in the face’ on national television?

      I suppose there must be. Can’t see it myself.

    8. Johnny America — on 25th October, 2010 at 5:00 pm  

      Americans need to wake up the fact that Beck is simply another opinion pushing charlatan who is a product of mormon cult theology and he mixes this with his personal make up as a dry alcoholic. And for the record, he is a Mormon and not a Christian. As someone with a graduate degree in religion, I can say with all qualifications that Mormonism fits all parameters of a cult and has none of the parameters of a religion. A cult is any group (regardless of its size) that interprets the doctrines of a religion in an unorthodox fashion. Cults have come out of all major world religions and Christianity is no exception. The problem here is the fact the most Christians do not understand the difference between the two and they easily fall for the lies of Mormon missionaries or Jehovah’s Witness cultists when they come to one’s door.
      Glenn Beck is a complete total idiot who has no honor, does not support America’s troops and would not know the first thing about restoring honor to the USA. On this idiots radio show and Fox Network program he consistent demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, impulsivity, ADD and indecisiveness. Alongside that reality, Glenn Beck does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, has no college degree, has no qualifications and he is definitely not a true conservative. But then, what can anyone expect from someone who can’t find anything filthier than their own personal reflection. Since people like Beck cannot survive on the basis of any personal merits, they survive by putting others down with lies and half truths in order to feel good about themselves.
      The truth about Beck is that he a dry mormon alcoholic who never got the counseling required for alcoholics. To further complicate things and confuse people, Beck flippantly throws around Christian terms like “God”, “Jesus”,”Holy Spirit” as well as voices of other so called “Spirit Powers” on his radio talk show. Beck is a mormon in active standing with the mormon church and is not a Christian. Mormonism teaches many gods, that the god of the earth was once a man who attained godhood status, there is no trinity, the cross of Christ means nothing and that Jesus Christ and Satan were brothers. They have some very twisted ideas that do not come from the Christian Bible or Christian doctrines and they are laughing all the way to the bank with each temple they build.
      Because Beck does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, he is the perfect abortion poster child for Fox Network. The people who love what Beck says are no different than the impressionable sheep who loved every speech made by Adolph Hitler in his early years when he brought Germany into an era of economic prosperity These same sheep also blindly followed Hitler into one of the darkest chapters of world history. Beck and the Fox Network both cater to the same lowest common denominator of demagoguery.
      Someone should have asked Beck which of the many mormon gods he kept talking about during his argument with himself on Saturday on the square in DC. Like a typical dry alcoholic, Beck even lied on national television when he spoke about holding a document signed by George Washington. That event never took Place. Unfortunately, people who love being led around by the nose do not realize that Beck is talking about a different god than that of Christianity, Judaism or Islam. Beck has been a product of mormon cultism from the day he started doing a radio talk show as an opinion pusher. This idiot never even went to college, has no clue what is really in the US Constitution or what the founding fathers really believed and intended. You don’t have to have a degree in psychology to see that Beck exhibits all the signs of a dry alcoholic. The only reason this unstable impressionable idiot fell into mormonism was because the woman he wanted to have sex with would not do so unless they got first got married and joined a church. From that point, they joined the mormon cult where Beck’s unstable mind went even further out into left field through mixing Catholicism with mormonism. Glenn Beck is as big a charlatan as Joseph Smith or that 5th grade graduate (Charles T Russell) who started the Jehovah’s Witness cult.
      This is Glenn Beck in a very accurate and concise nutshell. Considering the fact that Becks personal views are extreme Marxist Libertarian, his form of patriotism is false and he is a person who has no real substance or depth. It will not surprise many of us when Beck’s next big thing is to come out of the closet and announce his homosexuality to the nation. Simply put…he is just another predatory neocon who is pushing the buttons of very ignorant & impressionable people who love being told what to think and believe.
      We live in a period of history where it has become very socially acceptable to be stupid and follow extremist idiots like Glenn Beck, Adolph Hitler, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Christine O Donnell and Rush Limbaugh. Chicanery and lies are their middle names as these people have no ounce of integrity and are masters at perverting truth, facts and history. Even now…Beck is probably masturbating while watching Fox News video footage of Christine O Donnell & Sarah Palin while brainstorming over his next round of vile spew for his opinion pushing points on the radio or TV.

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