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The MCB and the JBD

Posted By Sunny On 9th February, 2007 @ 1:27 pm In Religion | Comments Disabled

In an article today for [1] comment is free, I show how the reaction to and criticism of Independent Jewish voices has been very similar to when the MCB get criticised, with examples. British Jews have had longer to integrate in the UK and develop more secular voices, so I’m disappointed the reaction has been so vociferous, especially given that British Muslims are still largely young, more conservative and constantly pillorised in the media. And yet the latter still have more public disagreement over issues.

Comments Disabled To "The MCB and the JBD"

#1 Comment By Leon On 9th February, 2007 @ 2:24 pm

A brilliantly nuanced view Sunny but I fear one that will yet again be ignored so some people can flame each other over the same old grounds…

#2 Comment By Chairwoman On 9th February, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

When a group puts an advertisment in the press expressing its views and asking people to sign up, it puts itself in the public arena.

Personally I don’t know any of the signatories, so lack the luxury of being able to take Stephen Fry, for example, to one side, and tell him what ramifications I feel are likely.

I regret the furore the advertisement has caused, but surely this is exactly what was required, things not being discussed within a shuttered room, and a general washing of our dirty linen in public.

As for being surprised at how vociferous we are, when you get a group of us together, everybody’s shouting ‘Listen to me! This is important!’ Sound familiar?

#3 Comment By douglas clark On 10th February, 2007 @ 10:06 am


As someone pointed out on your CiF thread, it seems to be the usual suspects who are so vociferous. On a quick look through the comments about 80% seem to be agreeing with you, 10% disagreeing and 10% off on some ego trip. That would make any democratic politician pleased as Punch.

I must say I wondered what you were going to write and I, too, was deeply impressed. Excellent article.

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