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  • Mission Statement

    We, as modern Asian Britons, are fighting a metaphorical war on two fronts.

    In one corner we have what you can call ‘the community’. Politically and socially it has become a closed system dominated by self-appointed leaders, ‘race relations experts’ and self-serving politicians. They are surrounded by a group of people who remain largely unwilling to critically examine themselves because they are too busy being defensive.

    On the other side there are the racists. But while racism has become a dirty word, even for the BNP, it has evolved into anti-immigration hysteria and Islamophobia. It has also evolved into the soft racism of the middle classes. Like Hizb ut-Tahrir the bigots have simply changed their words.

    Pickled Politics was created by a group of friends, led by Sunny and Rohin, to fill a void. It has become a magazine and a platform where we can talk of our own vision of how things need to change and rail against the system. Other media spaces remain constrained either by vested interests or political correctness.

    There is another way to look at this.

    On one side stand all the bigots who hate, despise and look down on others based on their race, religion, caste, sexuality and nationality. And there are others who choose to reject that hatred. Whose side do you want to be on?

    To be sure, sometimes the lines are blurred. This is why we are here - to make sense of those lines and then choose where we stand. It’s a learning process, but we have to draw that line, and not side with the bigots.

    But it cannot cannot simply remain a pulpit from where we shout or laugh at others. It has to become more pro-active than that.

    In a more organised and planned manner, we need to highlight and discuss what needs to be changed and we need to thrash out how to go down that path. We need to forge a new way of thinking and record it into articles, campaigns and essays that can be used to document this revolution. We need to be unafraid of criticism, be open to learning and not be plagued by a victim mentality that holds back meaningful self-criticism.

    At the same time we need to highlight the enemies of this revolution: the self-serving community leaders, the bigots and the religious fanatics. We need to expose them, attack them, ridicule them and gather evidence against them.

    We have to figure out how to deal with this bigotry and unashamedly champion a progressive path.

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