Bangladesh and Citizenship: Discrimination against Women

More nation-state woes. Right: so discrimination against women is rampant in Bangladesh, as in other parts of the world. But I was really shocked when i found out recently about some pretty fundamental discrimination: citizenship laws and how they affect women. That seems to me rather critical. Okay so basically I’m a Bangladeshi citizen –> […]

The Tel Aviv Protests in favour of Peace

via Daniels Counter - ( Not in the news! Tel Aviv: Anti War protest)

This was interesting - Daniel highlights the anti-war protests in Israel on Sunday 16th July - which the mainstream media hardly covered. Also on the 21st of July in Haifa.
“This featured in the Israeli papers Haaretz and Yediot Ahronot, but not […]

Terrorism and Turning the Other Cheek

I was reading insomnia’s livejournal and i wanted to repost an extract.. ( emphases are my own)
“..If Lebanon is a terrorist state because of Hezbollah then isn’t Israel a terrorist state because of their fundamentalist wackos too? I mean, what else would you call a paramiliary group that pays people $4500 to kill other people […]

Mumbai Blasts

..Breaking news.. ( well probably not by the time anyone reads this..) explosions on commuter trains in Mumbai. Nothing much seems to be clear yet - the BBC’s reports indicate that the first blast was at around 6 pm local time ( 1 p.m. here)
According to Sploid - there were seven separate explosions […]

Seventh of July : One Year On

Tomorrow: one year on from last year’s awful attacks here in London. It will be marked by a two-minute silence at noon - to remember the victims, and presumably - more generally - mark the tragedy of loss of life. A public ceremony is also being held in the evening at Regent’s Park.
A terribly […]

Question the Prime Minister

the Downing Street website aka tony’s portal will be broadcasting an ‘exclusive interview’ with the Prime Minister tomorrow - and stop press! you will be able to ask him questions.
“The new forum is open to anyone and is an opportunity for the public to challenge the PM on any subject they wish, just as MPs […]

free the free market please

it makes me laugh. we’re so stupid and we love accepting what we’re told without questioning the basics. ( what! you mean this doesn’t apply to just religious people?)
what’s so ‘free’ about the free market? please someone can you explain that to me and give me some simple answers?
there is no such thing - i […]

Local elections 2006 - have your say

Local elections are held across the UK this thursday 4th may.
Seats in each of 144 District, Borough, Metropolitan Borough and Unitary Councils outside of London, and all seats on the 32 London Borough Councils, are up for election.
For a full list check out the Electoral Commission
Also see About My Vote
I know who I won’t […]

Touché ! Colbert of Comedy Central lampoons Bush

“A blistering comedy “tribute” to President Bush by Comedy Central’s faux talk show host Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondent Dinner Saturday night left George and Laura Bush unsmiling at its close.”
-” of the ballsiest comic stunts ever pulled in Washington”
So…good news eh! the White House Correspondent Dinner is an annual event - as […]