SLAVE BRITAIN: twenty first century trade in human lives

A photography exhibition at St. Paul’s Cathedral which documents the ordinary lives and everyday locations caught up in human trafficking, and calls for an end to this illegal 21st century trade. The exhibition seeks to expose the reality of trafficking and the action needed to tackle it.
Running until the 29th March, produced by Panos Pictures, […]

Amartya Sen on Bengal and Multiple Identities

Amartya Sen will be speaking on what Bengal’s history tells us about living with multiple identities at the British Museum today at 6:30 p.m.
“Bengal has arguably the longest history of engagement between East and West, stretching back over several centuries of settlement, with Calcutta once the capital city of the British in India. For Bengalis, […]

Trafalgar Square Festival

Three weeks of outdoor performances - gymnastics, dance, art, and music - at Trafalgar Square this month - Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday until Aug 20

Awaz by Akademi - A fusion of classical, folk and festive dance that celebrates the dynamism of modern Asian women.
Pax Pace Paz Paix Peace - A powerful evocation […]

Undercover Surrealism : A Subversive Climate

Undercover Surrealism explores the ’subversive climate’ of the dark undercurrent within Surrealism in the late 1920’s spearheaded by Georges Bataille. The exhibition draws together work by Picasso, Miro, Masson, Giacometti as well as imagery from the magazine Bataille edited from 1929 to 1930 called DOCUMENTS :
” a shocking and bizarre juxtaposition of art, ethnography, archaeology […]

Satirical London: 300 years of irreverent images

“Anything sharp or severe is called a Satyr” : Cocker’s English Dictionary 1704.

“ exhibition of visual satire produced in and about London over three centuries. In this period the form of satire has changed radically, from popular individual engravings to newspaper cartoons and television. Some images are produced by amateurs, others by leading artists […]

Events: Ordinary Liberty and what freedom really means

The Cold War Studies Centre and the Institute for the Study of Americas at LSE presents a public lecture by Orlando Patterson who is Professor of Sociology at Harvard this evening at 6:00 p.m. The lecture focuses on the relevance of what people actually mean by ‘freedom‘ and how these underlying ideas impact on race […]

dulwich picture gallery

the main galleries of the dulwich picture gallery are open this sunday for free! as part of the dulwich arts festival from 10 to 5 p.m.

another interesting event that is part of the festival is ‘eco-vandalism‘ in Sydenham Hill Woods (the wood is located between Dulwich, Sydenham Hill and Forest Hill) - also on Sunday.
” […]

Brick Lane - Baisakhi Mela 2006

Baishakhi Mela 2006
the eighth ‘Baishaki Mela’ takes place this Sunday 14th May between 11am and 7.00pm @ Brick Lane - which will be pedestrianised for the day.
“The Baishaki Mela is a unique festival, born out of the collective aspirations of a generation of Bengali people who wanted to celebrate the Bangla New Year. The […]

‘Multi-culture in times of war’

Tonight’s Public Lecture at the LSE is the Anthony Giddens Professor in Social Theory inaugural lecture - Professor Paul Gilroy is speaking on multiculturalism and conflict.
“Britain’s ‘multi-culturalism’ was officially pronounced dead in July 2005. The speaker will explore elements of its afterlife. This lecture will discuss some ways of approaching the social […]

Moviementos film and music night

MOVIMIENTOS @ The Salmon and Compass -Thursday 4th May (7pm -2am)
“A politically inspired night of Latin boogie & documentary films on Latin America.
The finest in Afro-Latin, Boogaloo, Brazilian, Funk, Ska, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Manguebeat, Tango, Drum and Bass, Broken Beats, Rhumba House, Electronica etc…..
Music hosted by DJs Arias & Springfield […]