Think twice this christmas..

About how you wrap your presents and about sending out cards! the lazily smart folk amongst us know that we could save ourselves time - and as Leighton points out - trees this xmas - by wrapping presents in old magazines/newspapers etc. and sending e-cards. 50,000 trees apparently..

christmas vintage card


  1. Riz wrote:

    Sticking to my capitalist roots, I usually wrap xmas presents in pages of the Financial Times, so family members get both a present and an update on the financial markets.

    But I wonder if there is any benefit in terms of saving trees. Much of our paper comes from Scandinavian forests/paper producers, where property rights are well enforced. This means that the people chopping down the trees should have the necessary incentives to plant new trees in their place. It is the wonderful invisible hand of economics at work …. okay, in this case the hand is not invisible, but it belongs to a lumberjack, and is wielding a hefty chainsaw! Nevertheless, perhaps if the demand for paper grew and grew, maybe other land would converted to forest! So, have faith and send xmas cards!

  2. leon wrote:

    Hmmm point taken but newspapers? Kinda un-christmasy aint it? Isn’t there any wrapping paper made from recycled paper??

  3. sonia wrote:

    sure good points. of course one can buy recycled paper or whatever. i think the point was really one of re-using what’s already around…

    i find this is a good way to use some of the junk mail that comes through my door - a lot of the illustrated glossy catalogues etc. - it can be quite creative!

    there is certainly something to be said about incentives for sustainable forests..

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