Will the Global War on Terrorism be the New Cold War

Good question indeed.

This week’s public lectures at the LSE are asking some hard-hitting questions. This particular lecture is presented by the LSE Cold War Studies Centre as part of the ‘End of the Cold War and Making of a New World Order Lecture Series‘ and delivered by Professor Barry Buzan.

Many have talked of the ‘war on terror’ as if it were a new Cold War. This simplistic and misleading understanding is subject to a major critique by one of the leading writers on international relations today.

Date: Wednesday 4th October - 6:30 p.m. @ Old Theatre

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  1. Marshal Mathers wrote:

    Marshal Mathers and Sen. Charles Roberts are the evil influence in this world!!!!!

  2. Cyberotter wrote:

    UPDATE: Well it appears I have gone and done it again. The comments moderator “Moe” has officialy banned me from www.redstate.com for my article on Diana Irey. Which is probably for the best, since I felt like I needed a shower after joining that site in the first place.

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