Trafalgar Square Festival

Three weeks of outdoor performances - gymnastics, dance, art, and music - at Trafalgar Square this month - Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday until Aug 20


Awaz by Akademi - A fusion of classical, folk and festive dance that celebrates the dynamism of modern Asian women.

Pax Pace Paz Paix Peace - A powerful evocation of those who fight for peace.

Road to Nowhere by the Shout - A rousing musical theatre performance of Goodbye Old Ship of Mine.

Dervish in Progress by Ziya Azazi - A spectacular performance of contemporary and traditional Sufi dance.

Ritual Imaginaire by Nzi Dada - Funk, Jazz, electronics and African percussion dance and music.

Urban Rotations by Acrojou Acrobatic Theatre - Two performers spin around each other in giant steel wheels.
Return Journey by Expressive Feat - An aerial performance suspended from a sculptural spiral with Palestinian Jazz.

Vem - Beyond Loneliness by Gisele Edwards - Amazing aerial theatre and live music.

Spell by the Cathy Marston Project - Spell celebrates the seduction of summer in London with energy and elegance in dance


  1. andrew morris wrote:

    great site! as a welsh guy living in bangladesh, and keeping my own blog here, found lots to think about here. keep writing!

    you can find mine at

  2. sonia wrote:

    Hi Andrew - great to hear from you. Thanks for dropping in - I must go have a look at your blog - and get some news of what’s going on in Dhaka.


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