The Tel Aviv Protests in favour of Peace

via Daniels Counter - ( Not in the news! Tel Aviv: Anti War protest)

Peace Demonstration

This was interesting - Daniel highlights the anti-war protests in Israel on Sunday 16th July - which the mainstream media hardly covered. Also on the 21st of July in Haifa.

“This featured in the Israeli papers Haaretz and Yediot Ahronot, but not on the BBC, Sky or even CNN.

Presumably the existence of a Zionist Peace and Anti War Movement movement in Israel is bad news as it does not fit the image of ugly Zionism many have, or others who wish Israel to fight Islam for them (U.S.)?

Organizations mentioned :

Gush Shalom Israeli Peace Bloc
New Profile. Movement for the Civilization of Israel
Hadash (Wikipedia on Hadash)
Ta’ayush Israeli / Palestinian Partnership Group
Yesh Gvul (Organization for soldiers refusing to serve in Occupied territories)
The Women’s Coalition for Peace (Palestinian and Israeli)Mossawa, The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel.

On 21st of July BBC worldservice for the first time reported on an Israeli Peace demonstration in Haifa the same day

View photos and write up on the Gush Shalom site here

According to Scoop! the Gush Shalom ad in Ha’aretz ran as follows:


“Cease Fire - Now!

..The policy of brute force a war, backed by the Bush Administration, exacts a heavy price from Israelis, Lebanese and Palestinians. The attempt to create a “New Regional Order” and the plans to attacks Syria as well are bound to lead to new disasters.

This is the time to confront the war crimes and the deliberate targeting of civilians. This is the time to demand: Silence the guns, start talking! There are no military solutions. The bombings do not prevent attacks on the Israeli civilian population, nor will they restore the captive soldiers to their families.

We call upon all citizens of Israel - men and women, Jews and Arabs, each and every person of conscience - to work together for the restoration of sanity, against the illusion of a military dictat. Let us demonstrate for an alternative way, a way of peace and security based upon the withdrawal of the IDF from all Occupied Territories, dismantling of the settlements, a peace agreement between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine, and respect for the sovereignty of all states in the region.”

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  1. Daniel wrote:

    Dear Sonia, thank you. You mentioned you went yourself through war experiences. I hope not the ferrocious attack of Pakistan against Bengalis?

  2. sonia wrote:

    Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment - luckily I wasn’t around in 1971 - but my parents and 2 of my sisters were! I grew up in the lovely Middle East ( i guess why all this resonates so strongly with me - i’ve lived in that region longer than anywhere else in the world) and was happily awakened on the morning of 2nd August 1990 to shelling and Iraqi tanks rolling into Kuwait. The rest as they say is history. Luckily I’m still around to tell my tale. :-)

    I only wish/hope others are as lucky.

  3. Daniel wrote:

    well don’t feel guilty for surviving. It is just the way things go, and you are making excellen use of your second life!

  4. Leighton Cooke wrote:

    These pictures tell the other side of the story. We have reblogged the picture. Once again the mainstream media miss a positive protest for peace.

  5. sonia wrote:

    yes exactly it suits the media and others to make it look like everyone on one ’side’ thinks the same thing. pah as if anything could be further from the truth..

    soldiers for example are always presented as a monolithic entity. i know countries like to think that! but what’s the reality from the point of view of a soldier? everyone is someone - this may sound like an obvious thing to point out - but it’s something to keep hold of.

  6. Leighton Cooke wrote:

    Dugg this!

  7. sonia wrote:

    Great thanks!

  8. Dave Bones wrote:

    cheers for the links. A welcome bit of hopefulness in what looked pretty desperate. Thanks for linking to my blog too (Malung-tv-news) how did you find me?

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