Mumbai Blasts

..Breaking news.. ( well probably not by the time anyone reads this..) explosions on commuter trains in Mumbai. Nothing much seems to be clear yet - the BBC’s reports indicate that the first blast was at around 6 pm local time ( 1 p.m. here)
According to Sploid - there were seven separate explosions - and also have a bit more on the recent events in Mumbai (something to do with a fuss about statues and the Shiv Sainiks..)

The Mumbai Help blog has live updates - hopefully will be helpful for those trying to get more information on their loved ones ( thanks to Neha for the tip)


  1. Holly wrote:

    I am truly lost for words Sonia, it is so sad to see this happening!

  2. sonia wrote:

    Yes, it’s all so terrible, what can anyone say really.

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