Seventh of July : One Year On

Tomorrow: one year on from last year’s awful attacks here in London. It will be marked by a two-minute silence at noon - to remember the victims, and presumably - more generally - mark the tragedy of loss of life. A public ceremony is also being held in the evening at Regent’s Park.

A terribly difficult time for anyone who lost a loved one in the attack.

And in a lesser way, for Londoners - who will possibly be reminded how it could have been one of them - given the vagaries of the Tube, there’s no accounting for which line you have to hop on when. Overall, it’s relevant I think to highlight what such terrorist attacks have resulted in : fear, terror, loathing, reduction of civil liberties, mutually suspicious and increasingly hostile ‘communities’, about a million steps ‘back’ basically. Civilization? I think not - the opposite - whatever that may be. What did the violence achieve? - nothing. What does violence ever achieve - nothing. Just further violence - a vicious cycle. In this kind of nightmarish world, it’s more important than ever to hang on to the notion of a universal human right to peace; and responsibility for creating this peace.

It cannot be ‘protected’ and ‘furthered’ by violent action, but promoted through democracy and dialogue.


  1. cyberotter wrote:

    Democracy and dialogue do not make enough money.


  2. Leighton Cooke wrote:

    Nobody I know makes enough money.
    I shall be thinking of Rachel tomorow. She’s still in there fighting one year later. You are right. Violence solves nothing. Fear just breeds fear.
    The 18 August bomb attack on Iberia Airlines in 1970 happened 30 minutes after I booked my flight to Bilbao. It’s the closest I ever came to being blown up.

  3. cyberotter wrote:


    Should I be using this blog for your link on my page? Isn’t there another one you post on as well? I thought it was green or something.

  4. Rigmor wrote:

    Rachel’s blog is brilliant. And, as a person who didn’t actually physically get hurt I kind of feel that the day belonged to those who did and to those that lost someone.

    It’s such a hard battle to fight because the only thing I have seen terror breed has been hate and fear. A guy I know was denied access to the central line last August on the basis that he was a muslim. And that’s just not going to solve anything.

  5. Rigmor wrote:

    Pst, a completely irrelevant point but would you be able to explain how to make those categories on the left hand side?

  6. sonia wrote:

    Hi Rigmor - you’re right of course. Erm..sorry i’ve just installed a new theme and am still playing around with the sidebar.. ( i’ve no clue still how to add my linkroll!)

    Leighton - that’s scary. You know, that line of thought is actually pretty disturbing - what if i’d been here on this day and on that - the thread starts to unravel. someone actually over a dinner said ( the discussion was about tarot readings) that even if someone could tell them their future they wouldn’t want to know - because how could you live knowing what would happen to you?

    Cyberotter - i’ve left a comment on your site but yeah - my other blog is Any links always appreciated! :-)

  7. Jacob Joseph wrote:

    Dialogue is key. No matter how complicated, in the long run everyone gains from dialogue.

  8. Leighton Cooke wrote:

    Quantum wave functions tell us there is no absolute future timeline. At any one moment quantum states congeal into what we experience. The tarot tells us much about the moment we are in and its future potential but I don’t think its a tool of fortune telling so much as a snapshot of our mind. I’m reading a great book at the moment called the Dreaming Universe.
    It makes you realise how much of Blake’s infinity we hold in the palm of our hand.

  9. Leighton Cooke wrote:

    Fred Wolf also has a blog.

  10. sonia wrote:

    Much sense in what you say Leighton

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