Satirical London: 300 years of irreverent images

“Anything sharp or severe is called a Satyr” : Cocker’s English Dictionary 1704.

“ exhibition of visual satire produced in and about London over three centuries. In this period the form of satire has changed radically, from popular individual engravings to newspaper cartoons and television. Some images are produced by amateurs, others by leading artists such as Hogarth, Gillray and Rowlandson. Some are mildly humorous, others vitriolic. What links them is their depiction of the comic and their visual commentary on vice and folly, human foibles and unsociable behaviour. A rare perspective on life in London from a street level perspective imbued with popular opinion.”

The exhibition runs from 1 April to 3 September 2006 at the Museum of London.

image image 2

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