9/11 Pentagon video released

breaking news..

US Department of Justice is to release footage of the American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon. This comes after a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch - a conservative legal group/ ‘watchdog’. Word is this is to quell all the conspiracy theories that the Pentagon was never hit, and an impact was ’simulated’..

the footage is taken from two angles and one of the tapes is from a security camera. reasons cited in the past for not releasing this footage is that it could have harmed the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.
of course the judicial watch website appears to be down ( hmm..all of us trying to have a look at once?) so will have to keep you posted. the BBC site mentions the release to be timed at 1700 GMT but its past that now and i can’t see it anywhere. will keep looking!


according to the BBC

” Judicial Watch ..

  • Describes itself as a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation
  • Has repeatedly sued US government agencies to obtain information
  • Forced release of documents on subjects ranging from RU-486 “abortion pill” to lobbyist visits to White House
  • Special focus on monitoring illegal immigration and Hillary Clinton fundraising “


The video is available for viewing on Judicial Watch’s site ( new servers to deal with all the requests! ) here

Also here on the BBC story


  1. Ceridwen Devi wrote:

    I don’t quite know what this video is supposed to achieve. 9/11 is gettting more like a mantra. Keep repeating it. Nobody knows what it means but we all repeat it anyway. Do you know how many of my friends have succumbed to the 9/11 sickness? Then after showing you their latest DVD and explosives expert evidence they realise you are not a True Believer. I’m with Rachel on this one. The truth is out there but you have to think to get it. Who wants to monitor Hillary Clinton? She’s in favour of the war in Iraq!

  2. sonia wrote:

    :-) hilary’s acting strange nowadays i agree! im not sure id vote for her at this rate if she goes for the president’s job.

    this ‘conservative’ watchdog - the reason they seem to want this video released to was keep the ‘conspiracy theorists’ quiet - you know the ones who said the govt. ‘had something to hide’ and of course all the rest who claim there’s never been any evidence the pentagon was hit by flight 77! there’s some french bloke who wrote that book - and the Dof J said ah this is an insult to the american people. well..p’haps he meant to insult the govt. not the ‘people’ -! but many of the ‘people’ seem to take any criticism of the govt. to mean some kind of blanket criticism of the ‘american people’ so somehow this video is all linked in with that…!

  3. Ceridwen Devi wrote:

    The police car driving by adds a bit of um excitement? It’s C as in K by the way. Not the police car, my name! You can’t really tell what hits the Pentagon from this video. All the American people I know are far more critical of their government than I am.

  4. sonia wrote:

    thanks ..:-) that’s what id thought - re: k i mean.

    all the technorati searches ive done on this pentagon video seem to be bloggers going..whippeee! this proves our ‘conspiracy theories…!’ as you say..the video isn’t exactly groundbreaking is it..

  5. Dave Bones wrote:

    totally. still no idea what hit the pentagon.

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