Sonia’s Diary : welcome

¡HOLA! and many thanks to Pickled Politics for offering me an additional outlet for my rambling and ‘rants’. PP’s kept me informed and amused for a good-ish while and for me this is an exiciting extension of the great blogging experiment. Speaking of ranting - i’ve recently been blogging - the broadband TV channel focusing on the environment - and i had a sneaky peek at their blog, and i found a link to myself. very pleasing of course, but instead of referring to me as ‘The Past Present and Future’  {yes i’m not very good at thinking up was the only thing that came to mind, and guess what? a very common phrase and hence i never show up in any search listings. ah well}, i was down as ‘Sonia’s Ravings‘. Dear me. Still – I shall take it as some kind of backhanded compliment.

desert vista


  1. Fluffy Economist wrote:

    And it’s wonderful for us for you to have another outlet. Thanks for your kind comments recently.

  2. sonia wrote:

    thanks fluffy! i’m keen to get the whole globalization discourse ( whatever that involves!;-) just about covers everything..) going here. i figured — there’s so much talk about ‘global voices’ let’s hear some voices then…

    so yeah i want to use this as a channel to discuss and question and bring up the ‘fundamentals’. the stuff not many people seem to want to question. you can guess the sorts of things im referring to! all this talk about the world’s ‘economy’ as somehow distinct and separate from ’society’ and social institutions…and then constant referral to ‘global movement’ and ‘freedom’ and what on earth are ‘they’ referring to. etc. etc. And then of course the great ‘public/private’ dichotomy. Ooh…and where that leads us to…

    your input will be much appreciated!

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