The Blind Leading the Brain-Dead

This report is from the Torygraph, so it’s veracity could be regarded questionable if not wholly suspect. But judging from the content, it sounds completely in character with the Hizbut Tahrir. These are the words of an HuT infiltrator:

In a mocked-up video shown to new recruits, a woman interrogator at Guantanamo Bay was shown wiping blood over the face of a prisoner to make him confess. A student in his twenties, who posed as a recruit to HuT, said: “The reaction was shocking.

“The group were clenching their fists and shouting, ‘We’ll kill her, how can you do this to our brothers? Fucking kuffars [non-believers].”

“Afterwards the mushrif [leader] asked for our opinions and people seemed to think the British were the same, they were saying, ‘A kuffar is a kuffar and fucking British troops, we have to do something.’

“They said, ‘we have to attack from the inside’ and I think they meant terror attacks.”

The young man, who is known as Jay - not his real name – was forced to rob three people to show his loyalty to the group.

The group, which met at West Croydon Mosque, comprised five black and Asian men, aged between 18 and 28, most of them unemployed and four of them converts. Each group had a number and theirs was in the fifties. “They were thugs,” said Jay, who spent six months with them.

Jay said the group were shown DVDs on three occasions, each accompanied by a talk by the mushrif.

The last showed a mock-up of soldiers attacking prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

“The last video was about 45mins or 60mins long and showed Americans beating and torturing chained Guantanamo prisoners,” said Jay.

“They told us what to obey and what to believe - it was like brainwashing.

Brain-washing Hizbut Tahrir recruits? That can’t take very long, surely?

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