Enemy of Islam

In addition to “Banker to the Poor” and “Nobel Laureate”, Prof Yunus has collected yet another honorific to his name; this time he’s the “Enemy of Islam”. Besides this the Nobel Peace thingy pales in comparison. Time to break out the mishti.

Bequeathing this title to the Grameen Bank founder is Fazlul Haque Amini MP, one of Bangladesh’s more repulsive political Islamists and head of a Jamaat-friendly Islamist political party (Islami Oikya Jote). A man with a history of managing some of the most hate-filled religio-political projects Bangladesh has suffered. In 2004 and 2005, Amini blackmailed the Bangladesh government into a brutal and ugly campaign of attacks against the Ahmadiyya Muslim minority of Bangladesh. More information here.

Amini said in a press statement that if ever an Islamic party came to power in Bangladesh it would ban Grameen Bank from operating in the country.

What has caused Amini’s bilious venting at Grameen Bank? It seems that the cleric is incensed by the cause and effect of Grameen Bank loans on society. In particular, the effect of Grameen’s zero-collateral loans to women, which break the cycle of loss of power and dependency on institutions controlled for and by men.

[Global Vision] Where poor Bangladeshi women previously hesitated to vote due to a long history of political exclusion, Grameen women are now campaigning for and winning local elections. This is partly due to the concerted efforts of the government to promote women’s participation and partly due to the empowerment of poor women through the Grameen process.

“Empowerment of poor women”. Four words that strikes Amini with the fear of God and explains why he sees the Devil in Prof Yunus.

Hat tip: Naeem

175 Responses to “Enemy of Islam”

  1. saira b Says:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend (Yunus).

  2. Kaiser Kabir Says:

    Obviously the idea if Riba is behind the branding of Yunus as an enemy of Islam. Apparently, an overwhelming majority of the Islamic scholars at Alhazar University declared some years ago that modern bank interest does not constitute Riba. I have been trying locate that particular fatwa. Can anybody help?

  3. sid arthur Says:


    I don’t know about the fatwa but it would be interesting to see a Islamic jurisprudent’s concession to bank interest.

    Given that he may have not heard of the fatwa, it is indicative Amini hasn’t levelled the accusation of the sin of usury at the dozens of new private banks that have sprouted up like mushrooms and which derive their business on laundering the black economy. And the reason for that must either be because (a) he, like every other Muslim, benefits from modern banking and (b) these new-fangled banks don’t have any influence on the voting patterns of poor working-class women. Or both.

  4. Nasser Says:

    Who would want to convert to or practise a religion that denounces a man like Yunus? Not me. So clearly, it is people like Fazlul Haque Amini who are the enemies of Islam - giving truth a bad name, that’s a quite a diabolical achievement [diabolic: from the latin ‘diabalus’; an act by or pertaining to the devil].

    Anyway, for every bearded thug who denouces Yunus in the name of Islam, there is islamic apologist who claims that Yunus’ nobel peace prize is a victory for muslims.

    And then there are the secularists (present company included) who claim Yunus to be one of them.

    I doubt whether Yunus had Islam/non-Islam in mind when he was setting up his microfinance projects.

    The enemy of my enemy is the emena of Amini.

  5. Nasser Says:

    The enemy of my enemy is the enema of Amini.

  6. sid arthur Says:

    Yes I think you’re right; Amini is the Enema of Islam.

  7. Nasser Says:

    The M n M’s of idi amin are the enemies of mon ami

  8. Nasser Says:

    So as I was saying before I got distracted: why is being called an “enemy of Islam” a cause for breaking out the mishti’s? I doubt whether Yunus would be happy with this title.

    And Amini is, as I said, really against the true spirit of Islam and is therefore in reality very anti-Islamic.

    So the person who says “The enemy of my enemy is my friend (Yunus)” implying that Islam is their enemy has more in common with Amini than they think, and should be saying:

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend (Fazlul Haque Amini MP)”

    Sorry to get so heavy.

  9. sid arthur Says:

    So as I was saying before I got distracted: why is being called an “enemy of Islam” a cause for breaking out the mishti’s? I doubt whether Yunus would be happy with this title.

    Very simple. If a dirty, corrupt politician who is guilty of the worst form of pernicious, regressive politics, who makes it his business to attack, scapegoat Ahmadiyyas, Hindus, women etc in the name of religious supremacism should insult you, you must be doing something right. Its an endorsement of your good name.

  10. Nasser Says:

    that’s true

  11. Kaiser Kabir Says:

    Moulana Yusuf Ali, whose translation of the Quran is widely read, is among several Muslim commentators who are of the opinion that modern banking is not a bastion of Riba.

    Perhaps the most obvious reason for the resilience of the Riba controversy is that Islamic banking is big business. Using “Divine Law” as a convenient justification, it has carved out a lucrative niche in the cut-throat world of modern finance.

  12. Sunny Says:

    the name of religious supremacism should insult you, you must be doing something right

    Heh, exactly!

  13. Frightned Says:

    People like Amini and Nizami should not be a part of our Government. Please put our hands up to let them not on power.
    please please pleaes…if they get one more chance the country will be hell.

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