Lenny Bruce: Puncturing Hypocricy

On BBC Radio2, listen again to the one hour documentary Lenny Bruce Is Dead. Simon Amstell finds out why Lenny’s fight for freedom of speech cost him his life.

Lenny Bruce took on the sacred cows of his day (organised religion, government, race) and his fight against the authorities who tried (and succeeded) to silence him is more relevant today than it has ever been. This is a brilliant primer to the comic genius and martyr to the First Amendment.

332 Responses to “Lenny Bruce: Puncturing Hypocricy”

  1. nasser Says:

    Lucky Mr Bruce. At least he lived in a time when some Cows where still Sacred. But where are they now? Maybe they died with him.

  2. Ben Wallers Says:

    i hope i get to hear this programme which i missed at the time because i was away. But i wouldn’t be surprised if i miss it. the bbc website have lost it completely. There’s no conspiracy : it’s jjust that this culture doesn’t CARE A FUCKING TOSS about free speech or good satire. This culture is all about FUN.
    Bullshit. Well done to all concerned here from a relativley new Lenny fan

  3. Sid H Arthur Says:

    The BBC radio player seems to have lost the link to the ram file. They’re still trying to gag Lenny. ;-)

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