5th August, 2009

Why the Daily Mail deserves to be hated on

by Sunny at 3:46 pm    

At least we know why the Daily Mail hates Harriet Harman – its editors hate all women. Here’s a genuine line from their latest story that ‘Lessons about wife-beating at five: In the week Harriet Harman takes charge, yet another feminist initiative‘.

James Slack, the rubbish-producing ‘journalist’ who loves writing up scare-stories about immigrants, and previously echoed BNP talking points when he implied that British born children of immigrants should not be regarded as British, has written up this story.

In the caption for the second picture it says: “Feminist agenda: Under controversial plans, schoolboys will be taught not to beat their partners or any other female” — really controversial that! Those dastardly feminists and their evil plans to stop domestic violence? Who will think of the poor men!??

Hannah: Teaching children that domestic violence is bad is…bad?
Daily Quail: Now PC Harman wants to ban wife beating

5th November, 2007

How to demonise minorities

by Rumbold at 12:23 pm    

A think tank close to Gordon Brown has recommended that Christmas either be downgraded from a public holiday, or failing that, all non-Christian festivals should be upgraded to the status of public holidays:

“The Institute of Public Policy Research claims in a controversial report that “even-handedness” means minority cultures and traditions should be publicly recognised as well as events in the Christian calendar.

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5th June, 2007

It’s political correctness gone mad

by Sunny at 1:11 am    

At the end of a Daily Mail article on the new London 2012 logo, Tory MP Philip Davies is quoted as saying: “Bright pink is certainly not the colour I would have chosen to represent the United Kingdom. I suppose it sums up the politically-correct world that this Government appears to inhabit.

Put aside the absurdity of anyone thinking that using bright pink is a capitulation to the ‘politically-correct world’. One of the colours being used is magenta. It is a Tory MP being quoted after all – one can only assume they’re handed a media relations guide encouraging them to blame political correctness whenever the Daily Mail or Express call.

But the quote is great. The term ‘political correctness gone mad’ is over-used to the point of absurdity by the right. The only way to kill it would be for the progressive left to also over-use it to the point of absurdity. The government’s renewing Trident? It’s political correctness gone mad! England doing crap at cricket? Surely political correctness is to blame? Inadvertently, Tory MP Philip Davies is furthering our cause. One can only hope political correctness doesn’t lead to him the back-benches.

22nd November, 2006

Political correctness has gone too far

by Sunny at 5:44 pm    

This is the motion being proposed by the Cambridge Union at a debate to be held tomorrow evening. They have invited me to debate against this motion. Anne Atkins (Telegraph agony aunt) and Lynette Burrows (author, accused of homophobic comments on the BBC) will be in favour, and Lindsey German (Respect candidate for Mayor of London) will be speaking against. There will also be a student speaker on either side of the motion.

Just great, I’m on the side of a Respect party candidate. I’m happy with my stance although sometimes I do believe PC goes too far, so I’ll be trying to take the middle ground. Given my crap oratory skills (points noted Nyrone), I need more practise so this is a good opportunity. What do readers think? Any examples?

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