19th March, 2009

Nick Cohen back-pedals, rather furiously

by Sunny at 6:49 pm    

This whole saga is getting quite amusing. First Nick Cohen wrote an article in the Observer clearly implying the British liberal left had failed liberal Muslims, especially groups like the Fabian Society. Then Sunder pointed to lots of examples where this wasn’t the case. I joined in, Nick backtracks. Then Sunder replies, twice.

1) Nick writes on LibCon that Jamaat-i-Islami had been appeased “by such noted lefties as the Lord Chief Justice, Prince Charles and Her Majesty the Queen.” — WTF?? Since when did the Queen become a noted leftie? Prince Charles may be pro-environment but a leftie? I mean honestly, is this the sort of argument I’m supposed to engage with?

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18th March, 2009

What planet is Nick Cohen on?

by Sunny at 11:20 pm    

Sunder Katawala has written a reply to Nick Cohen’s article in The Observer this weekend. In fact, a reply is not really a satisfactory word. Sunder tears apart Nick Cohen’s poorly written article with great force. He completely eviscerates it. If this was Menace 2 Society, which I watched yesterday, Sunder would have taken out an Uzi 9mm and destroyed the whole joint. You get my point.

This has become Nick Cohen’s latest game: to attack the liberal-left by using ‘liberal Muslims’ as his proxy. It would be funny if this wasn’t a national newspaper column expressly aimed at influencing the govenment’s Preventing Violent Extremism strategy. So, let’s play that game.

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14th March, 2009

Mousawi barred

by Sid (Faisal) at 1:33 pm    

The good news is Ibrahim Mousawi, the spokesman for Hezbollah, has been barred from entering the UK. Unconditional awards to the Hezbollah is something I argued against here.

The story is covered in the Daily Mail. And before anyone starts baying for my blood for linking to the devil’s toilet paper, I would be more than happy to link to any other news site that is covering the story.

Jacqui Smith has ruled the spokesman for the terrorist organisation Hezbollah should not be allowed to travel here – despite him making at least two previous visits to the UK on her watch.

The Mail understands the Home Secretary ruled his presence here – where he was due to lecture Government officials – would not be ‘conducive to the public good’.

Moussawi, who had been invited to speak on ‘political Islam’ at the School of Oriental and African Studies later this month, is a newspaper editor for the Lebanon-based terrorist organisation Hezbollah’s newspaper.

The Home Secretary has made the right decision here in spite of the FCO establishing contacts with the Lebanese terrorist organisation.

It means Mousawi and Dr Kemal Helbawy, the former spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, will not be giving comfy lectures about their cuddly organisations at the one week course on Political Islam at SOAS.

And that’s a good thing.

Sunny adds: I look forward to all those people screaming hysterically in support of Wilders now saying something about this too.

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13th March, 2009

The Talented Mr Azad Ali

by Sid (Faisal) at 12:00 am    

Andrew Gilligan picks up the story of Azad Ali, the suspended Treasury civil servant, in today’s Evening Standard.

Azad Ali is closely associated with the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE) and the East London Mosque (ELM) both of which are dominated by the Jamaat-e-Islam. Ali is also the founding chairman and current treasurer(!) of the Muslim Safety Forum (MSF) which is based in the ELM building. Gilligan reports that the MSF received at least £30,000 from City Hall under Boris Johnson’s watch.

And there’s more:

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