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1st April, 2006

Why do they hate us so much?

by Sunny at 5:14 pm    

A Saudi man in Abu Dhabi has an Indian delivery man who he describes as “a good man, hardworking and devoted”. One day they are having a quick chat when he delivers the paper. The Indian talks about his work and his dream to live in London. He asks the Saudi man if he wrote for the paper. Indeed he did, the Saudi man said.

The Indian man has a request. Why doesn’t he write about why young Saudis hate foreign workers, especially the Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Abdullah Al-Mutairi does:

I took his question to my students and started a discussion in class. The students agreed that they had harassed foreigners, particularly South Asians, in the street. One said that seeing a worker in the street was a perfect chance for them to beat him up and then run away. Some admitted searching for foreign workers to beat up, throw eggs at and generally abuse.

I asked my students why they behaved in this way, what was the reason. Some said it was just fun, nothing more or less. Some said it was because those people were weak and unable to fight back. Some said that their favorite pastime was to catch cats, kill them and skin them. I was shocked and disturbed by all this violence and wondered what was causing it. [via Amitava Kumar]

…. how does this infidel fing work?

by Brotha 1 at 3:36 am    

hello? testing testing 1 2 3….

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