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Final word on the Danish cartoons?

by Sunny, on 12th February, 2006

Fareena Alam of Q-News has an article in the Observer today, worth reading in full. To highlight a few points:

That the future of liberal democracy rests on defending the publication of these insulting caricatures is as ridiculous a claim as that Muslims can defend the honour of their prophet by unrestrained violence and rioting.

Clearly, it’s not just Danish cartoonists and their apologists who are ignorant of the Prophet. I wonder what the parents of the child wearing the ‘I love al-Qaeda’ cap would say had their son been on the number 30 bus that terrible day.

‘We must stop thinking of ourselves as “the tribe of Islam”,’ declared Imam Zaid Shakir, an African-American scholar and civil-rights activist. ‘Until we start to think of ourselves as the children of Adam, concerned about the welfare of all our fellow human beings, we are missing the point of being faithful.’

In the aftermath of the London bombings, many have realised we have to stop hiding behind a false sense of unity and call a spade a spade.

We are among the most politicised and engaged communities in Britain. We belong here. How many times do we have to say this before society cuts us some slack and lets us get on with it?

Religion can be a powerful tool for social cohesion and good citizenship. The trouble is that many Muslims have treated Islam as something inward, exclusive and proprietary.

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Pics from yesterday’s Islamophobia rally

by Sunny, on 12th February, 2006

Brother’s gotta sign a petition before they give him a fruit!

StrangelyPsychedelique has uploaded tons of pictures from yesterday’s march.

It was all good natured, I was told by brothers who went.

Quite a few X-files fans turned up too, as SP shows.

Funny captions too.

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Another Iraq abuse video unearths

by Sunny, on 12th February, 2006

The News of the World today has a snapshot from a video showing British troops abusing some Iraqis, supposedly shot in Iraq in 2004. The BBC reports:

On the tape, described as a “secret home video”, an unidentified cameraman is heard laughing and urging his colleagues on. It was apparently filmed for fun by a corporal.

The Ministry of Defence said it was aware of the allegations, which are being investigated by the Royal Military Police.

By next week I expect the pages on the NotW website will be changed, but you can read more on that here and here. Video is here for those inclined.

It’s pure tragedy. I hope at least such exposé’s will force the army to be more disciplined rather than being able to hide them. And much as I was against the war in the first place, on balance I’d rather the troops stay there until the Iraqi army and police comes up to speed.

I recently met someone who had been to Iraq recently, and he said the general lawlessness was astounding. Criminal gangs were constantly abducting people for ransom and carrying out gangland style killings to settle scores. The foreign armies don’t want to get caught in the middle of course so the situation keeps deteriorating.

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