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Jyllands-Posten goes after Jews

by Al-Hack, on 8th February, 2006

Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Danish daily Jyllands-Posten, said today he was trying to get in touch with the Iranian paper, Hamshari, which plans to run an international competition seeking cartoons about the Holocaust.

“My newspaper is trying to establish a contact with the Iranian newspaper, and we would run the cartoons the same day as they publish them,” Mr Rose told CNN. [Guardian]

So can we assume that after Jewish organisations complain, othe European papers will also reprint them?

Muslim organisations here, politically useless in this whole joke of a controversy, have decided to stage another rally Saturday. Rather peversely, I’d like to see Al-Ghuarabaa hijack this too.

Update by Sunny: JP has clarified saying it would happen only after it took “a decision on their standard”. And have now backtracked completely.

Another Update: Will you be boycotting Egypt too?

Another update by Sunny: Turns out culture editor of JP, Flemming Rose, had a nice chat with Daniel Pipes in 2004 too. [via Postman].

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Intelligent views from the blogosphere

by Sunny, on 8th February, 2006

I searched high and low… I surfed until my modem started crying and my eyes hurt. I sat there and scoffed food to keep up with my growing appetite for wisdom.

Anyway, here’s a good selection of intelligent opinion from the blogosphere on those cartoons. You may detect a hint of bias…

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Boycotting Israeli occupation

by Al-Hack, on 8th February, 2006

Forget the cartoons, let’s talk real controversy.

The Church of England’s general synod - including the Archbishop of Canterbury - voted last night to disinvest church funds from companies profiting from Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.

The main target of the plan will be the US earth-moving equipment company Caterpillar which has supplied vehicles used by Israel to demolish Palestinian homes.

Cue: “It’s an Islamist conspiracyyyy!” If only the rest of the country would take a nod from the Church and force Israel to re-think occupation. Apparently Israelis themselves aren’t too enthusiastic about it either, so maybe a sane debate could be had.
Update: Ekklesia article with more detail.

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