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Speculation in the wake of a dark day for India

by Rohin, on 29th October, 2005

With floods in the south east and a train crash killing over 200, the three bombs in Delhi this afternoon topped off a truly depressing day for India.

I have only ever called two cities home, Delhi and London. Only months apart, both have been hit by organised, synchronised bomb attacks. Both the London bombings and the Delhi bombings targetted innocents with cold precision. The London bombs took out commuters, today’s three explosions killed unsuspecting shoppers, eagerly preparing for the festive season of Diwali and Eid in crowded shopping areas.

The BBC and other agencies currently put the death toll at 50-55 and rising and Star News (an Indian channel) estimates over 200 are seriously injured.

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Birmingham riots update

by Sunny, on 29th October, 2005

West Midlands police have made more arrests in connection with Isiah Young-Sam’s murder.

A further two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder and a serious assault. The men aged 24 and 23 both from Birmingham were arrested yesterday (Fri 28 Oct). The three men arrested previously aged 22, 22 and 25 remain in police custody for further detention.

In total five men have now been arrested in connection with the stabbing and a serious assault in Lozells.

This weekend the police have 600 officers patrolling the area to make sure no more violence breaks out, and the pirate radio station which broadcasted the rumour of the young girl being raped has voluntarily shut down.

On Wednesday evening I was invited to a panel discussion, along with a Ligali representatitve, on the Pakistani channel PTV Prime. You can hear the show from here.

Nevertheless some people prefer to keep regurgitating rumours, living in denial, or aggressively keep pointing fingers.

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The Iranian mad cow disease

by Al-Hack, on 29th October, 2005

Since those comments were made, understandably there has been a diplomatic orgy of condemnation and I will not even bother to defend the President of Iran.

But he is not stupid and there has to be a calculated reason why he said he wanted Israel off the map. Here at Pickled Politics we want to go behind the scenes, rather than simply throw out tired insults like some xenophobic blogs.

It also helps to examine Israel’s role in all this.

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