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Dealing with riots and rape in Birmingham

by Sunny, on 24th October, 2005

I was hoping not to write more on the Birmingham issue, but tensions aren’t likely to ease anytime soon. More disturbances have been reported after the riots.

I’m not going to mince words here. Certain so-called “representatives” of the Afro-Caribbean community seem to be using this rumour to further their own race agenda and bigotry without working for community harmony.

First we have to look at some of the reasons why this happened. It is also important to take apart assertions made by the organisation Ligali on their website, and figure out how to move forward. If we let racism divide us, we are no better than the BNP.

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I go away for one weekend…

by Sunny, on 24th October, 2005

…and look what happens. Sheesh! There isn’t a lot to say on the riots in Birmingham that hasn’t been said already said. As for the racist comments, well shame on some of you. I’ve just spent the last hour deleting over 200 comments from that thread and it is now closed. Yes, I need to sort out more admins. But the point is, I will not tolerate any racism towards the Afro-Carribbean, Asian or any other community. If you still spot any objectionable comments, email me.

Since you ask, I’ve been at a conference in Paris looking at the development of ‘minority ethnic’ (aka specialist / targetted / community / alternative) media that caters for Europe’s smaller communities. Not focused on alternative media, such as Indymedia, as much as reaching out to the new immigrants and how they can get themselves heard and work with each other. Will write about this more later. Really loved Paris.

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