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David vs. David: Tory leadership battle is down to the final two

by Nush, on 20th October, 2005

Cameron Vs. DavisDavid Davis was in for a shock today, David Cameron over took him by 33 votes in the second round of voting today. From the three remaining leadership contenders, we are now down to the final two.

Mr Cameron topped the poll, taking 90 of a possible 198 votes, while Mr Davis was second on 57. Rival Liam Fox was eliminated after gaining 51 votes.
With Liam Fox MP now out of the race the former Chairman of the Party, teased the press by saying:
Now of course with two candidates left they will be looking for an endorsement and I will be listening with very great interest in the coming weeks to see what the candidates have to say.
The 33 vote difference Cameron had on Davis could still mean that technically Davis can stand down in the Leadership race. However there has been no indication whatsoever that Davis will do so. Instead it looks like the next six weeks are going to be filled with campaign trails to the grassroots who hold those vital votes.
Both Cameron and Davis will now frantically get out the constituencies to meet the grassroots’ who will decide their fate. This is no walk in the garden; this is 300,000 members of The Conservative Party from all over the country.
Finally this article shows that although Cameron may have a slick campaign and is currently riding a good tide, it is not long before the fall comes and quite honestly Davis hasn’t had his positive spin yet. This leads me to the forecast that the final ballot may be a close one. Many of the MPs that voted for Cameron in this second round may revert back to Davis now that Fox is out of the running.

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The government doesn’t care

by Al-Hack, on 20th October, 2005

Our lives are very difficult now. For twelve weeks we have had all benefits taken away and, as we aren’t allowed to work, we have to survive on the charity of others. It’s inhuman and degrading. The government, they’re not treating us like people, like human beings. We’re just targets or statistics to them: but we’re not statistics, we’re real people. There aren’t really words to express how we’re feeling.

The government say their policy is fair. How can it be fair for my mum to be so depressed she’s had to go on medication, she’s crying all the time, for us to be spending sleepless nights? Is it fair for me to have missed another day of college to come here to plead for our lives when I should be studying so I can become a midwife and help British women? Is it fair to say to a mother, “How would you feel if we took your children off you?” which was said to my mum back in August? I was there but you can imagine. What kind of question is that? Is it fair? Or is it degrading?

This was part of a speech made by 19-year-old Flores Sukula to a meeting in parliament this week. She is an asylum seeker from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), whose family was one of the first to be made destitute under new asylum laws.

It comes only days after a Zimbabwean won his test case against deportation back to Mugabe’s regime. Not that the government cares, its still trying to send people back to Iraq.

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